Question: The main characters were going to fly to the Caribbean at the end of the movie. Gordon was going to go back there with his sister. As for the rest of the crew, were they to travel there for good to escape authorities or just go on vacation?

Question: What was the get-away plan for the bank robbers? Surely they couldn't just hope a news helicopter would show up.

Answer: They told a hostage to call a news station knowing that that station would send a chopper.

Character mistake: When Detective Welles is searching for Naomi in the Police Computer System he types "Naomi, Cozier" which is backwards - he should have searched "Cozier, Naomi" or skipped the comma entirely. (00:58:20)

Good Job!

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Gordon Jennings: We're takers, gents. That's what we do for a living. We take.

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