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Question: Considering Patchy the Pirate made a special guest appearance and he once met SpongeBob personally, would this mean that "Big Time Rush" is canon to the cartoon?

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Question: Why does the Doctor not generally travel with children? I mean 5 had Adric, and 11 was going to take Amy with him when she was just 7. Is there an in-show reason or is it because of how the show is made e.g. filming on location, maybe long hours shooting etc?

Answer: He doesn't, some may have been young, a few teenagers, but he's never taken anyone under 15 years of age.

Question: Why did Will tell young Henry not to ask for Jack's help in breaking the curse that was on him? Jack was a pirate but he was also shown as willing to help people, especially Will and Elizabeth.

Answer: Jack, as a pirate, by his very own nature can't be trusted. By trusting Jack Henry could end up in a worse predicament. A good example is in Dean Man's Chest when Jack tricks Will into going over to the Dutchman to settle his debt with Davey Jones.


Answer: Will knows that Jack often acts in his own best interest, and therefore, can never fully be trusted. Will also likely does not want his son exposed to Jack's pirate world.


Question: What was with the ending? He melts down to a regular looking boy when in the original he was shown as deformed. I hate this ending, consider it the weakest and worst of the franchise.


Answer: The side effects of being washed away with toxic waste?


Question: Why didn't they immediately send Padme to Naboo when they knew she was in danger from the assassins instead of waiting until the next day and sending Anakin and Obi-Wan to watch over her for that one night Coruscant?

Answer: They were going out undercover on civilian transport (like a Greyhound bus). Apparently the next ship wasn't scheduled to leave until the next day.


As a follow up, Padme wanted to stay in Coruscant to participate in the vote. She only left after the second attempt on her life and the Jedi decided to launch an investigation, ordering Anakin to take her to Naboo and keep her safe.


Valentine's Day / The Paper - S1-E16

Question: I wasn't the one who originally thought about this, but in "The Paper," why didn't Squidward just get another piece of wrapped gum and keep the wrapper of it or buy another one and keep its paper instead of trading SpongeBob everything he owned for the one he promised he could keep? Also, how could SpongeBob make the paper do everything he was able to make it to but Squidward couldn't?

Answer: Because it's a Spongebob cartoon. Nothing makes logical sense.

Brian Katcher

Serenity (2) - S1-E12

Question: Something I've always wondered: I haven't quite read all of the comics, so this may be addressed in them given they are considered canonical, but is Patience ever mentioned again? I kind of always assumed she was likely killed by the Reavers since they were still near the planet surface at the end of the episode, but obviously that was never confirmed.


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Question: Henry VIII was over 300 pounds through much of his reign. Why was Jonathan Rhys Myers not padded more realistically to portray him?

Answer: While he was obese for much of his life, Henry VIII didn't gain significant weight until after the death of Jane Seymour when he fell into a deep depression and succumbed to the pain of a leg injury he obtained from a jousting accident. He should've been heavier but he wasn't obese for his whole life, especially during his younger years. He was known to be 210 pounds, standing at 6'2", and to have a 32" inch waist for much of his life.

Answer: Although the series claimed to be historically accurate, there were many factual discrepancies throughout, including the extent of Henry's physical health and morbid obesity. As to why this was changed, the creators apparently felt they could better dramatize the story with a more physically fit and mobile Henry. In the real Henry VIII's later years, he was so incapacitated by weight and other maladies, that he literally had to be carried around by attendants.


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Question: Did humans at any point on the show ever reverse engineer any of the alien technology?

Question: The Lima produces surges that disrupt electronics. Why isn't the Lima affected?

Question: Why did Cmdr. Gifford (John Wayne) give Ens.Caldwell a bad look when he said it was the first time he had seen a sub knocked off?

Answer: Exactly as she said - in the 50s it was near-universal for husbands to work and be the sole breadwinner/handle finances, while their wives stayed home and managed the house, including cooking.

Jon Sandys

The Enforcer - S2-E13

Question: Why send only one enforcer? Hera surely know what he can do so why not send a dozen to be sure? She can't have been that arrogant.


Answer: It's a matter of plot. Having multiple characters who basically would have the same purpose, to kill Hercules, complicates and confuses the story line. It would lose the focus on the characters themselves and the interaction between them. In film and literaturea, characters, plots, scenes, etc. have to be crafted in a way that serves the story in an understandable and satisfying way for the viewer.


