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Answer: As to the first part of your question, Mr. Freeze was temporarily placed in Poison Ivy's cell while his own cell was being remade into a lab for him to continue his research.

raywest Premium member

Thanks, in the book version of the movie he bribed the guards with diamonds used to power his suit. That and everyone forgets she's a victim like him, not asking to be turned into a monster, so it just seems unfair.


Answer: Bonnie's scars were the result of a previous auto accident. As for Nancy, it's not specifically shown how or by who she was committed to a psychiatric hospital.

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Question: How does Neal pay for the train tickets after they have just been robbed at the motel? Remember that Gus switched credit cards when they checked in. (00:35:50)

Answer: Gus only switched only one credit card. Neal has other credit cards. After the car fire, Neal tries to use several cards to pay for a hotel room. By then, the cards were all burned, but getting the train tickets was before the fire.


Answer: Of course it's also possible that Del's friend guaranteed he'd make sure seats would be available but maybe still said they would still have to be purchased and NOT complimentary. It's a movie so any storyline here is a possibility.

Answer: Neal didn't pay for them. Del mentioned a friend of his who works for the railroad owed him a favor so it's assumed the ride was complementary from Del's friend.

Del asks Neil for his address, so he can pay for the train ticket, Neil replies, "It's a gift" There was no mention of what favour Del was owed by his railroad friend.

Del asks Neal for his address specifically to pay for the train tickets.

Question: After CJ went to the party with Shane, the police arrest CJ and let the others get away. It's kind of ridiculous. Why would they catch her only?

Bunch Son

Answer: Just because they only caught her doesn't mean that they didn't get anyone else. She was there at the party so she may have been able to tell the police who all was there that night or give descriptions of people.

Question: During the war council when Krupke shows up, how does he know where the gangs were? They didn't have cars, so how did he track them down?

Answer: Officer Krupke and his partner pulled up in the squad car in front of Doc's earlier that night and asked the Jets why they were all there blocking the sidewalk, then mentioned that he knew they were cooking up something at the dance, and warned that he's coming back. Later, during the war council it's Lieutenant Schrank who shows up at Doc's. So how did Schrank know to show up there? Krupke could've told Schrank something may be going on at Doc's involving the two gangs.

Super Grover Premium member

Question: Did August's dad know he had a son? And did August figure out who his parents were at the end and did he see them at the concert?

Answer: The answers, in order, are: "No", not initially but "yes" later; "Yes" and "yes." Their plan to meet the next day didn't work out, so August's parents ended up having a "one-night stand." When August's father - as well as his mother -heard the music that August was conducting, they were drawn to it like magnets. With his back turned against the spectators, August got the feeling that his parents were there. When he turned around to look, he saw his mother and father. The mother and father instantly knew that August was their son and August knew they were his parents.


Answer: Noah stabs Lucius (not "Lucas") because he's jealous. Noah is in love with Ivy, but Ivy and Lucius are in love and are together. It's also important to note that Noah also has a severe mental handicap, and thus doesn't know how to handle his anger, so he lashes out and does terrible things.


Answer: It is implied that she has died, her body freezing as it drifts towards the moon.

raywest Premium member

Answer: No, she's not dead. This show seems to be following similarly to the original TV show. In the show, she was in a stasis like state trapped in a "trash can" on the moon. After she escapes this prison, she sets up her evil base with Lord Zed on the moon and continues to attack Angel Grove and the Rangers from the Moon. So her being blasted towards the Moon at the end of this reboot is a set up for her establishing a similar base of operations like in the show in the sequels. If the sequels ever get out of development hell.

Quantom X Premium member

Question: Given how organized she's supposed to be why didn't she sign those papers prior to going home for Jake's signature? That and why not tell her boyfriend the truth? He looked like he'd understand.


Answer: Melanie didn't sign the papers because, deep down, she still loved Jake, and probably, subconsciously, hoped they'd get back together. She didn't tell her fiance' because she mostly was in denial about the state of her feelings and her marriage. She'd fooled herself into believing she had signed the papers.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Also the director made a point it was never about rediscovering herself or Jake, it was choosing between what she had planned and what she truly wanted. The director also talked about how she did not pack enough clothes, so she wore her old clothes, she was supposed to be there for a long weekend but she wanted to be there, so it was obvious she wanted to stay.

Answer: If Melanie was happy, why did she take her engagement ring off when she stopped by Jakes and it's obvious he was still her everything seeing as she went there first before her parents.

She took off her engagement ring so Jake wouldn't see it, not knowing his reaction, which could complicate the situation, as well as anger and upset him. She wanted to end their relationship as quickly and easily as possible. She went there first just to get it over with.

raywest Premium member

Answer: She didn't sign the divorce papers on purpose. That is why Jake never signed them because then he might have to face the fact that it was over. That is why Melanie never went home, she might have to accept that it was over and Jake might have moved on, that is why she said yes to Andrew's proposal. Also when Melanie did not sign the papers at the wedding, when she dumped Andrew, that was the first time that Melanie was honest to herself and the people around her about how she felt and what she had longed for, for the last seven years.

