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Question: Am I missing something? Michael technically isn't the man of the house. The grandfather is as he owns the house. So when David says that he won't come in until the man of the house invites him in, he wasn't asked by the right person, making his invite invalid.

Answer: The requirement isn't that the man of the house invites him in, just that he's invited in. He uses the "man of the house" line to trick Michael into inviting him in.

Jason Hoffman

Question: Why didn't Thor go for the head?


Answer: Didn't think he had to.

Answer: While it's purely speculation, here are few ideas: 1. He didn't think he needed to. He now possesses the most powerful weapon in the universe and thought hitting Thanos in the chest would be enough. 2. He may have aimed for the head, but Thanos was trying to repel the axe, which caused the aim to be off. 3. He wanted Thanos to die slowly so that he could deliver his "I told you..." line.

Jason Hoffman

Plus, he didn't know Thanos already had all the gems.


Or just because the head is a much smaller target and Thor was pretty far away, even when throwing a magic axe.


Question: Was the daughter possessed the entire time before she died? I noticed at the end one of the cult members at the end said something about the demon being released from the female host.

Answer: As the film progresses, we learn that the mother's side of the family has a history of serious mental illness, and the maternal grandmother was a secret devil-worshipper who was trying to fulfill an evil prophecy (crowning one of The Eight Kings of Hell from her own family). The little girl, Charlie, did apparently suffer some sort of mental illness, and she was raised and heavily influenced for 13 years by her devil-worshipping grandmother. Near the end it is revealed that Charlie actually was, all her life, a temporary female host for one of The Eight Kings of Hell; but she had to die because the prophecy called for a male host to be crowned King. At the very end, Charlie's cursed soul migrates into her older brother Peter's body; whereupon, he is crowned one of The Eight Kings of Hell.

Charles Austin Miller

Question: Who killed Martha Tabram? Just like in the real world, doubt is cast on her murder as to whether or not it was Jack the Ripper due to the differences in her murder and those of the other prostitutes. So was it just another member of the Freemasons?

Phaneron Premium member

Question: Would any company in their right mind build a theme park (or any business for that matter) on a private island with a volcano? I know populated areas like Hawaii just assume the risk, but wouldn't a company that has the money to purchase their own island do their due diligence and make sure they won't be prone to a major catastrophe like that?

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: As it was stated in the film, the volcano had been dormant for many many years. Presumably even since well before the events of the first Jurassic Park movie in the early 90's. It was only recently, between the events of this film and the prior Jurassic World that the volcano had its surprise re-awakening.

Quantom X Premium member

For sure, but dormant simply means that the volcano could one day erupt again, so wouldn't it be pretty foolish to gamble on building a multi-billion dollar theme park with the hope that the volcano will never again erupt?

Phaneron Premium member

One would think. But just look at our world's history. Like Pompeii, an entire civilization wiped out cause they lived at the base of a dormant volcano. And then even in more recent history. Mount Saint Helens, which I've actually been to and seen the exhibits and footage of it's destruction. Foolish, yeah. But that doesn't stop us from still doing it repeatedly.

Quantom X Premium member

I think it's been made pretty clear over the course of all the films that the people building these parks did not exactly think everything through properly. They took a gamble on the volcano, and they lost.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Answer: The volcano has nothing to do with reality. It is a plot device more than twenty years after the original movie. It is contrived for the purpose of telling a new story. Trying to give a logical or scientific explanation is pointless.

raywest Premium member

Question: When they are heading down in the lift to the vault in the SWAT suits, who is the character to left of Brad Pitt? Because as you can see his face he doesn't look like any of the Oceans 11 characters at all.

Answer: This is actually a mistake in the movie, there is an extra person in the elevator. It is listed in the mistakes.


Question: In the last scene when Ripley is escaping in the shuttle, why is the Alien wedged awkwardly in the wall? And why is it so mellow about getting out and killing Ripley?