Question: Why doesn't Ralphie's father realise he's the one who unintentionally taught his son how to cuss, much less buy his lame excuse?


Answer: Because it's a funny look at real life. It's common for parents to cuss around their children, then be shocked when the kids start using the language themselves.

Exactly right. My parents cussed quite a bit when I was a child, but the first time I ever swore in front of my mother, she thought I learned it from watching The Real World with my sister.

immortal eskimo

True. I'd forgotten I learned how to cuss from my folks.


Answer: I think he did know. When he tells Ralphie to get in the car after saying the bad word, he kinda laughs to himself. It's only after Mom razzes him about taking too long to change the tire that he decides to share that Ralphie swore.

Question: How can Jason go into the lake in Parts 6 and 7 if he's afraid of water due to drowning? He'd freeze up from the sight right?


Answer: Jason being afraid of water is not portrayed consistently throughout the series. Continuity between sequels was not a major concern when making this series.


Answer: I think that Jason is actually afraid of unpredictable situations with water. He is familiar with Crystal Lake after living in the forest for so long. He might be less hesitant to enter this lake sometimes.

Question: When the Joneses crash land the plane they stole from the zeppelin and steal that guy's car, where are they? Turkey? Hatay?

Brian Katcher

Answer: It's never stated, but they must be somewhere close to, or in, Hatay, since in the next scene they are with Sallah and are going after the Nazis, who are already en route to the Holy Grail. Pretty lucky, considering Indy just booked them on "the first available flight out of Germany."

Question: The movie's called Critters yet they're referred to as Krites. Which name is correct and why the two names?


Answer: "Krite" is the official name of the creatures, but "critters" is an apt explanation of what they are. The audience would have no idea what a "krite" is, because it's a made up word. So the title of the movie is "Critters" because they are disgusting little creatures. The fact that "krite" sounds similar to "critter" is wordplay on the part of the film-makers.


Question: Did George Patton really change the time which the mess hall was open and closed like he does in the movie?

Answer: Yes, Patton did change the mess hall times. Chester B. Hansen, who was General Omar Bradley's aide, kept a detailed personal wartime diary. In it he wrote about Patton, and regarding the mess hall Hansen described it this way, "When Fredendall was the corps commander, the II Corps people generally went to breakfast at about 9 o'clock in the morning. When Patton came, however, he changed all that, and in Fairlana they stopped serving breakfast at 6 o'clock in the morning. Therefore it was necessary for us to stumble out of bed at about 5, hurry down and grab a breakfast. It was quite cold at that time in the morning..." After the war, because of his detailed diary Hansen was the ghostwriter of Bradley's war memoir, A Soldier's Story, which was one of the resources for the movie's screenwriters.

Super Grover

Did Patton change the mess hall times in order to discipline his troops?

In short, yes, it was part of Patton's stern discipline and strictly enforced regulations, which he believed essential. Following the disastrous defeat at Kasserine Pass, when Eisenhower had Patton promoted and appointed the new commander of II Corps, it was because Patton was the perfect choice. Just as Scott215 mentioned Patton's helmet requirement and the wearing of shirt and tie, this was all part of one of Patton's top priorities - the dress code and the strict adherence to it, and the strengthening of morale and fighting spirit. Eisenhower himself had later written, "morale in II Corps was shaken and the troops had to be picked up quickly. For such a job Patton has no superior in the Army... General Patton's buoyant leadership and strict insistence upon discipline rapidly rejuvenated the II Corps and brought it up to fighting pitch...the troops...had a much higher appreciation of the value of training, discipline, and speed in action."

Super Grover

Answer: As the commanding Corps General, Patton did, indeed, have the authority to change not only the opening and closing times of the mess hall, but many other areas under his command, like the helmet requirement. He even required his officers to wear shirt and tie while in combat zones, so he did call the shots. His command, his rules.


Question: Why does Ann blame Ginny for her mother leaving? She should be angry with her father and Ginny's mother.


Answer: Like all spoiled and mean girls, she blames everyone around her for her problems, when in fact it has nothing to do with her. She wants what she wants, her perfect family with her as the center of attention. The only daughter.

Answer: Like many high school kids, he chose popularity over her. He was getting lots of attention.

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