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Answer: Agree with the other answer but would add that while the entire cast thought Robert Shaw was a charming and pleasant man, his chronic alcoholism caused problems and tensions on the set. I remember a TV interview with Richard Dreyfuss saying he once lost his patience with Shaw during the production, strongly telling him to just stop drinking after Shaw commiserated about his problem. That may have been the source of the feud rumor.


Answer: Simply put, they didn't; rumors of a feud between them got blown out of proportion over the years. Richard Dreyfuss himself said that he and Shaw got on famously throughout the shoot, and that there was one altercation between them that was an isolated incident. "It's not true, and where that started I don't know, but trust me, Robert Shaw wouldn't countenance that idea of a feud, forget it." You can read the interview with Dreyfuss from 2019 here:

Question: Eddie reveals that he's not even a direct descendant of the original staff but was actually adopted. Why would the Darkness still try to kill Eddie even though he had no ties to the staff or institute?

Answer: The Darkness thought he was lying to save himself, everyone killed had the seven deadly sins. Greed, Lust, Envy, Sloth, Gluttony, Wrath and Pride.

Question: When Wanda uses her powers on Tony, he sees his friends lying dead on the ground. Later, Tony says that what he saw was something that was actually going to happen? Why would Tony believe that the deaths of the other Avengers is something that would actually come true? Wanda was very good at messing with his mind so, she could have made him believe that their deaths would occur.

Answer: What Wanda did was to amplify Tony's existing anxiety about failing to protect his friends and the world. He was probably already having dreams and thoughts to that effect before encountering Wanda - when she used her powers on him, the resulting vision was so vivid, but in keeping with his previous fears, that Tony was convinced it was an actual premonition of the future.


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Question: Isn't that tunnel (a new addition to Homer's story) bordering on the unlikely or stupid? The Trojans have a tunnel, it was nearly discovered, so on Priam's orders, they close it off "just in case." But later, the city is very desperate. Yet they don't reopen it until the city has already fallen. Secondly, at which time the Greeks are waiting for them at the far end, having found out at some point. Neither side uses a perfectly good tunnel?

Spiny Norman

Question: I read that, according to Margot Kidder, when working on this movie, Christopher Reeve and Sidney J. Furie didn't get along at all. Is this true? If it is true, then what was the reason behind their feud in the first place?

Answer: There appears to be multiple reasons. They had creative differences, ultimately resulting in a poorly received movie. Kidder said Reeves, who co-wrote the story, had an inflated ego and clashed with Furie.


Question: In the first film, society was still functioning; there was still law enforcement and a criminal justice system, there were still hospitals, businesses and a news media. However, in this film there is no law and order at all, it's all chaos and kill-or-be-killed. What happened in between films?

Answer: There was a global war causing civilization to collapse after oil supplies were nearly depleted. The world then fell into a state of barbarism.


Answer: There was a war over oil which included nuclear warfare and the complete loss of civilization. People ended up like the biker gangs, loners like Max or the Refinery people who were trying to get to the presumably safe northern areas of Australia. In the narration the old man tells the whole story.

Answer: In the opening scene, the narrator explains about the fall of civilization with clips of war and social collapse.

Question: Where did the boy and horse get fresh water to drink?

Answer: Alec collected rain water whenever he could.


Question: It's never explained why Bobby would ever even consider going into business with Jeff? It's not as if Jeff is some great business mind. The entire Dearly family has no respect for him and treat him like a buffoon. There's absolutely no reason given for why Bobby would ever set foot on their property, much less inside their house.

Answer: [Continued] Bobby may have had a better "presentation of self" than Jeph and LOOKED smarter, but he had his own deficiencies (plus mowed over Peaches, losing that contract, and intended to kill Jeph, not Mona). Would a stranger (outsider) be willing to enter a business agreement with Bobby? When choosing someone you have known for years, you have a good idea of what to expect from that person and might have fewer doubts and face fewer unknowns (such as whether the person can be trusted). Partnering with a stranger can be a very risky endeavor. When starting a business, there's no guarantee that you will be successful. Landscaping businesses/ jobs involve hard physical labor - something a lot of people are not interested in doing, so Bobby may not have had (m) any potential candidates with the exception of Jeph.


