Justified (2010)

2 mistakes in season 5

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Starring: Timothy Olyphant

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

Raw Deal - S5-E7

Other mistake: Ava previously borrowed a razor from another inmate to tidy up her unevenly-hacked hair. All well and good, except especially when seen from behind her hair has been perfectly bobbed and tapered, hardly possible doing it herself in a prison bathroom with a razor.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Chief Deputy Art Mullen: Just what part of "under investigation" confuses you?
Raylan Givens: So many things confuse me, Art.

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Whistle Past the Graveyard - S5-E8

Question: Boyd and crew nearly ruin their relationship with Yoon by killing the Memphis crew in Mexico, as they were warned not to kill anyone south of the border. They redeem themselves by saying they'll take care of the bodies themselves and get them into the US. All well and good until the Mexico police stop them, and the crew let them take the truck with the bodies, congratulating themselves on the deception...but how does that solve anything? Corrupt or not, the cops now have the bodies, in Mexico.

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