The only reason Melanie said yes to Andrew's proposal is because she did not know that Jake felt the same way. The reason that Melanie did not sign the papers at the wedding because she had to be honest with herself and the people around her about how she felt and what she had longed for since she left.

Answer: There's probably lots of reasons why Liz stays - money, lack of other job prospects and so on. The reality is, if she left, that would adversely affect the story line and the comedy within it. Tina Fey was one of the stars, and her character is an integral part of the show.

raywest Premium member

Question: What happens to Harold? We go from him killing a classmate to present times where he works as an intern in a hospital. Surely he'd have been in juvenile hall then prison or in a psych ward.


Answer: It is never explained but the implication is that he has somehow escaped justice for his earlier crime and is using a new identity.


Answer: There isn't anyone in particular that is credited with the role on IMDb. Given that Mr. Bean's encounters with the car usually ended with that car being run off the road, the person behind the wheel is not an actor, but a stunt driver.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: Why did Herb bring on a new player?

Answer: He did it to motivate his players and to bring them together. He was hoping that they would tell him they didn't need him, which is why he agrees to send him home when Mark Johnson says that they're a family.

Answer: If it was ever found out that she was at Terry's house before he was killed, there's a possibility that a lot of people would have begun to suspect her of murdering Terry. By claiming that she wasn't, she was hoping that people wouldn't accuse her of the murder.

Question: Why did Principal McGee look so upset during ChaCha and Danny's dance?

Answer: They had mentioned as part of the rules that any vulgar dancing would result in disqualification, so I think her reaction wasn't just displeasure about the dance moves, but she's stressed and on the fence about whether or not to step in and disqualify them.

Answer: They were dancing in a very suggestive manner, and it made her uncomfortable.

So what? She could've had it broken up, them tossed out but logic's not used in musicals.


Breaking them up and tossing them out, that was not as easy as you make it sound. Before the contest started, McGee even said rule #3 was "tasteless or vulgar" dancing will be "disqualified," however she was not judging the contest. Despite McGee's uneasiness with Danny and Cha Cha's very suggestive dance moves, she chose not to have the popular pair disqualified. Rydell's dance was being televised, and at that point Danny and Cha Cha were the only two dancers left on the floor, surrounded by everyone else's exuberant enthusiastic support.

Super Grover Premium member

She was not judging the contest nor was she enforcing the rules, thus making her powerless in this situation.

Question: Where was Gamora during the funeral scene and when the Guardians leave at the end. Was she just hiding on earth or something?

Gavin Jackson

Answer: This version of Gamora had abandoned Thanos, but she is also not a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, so she flees to parts unknown. There's an alternate version of the scene when Tony dies showing all the heroes bowing to him, with Gamora looking back at Tony momentarily before heading off all by herself.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: Tommy Lee Jones killed his crew 16 years ago, but the corpses are still inside the ship, some of them without signs of decomposition! Is not it stinky living with rotten bodies? Why are they still on board?

Answer: He killed the crew by shutting down the life support. The vacuum would prevent them from decomposing. Since he was now a single person, he would not need to regain access to the entire ship.

But one corpse's head was deformed, presumably rotten, while the others were intact. Why is there a difference?

Answer: He also mentions that his last few loyal crew members recently attempted to return home. This is what damaged the reactor and caused the surges. It is likely that these are the crew Brad Pitt encounters.

Question: Charles said it was two days since he last took his medicine. But it was only one day. Right when Logan was saying "You can't have an attack out there. Do you understand?" So why would Charles say two days?


Answer: Charles has dementia, which might explain if his memory is poor, but in this case it actually was two days since he took his tablets. He took two before they escaped the warehouse, they stayed at the hotel in Oklahoma that night and the next day Logan tells Laura to give Charles two tablets as he leaves (which she doesn't) and he has the attack. When Logan asks him "How long has it been since you took your meds?" that is the next day, as Logan then says "You saw what happened yesterday" referring to the incident at the casino. Logan did inject him with something which stopped the attack, but Charles may not have been aware of that given his state.

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Question: What would have been the legal status of Widow Winship's unborn baby if the Horseman hadn't killed her or the baby?

Answer: Van Garrett amended his will naming the widow Winship as his beneficiary, so had the child been born, she likely would have been the heir apparent of the widow.

Phaneron Premium member

But, what would the legal status of the baby be?

Legal as in what? If she's born on U.S. soil and her mother lives as well, then she's a protected citizen entitled to her father's name and whatever rights a female would have been granted by the U.S. Constitution at the time. If the mother dies, she presumably becomes a ward of the state until someone adopts her.

Phaneron Premium member

Not sure why I decreed the baby to be female as I don't think the film ever specified its gender, but the same basic things would apply to a male baby as well, possibly even more so since men had more rights back then.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: She remained calm. If a spider was crawling on your arm and you flailed your arm in response, it might instinctively bite you.

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