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Question: Why is the mob using that type of TV in order to do their video conference with Lau? Where is the camera?

Answer: It was a one way conversation. They could see Lau, but he couldn't see the mob. They had use retro television which is below the radar. They couldn't take the chance the Dark Knight had sophisticated equipment to trace the signal.

Question: I don't live in the US; is it normal for a gym to contact next of kin and offer condolences when someone is believed to have died? Or is it for plot convenience? Where I come from, any cancellations of memberships, etc, would all be done in writing.

Answer: The woman did not work for the YMCA. She and Laura took swimming lessons together there and were friendly. The woman therefore felt obliged to offer her condolences. It was also, as you say, a plot convenience. There had to be some way to tip off Martin that Laura might still be alive.

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Question: What happened to the getaway driver after Jeff knocks him out? Where did his body go?

Question: What was the word that Delia spray painted on the wall and what does it mean?

Answer: "Mauve." It's a type of purple color. They were using spray paint to write what color to paint the walls.


Question: Where did they get the $10 Million from if they were broke?

Answer: From kidnap and random insurance policy. That was the point. They claimed $10m. Kept $5m, paid the lawyer $2.5m and the kidnappers $2.5m, but it goes wrong when the police try steal it.

Question: When the camera pans out of Rachel's house, what was the point of the skies flickering with static and the ring symbol being shown at the ending? Did Rachel and Aidan truly survive and succeed at sealing Samara out of their lives?

Jimmy Was Kung-Fu Fighting - S1-E12

Question: How can Sister Helen give Lily detention when she sees Lily's tongue ring? She is at the Finnerty's house. Piercings are often a violation of school dress codes, but Sister Helen has not seen the piercing while at school.

Answer: Later in the film it's said B32 is a catalog code for the book "The Scarlet Letter", page 156. On that page was an underlined passage "No man, for any considerable period, can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true..."


Answer: The implication is that Jeff will still be teaching at Greendale after Annie and Abed leave. As for who became vice dean? It's never shown, since it's not really important to the series.


Question: Andy overhears Hadley saying he got thirty-five thousand dollars from his brother, but has to pay taxes on it. Andy suggests that Hadley give the money to his wife if he wants to keep all of it. Andy says the IRS allows a one time gift only to your spouses for up to sixty thousand dollars without having to pay taxes. Is that actually true?

Answer: Nope...maybe in-universe it's true, but in our real world, it's just a bunch of fancy-sounding razzle-dazzle that Andy uses to dupe Hadley. Hadley would never have had to pay taxes on the money to begin with. Go to this website for a pretty detailed breakdown of just HOW untrue it actually is:

Question: Near the end of the movie, the grand duke calls the footman to bring him the glass slipper, so he can try it on Cinderella. But Lady Tremaine trips the footman, causing the slipper to fly and shatter. Then Cinderella reveals she has the other slipper. The grand duke tries it on her, and find that it fits. I have a problem with that because how did he know the glass slipper Cinderella had was the same size as the one that broke?

Answer: Cinderella's entire outfit was magically created by the Fairy Godmother. Not only was the spare shoe Cinderella had in her possession identical to the other one, it likely would be charmed so that she is the only one who can wear it. It's similar to young Arthur being the only person who could pull Excalibur from the stone because he was the true king. No other woman who attended the ball wore glass slippers. If they had, they'd be able to also produce the spare shoe as proof.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Add in that how many possible glass slippers could there possibly be? It would be an incredibly uncommon type of shoe that would be amazingly difficult to make.


Answer: Probably because it looked the same to him, and he had been handling it a lot for all the trying-ons, plus how many people have glass slippers in their closet? But you are right it heavily suggests she is the person, not proves it. But then again how many women's feet would it have already fit? He should have found many matches long before getting to Cinderella. Cinderella can't be the only woman in the kingdom with her size foot.


Question: Why wouldn't the self-destruct system have a stop button? Presumably if you wanted to abort the procedure it should be instant and not have to go through all the rigmarole of trying to shut it down.

Answer: The Nostromo is powered by a nuclear reactor. The self-destruct system simply shuts down the cooling towers, causing the reactor to gradually rise in temperature until it reaches critical mass. The cooling system can be turned back on within the first 5 minutes but after that, the reactor is so hot the cooling liquid will evaporate once it comes into contact with the system. Ripley tries turning the cooling towers back on, and she does so right before the 5 minute failsafe timer is up, but the system was still too hot to cool the reactor. This is why Ripley curses at MUTHUR, she made it back in time but a meltdown is still inevitable. Apparently the 5 minute failsafe timer is not exact to the second and Ripley actually had slightly less than 5 minutes.


I believe she just barely misses the cutoff, rather than making it but still having it be ineffective. She curses Mother out of frustration, and perhaps fury at the computer's cold indifference to her fate.

Answer: It's pretty typical in movies that in a self-destruct situation, once it's started, it is impossible to stop, for whatever reason. It's about plotting and maintaining the tension to keep the audience on the edge of their seats to see if the hero can survive. Considering how corrupt the company was, they'd expend little effort into proper safety procedures.

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Question: When John Q and his wife were in the meeting discussing the surgery, Rebecca Payne mentions that they had a little over $1,000 in savings. At the beginning of the movie, his wife's car was repossessed because he couldn't make the payments. Why didn't they use the money in the savings to pay for the car loan to avoid repossession?

Answer: Using the $1000 would only delay their car being repossessed, and they may be much further behind than that in their payments. In that case, their savings would be completely depleted and they'd still have no car.

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Answer: Their mission is to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and civilizations. He knew they wouldn't just fly away. Besides any expedition would require a leader, a scientist and a medical doctor.

Question: Why do Adam and Barbara always hide when Otho, Charles and Delia enter the attic? The only person who can see them is Lydia.

Answer: Probably a combination of habit and uncertainty. They don't know what the rules are of being seen since at least one person can see them, so to be cautious in case something changes they still hide.


Question: When Casey's parents are coming up the front walkway, they talk about how great the plants look. Then Casey's mother says, "I said you could send it back." What is she talking about?

Answer: When they were talking about the flowers, Casey's dad said they had a strong smell. He probably complained about the smell (or something else) when they bought/planted them and she's just reminding him she told him they could take the flowers back to wherever they bought them from.


Question: At the end, the audience were all naked in the "Yes" seminar. Why did they attend it undressed?

Bunch Son

Answer: They had donated all their clothes to the clothing drive for the homeless. After all, they couldn't say no.

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Question: When Jo and Bill are in the car with Melissa in the back, Melissa is confused as to why they're chasing another storm given Jo and Bill nearly got killed in the previous tornado. Yet wouldn't Melissa already know they were chasing another tornado given they were driving as part of a 'pack' and there was another Dorothy in back of the truck? (00:34:45)

Answer: She's confused, scared, and her thinking is unclear. She wrongly assumes she knows how Bill will react. She does not really know the person Bill is, as he had put his storm chasing life behind him. Once he is thrown back in his old environment with Jo, which is where he really wants to be, Bill reverts to his old self.

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Question: Lipton the Justice Department official tells Rollie Tyler, "I really admired your stuff, ever since 'Vermin from Venus.'" Rollie's female assistant responds, "That's the one that got him deported from Australia." My question is how could Rollie have been deported from Australia, when he was born, raised and lived his whole life there? Where would he have been deported to?


Answer: It was most likely a joke, the movie was so horrible it gave Rollie a bad reputation and probably got him blacklisted.

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