Answer: The xenomorphs are quite intelligent, despite their savage nature. In this scene, for example, the alien understands that the Nostromo is about to self-destruct, and it correctly anticipates Ripley using a shuttle to escape the blast. The alien carefully hides in the shuttle and goes into a dormant state (so as not to alert Ripley to its presence until they are well underway). When Ripley realises the alien is aboard, she dons her pressure suit and sprays the alien with fire-extinguishing gas to prompt a response. After a startled jump, the alien languidly reveals itself because it is emerging from its dormant state, but also because it knows there is no escape for Ripley in the tiny spacecraft. The implication is that it is in no hurry to kill her, which heightens the tension and horror of the scene.

Charles Austin Miller

Excellent answer.

raywest Premium member

Citadel on the Edge of Vengeance - S2-E8

Question: Mary talks about her time in Sokovia, a country which featured heavily in Avengers: Age of Ultron. But as far as the MCU has covered, it was only the Avengers who fought there, against Ultron and his army. Mary talks about being special forces and how "Sokovians like knives." What were US troops doing there, and why were they fighting the Sokovians? The altercation with Ultron seemed like everyone would be on the same side, trying to save lives.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Answer: Sokovia is a nation in the Iron Curtain. It is just as likely for a US operative to end up there as any of the other former Soviet nations. There is no reason to believe she was there at the same time as the Avengers. It was likely some form of covert mission there years beforehand.

Question: What game do the young men play to demonstrate their courage to one another?

Answer: To expand on the previous answer, the village youth were raised to believe the non-existent creatures would never harm anyone so long as they did not cross the boundary. The boys are engaging in a game of "dare."

raywest Premium member

Answer: There isn't a particular name for the game they're playing. It was more game of courage of who could stand on the stump with their arms spread out wide the longest without running away scared.

Question: Why did Jack and Max try to kill Mason's son Sonny? They have their masks on and there's no way that Sonny would have identified them.

Answer: He survived the first attempt of his family's murder. There's no telling what he saw or heard. As for the masks, the bad guys were taking no chances, security cameras, cell phones and the unexpected eyewitness.

Question: What is that green thing that Chuck tries to break open by throwing it against a rock wall, and then by hitting it with a rock? Is it really that difficult to break open?

Answer: They were coconuts. Coconuts come in a green shell which is their husk and they are hard to open up, especially when they get older. Most people use a machete or pick ax to get the husk off.


Is the shell as difficult to break open as shown in the movie?

The film does seem to accurately depict how hard it would be for someone who has never opened one before to get into a green coconut. I've never tried throwing one against a rock wall before though.


I was asking if the shell is as difficult to break open by hitting it with a rock as shown in the movie.

For someone who has never tried opening a green coconut, yes it would be.


The inner shell itself is not that difficult to open. Using a pointed rock, you can break through the round-shaped holes at the end to pour out of the liquid. By hitting the coconut's seam running lengthwise down the shell hard against a rock, it will completely split the shell in two around the circumference.

raywest Premium member

I'm talking about opening the outer shell, not the inner shell.

Answer: It sure is. You have to be gentle when you break it so all the water doesn't just go everywhere, like it would if you pounded it with say, a large rock.


Question: What was with the scene where John picks up and smells the grass after he's snuck out to help Melinda? And what did John mean when he said 'no matter how it happened, Del was the lucky one.' Did John somehow take all that pain so Del wouldn't? I never really got it.

Brandon York

Answer: He smelled the grass because he had missed it being locked up. As for the other thing, John was tired, he constantly felt the pain of others around him, he wanted it to stop. Del died, to John that's the way out, to get rid of the pain. Even though Del felt a lot of pain, for John it doesn't matter, as long as he gets out, so the pain stops. He didn't take Del's pain.


Answer: He smells the grass, because it's pure.

Question: At the end of the film when Marty sees Doc get shot at the mall the second time why is he crying when he runs over to check Doc? Couldn't he have just grabbed the plutonium that was sitting next to Doc's van, run back to the Delorean with it and travelled back much earlier to warn Doc?

Answer: Technically he could have done so, but that doesn't make it any less distressing to see his friend murdered.