Answer: I doubt anyone can give THE answer with any degree of certainty. This may be why your question hasn't been anwered yet. One possible answer lies in the film's setting, Verplanck, NY. In real life, Verplanck is a small area (less than ONE square mile) with maybe 300 houses within the city of Cortlandt. Such an area, where "everyone knows everyone else," is classified as a hamlet (smaller than a village). Household/ family income probably falls below the U.S. median. In the movie, residents were portrayed as poor and not very intelligent (read: dimwitted, "Forest Gump smart" or "idiots"). Jeph and Bobby were part of this close-knit community and probably had more similarities than differences. Bobby didn't even have money to start the business - his brother Murph put up his half. Who would become business partners with someone who didn't have the start-up money? Someone in the hamlet who needed a job and could get money from his parents - Jeph. [Why would Jeph partner with Bobby?].


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Question: Would Eddie have actually been able to become a cop? In earlier episodes, he is drunk and has even got in trouble with the law several times, which resulted in him being arrested.

Answer: Having an arrest on your record will not disqualify you. Only a conviction will count against you because in the United States, you are considered innocent until proven guilty. And even then most police forces will only consider felony convictions or specific misdemeanors such as theft as disqualifiers.


Question: Why did it say "I'm sorry" on the bathroom floor?

Answer: It's the angry princess' suicide note.


Question: Did Tia Carrere use a body double for her nude scenes, such as getting into the hot tub and getting frisky with Dolph? You didn't actually see her face in those scenes.

Answer: It was a body double. She was a young and inexperienced actress who was uncomfortable doing nude scenes. However, she did pose for Playboy many years later and said, "She felt comfortable being nude."

Answer: Regarding the doggie door, all she was doing was moving the frame of the door to the right (the hole was still in the same spot). That way when Baby aimed for the "door", he'd run through the actual opening, since he kept missing everything to the left. And she wasn't really dressed as Bogart, she was just wearing Pogue's jacket and hat that was in his apartment. He was just being silly calling her Bogart when she asked "remember me?" Earlier in the movie, he was watching "The Maltese Falcon", which starred Bogart, so it's just a reference/joke to that.


Answer: "Baby" would always miss the door going by the left barely missing it. She put the fake to the right, which means it would look to the left and see the real door. She dressed up to show that she loves him. Most couples when they are dating sometimes wear a piece of clothing like a hat, shoes or dress style similar to their partners.

Thanks guys for all the answers.


Answer: It was for "Baby" the dog, who kept missing the door. She had depth perception because of only having one good eye. She was dressed like Bogie for Dana Carvey. He was a private eye.

What did she do to the door that would alleviate that problem though? And I know Dana Carvey is a private dick in the movie, but Valeria Golino isn't, so why did she feel the need to dress like one?


You're right. I just watched it a few more times, and she did manipulate the door in such a way that the dog could now get in without running into the door. But my question about her wardrobe still remains unanswered, why is she dressed like Humphrey Bogart?


Answer: Because she is not the mother-type. She is a very emotionally detached person. She probably got children for the prospect of them being successful and interesting to her work. Not because she likes raising them or take care of them.


Answer: Most likely from Juno Skinner. When Harry approached her in Washington, he gave a business card, his cover identity, which most likely contained his phone and address numbers.

In all fairness, any guesses I would have would be strictly speculation. But this is likely not the answer. As we saw in the movie, Harry's fake job came complete with a phone number and a fake secretary, who Helen knew by name. If Harry went through those lengths to hide his identity from his own wife, surely there would not be any clues on a fake business card that could lead a terrorist to him. Even Juno herself mentioned that Harry "checked out OK."


Question: Toward the end of the movie, while wearing Shooter's hat, Mort looks into the mirror but his back is reflected and not his face. What does that mean?

Answer: It's a reflection (literally) of his insanity. He no longer sees reality.


Question: Did Cullen really kill the people he was accused of murdering?

Answer: Yes. Kevin realises this when he finds out the secretary is lying about sleeping with her boss. He even considers dropping the case, knowing he was defending a murderer.


Question: When Cutter says, "Have you ever played roulette?", how did Cutter know Charles' and Vincent's names? On the phone with Charles, he mentions both names.

Answer: I just rewatched it this morning. When Rane is trying to persuade Sheriff Biggs that he means business, one body (presumably The Captain) is thrown out of the plane. Just before the passengers are released, we see a quick shot of yo ambulances. One has 3 full occupied body bags in it. Therefore, it's implied the other two are in the other ambulance. This takes place before the FBI guy gets there. The fact that he tells Rane, those guys you killed were my friends" means that at some point they were identified by name. He could've found out numerous ways (Washington told him, briefing, the paramedics, Biggs, etc).

Answer: Everyone knows Charles Bane as the world's most dangerous terrorist. Plus, flight attendant Marti kept him informed of what was happening and who was involved. When they went below, Vincent introduced himself and explained he was not one of the terrorists.

Answer: As he is the author who created the Jack Ryan character that was adapted into a successful movie franchise, he could be credited as an executive producer for any TV or movie projects both before and after he died. It was announced in 2015 that the series would be produced for Amazon. Clancy died in late 2013, and he probably was involved in the series' earliest stages or discussions just prior to his death, and therefore would be credited posthumously. The title of TV or movie "executive producer" is fairly broad and can include one or more function, including securing financing, production oversight, creative input, script consultation, story concept, and more. Clancy's estate would likely continue to be involved under his name following his passing and receive profits and royalties.


While his estate would receive the profits, it's not automatic that Clancy would receive credit as a executive producer just because he wrote the novels. Authors like Michael Crichton, Douglas Adams haven't been credited as an executive producer after their death for use of their characters and works. Clancy's estate must be involved in the production in some way and rather than credit the estate, they credit the man.


Most likely his estate would be involved, through surviving family members, lawyers, etc. to act on his behalf in his name. No one said it was "automatic." It would have been a contract arrangement made while he was alive and that would continue posthumously. Whatever Michael Crichton or Douglas Adams did was a different arrangement for whatever reason they chose.


Nothing in your answer suggested anything about a contract arrangement (which if true would be the reason). You implied it was automatic. You said "as the author...he would be credited...for any...projects", but that simply is not true.


Answer: As Sigmund Freud didn't say, "Sometimes a banana is just a banana."

Answer: Probably deliberate. It's a rather common (and overused) film trope to insert some phallic-shaped object into a scene as a sexual reference.


Everything's Okay - S4-E1

Question: Can somebody explain to me how in Season 4, it's stated that Chloe disappeared after seeing Lucifer's devil face. Apparently the cops rushed into the shootout scene with Cain and took her away, and she hasn't seen Lucifer since. What about in season 3 episode 25 Boo Normal when she worked a case with Lucifer and Ella. Ella confided in Chloe that she sees a ghost and Chloe believed her, and she said she's seen some crazy stuff herself lately. So what's up with her vanishing when she seen him.

Answer: Boo Normal and Once Upon a Time were going to be part of season 4, then the show got cancelled (before being picked up elsewhere). As such they were added on to the end of season three as "bonus" episodes, hence the continuity being off. But not really a mistake, just a quirk of broadcasting. Boo Normal was originally going to be between the episodes "High School Poppycock" and "Infernal Guinea Pig" in season 3 before being slated for season 4, presumably because aside from the point you've raised, it was fairly flexible, continuity-wise.

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