Next to that he doesn't know how the DeLorean works, he doesn't know how to put the plutonium in (or doesn't want to risk using it wrongly, having only seen it loaded once) and he and Doc from 1955 have tampered with it to have it be powered by lightning so it probably wouldn't work properly anyway.


Question: Toward the beginning of the movie, when Sonny is being chastised by Miss McGee for dawdling in the hallway, he mutters something in Italian when she turns away. It's audible enough to cause her to turn back and suggest a session of "banging erasers." Does anyone know what he's muttering?

Michael Albert

Answer: Its not really Italian, but roughly he says something like "Fanabala Puttana" which means "You bitch whore." Again, not fully correctly spoken as the actor knows hardly any Italian.


Answer: Sonny says "un altra brutta putana" which translates to another dirty slut.

Season 2 generally

Question: How come Davos has two iron fists? The power transfer shouldn't have doubled it.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Answer: In the comics Iron Fist is able to use the power on both hands. There is no reason why Danny shouldn't be able to. Presumably he chooses to only use the one fist at a time, focusing all his power into one hand rather than distributing it between 2.

Question: At the end, how were they supposed to rescue Katniss inside the dome? Because her shooting the wire at the dome just as the lightning struck couldn't have been their plan all along? It just seems like a lot of risk for them getting into the flying machine and waiting outside waiting for her to figure out how to incapacitate the dome and to actually manage it.

Answer: Whatever the plan to remove Katniss from the arena was, which was never revealed, it was circumvented by her shooting the dome ceiling with an arrow.

raywest Premium member

Question: At the end, Charley sees a set of glowing red eyes in the window. Could they be Evil's? The reason I think this is I wasn't to convinced he was really dead after Peter stabbed him. Or could they be Charley's mom's eyes, since we don't know if Evil was really telling the truth about her having to work nights, and attacked her. Or could Charley's eyes just be playing tricks on him?

Answer: There's really no way to answer this, because this scene was just intended as a stinger for the audience. Stingers like these are often added to the end of horror films. You could make an argument that it's supposed to be Evil Ed; the audio from earlier in the film is played with his laugh and the "You're so cool, Brewster!" line. But that wouldn't make sense because if Ed wasn't really dead he would have been freed from being a vampire when Jerry is killed just like Amy. Its definitely not Charley's mother, she is most certainly alive and well. The scene plays out like Charley's eyes may be playing tricks on him. In short, it's not really supposed to be anyone's eyes in particular. It's really just something added to the end of the film to get a rise out of the audience.


The Mad Scientist - S1-E1

Question: So I have seen several places where people have been claiming that The Mad Scientist in this first episode was based on Nikola Tesla, and have seen many people complaining about him being portrayed as a bad guy in this. However, IMDb trivia states that "Boris Karloff' engineer Poelzig in Edgar G. Ulmer's The Black Cat (1934) was the inspiration for The Mad Scientist..." I've tried looking into it a little bit, but I can't seem to determine which is the correct person that The Mad Scientist was based on... Maybe both?

Quantom X Premium member

Show generally

Question: Can someone explain to me what a red shirt means? I know in one episode when someone broke Bill's high school touchdown record that Hank mentioned that Bill was red shirted because Bill went into the army before he graduated thus compelled Bill to go back to high school and try and break the record again.

Answer: A redshirt refers to a student athlete that is allowed to practice with a team while attending school, but otherwise does not play in games.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: The main point of being red-shirted is that a student athlete only has 4-years of eligibility to play. By red-shirting as a freshman, a student is allowed to practice, to get better, bigger, etc and then still be able to play for 4 years (seasons).


Question: What did Sarah and Enrique say to each other in Spanish, before greeting each other?


Answer: Sarah also calls Enrique "sneaky like a snake."

Jukka Nurmi

Answer: All I hear is Sarah saying, "Enrique? You here?" And Enrique says, "Good to see you, Connor. Always knew you'd come back" or something like that.

Charles Austin Miller

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