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Question: What exactly was the issue with the telescope? Clara states that if you turn the dial one way, the image turns fuzzy, but if you turn it the other way, it becomes clear. I thought that was how telescopes (and binoculars, for that matter) worked, as you have to adjust the focal point. Is she just using it as an excuse to see Doc, or does she just not have a clue how telescopes work?

Answer: It was an excuse to see Doc. When Clara says, "if you turn the dial this way, everything is fuzzy," she's slyly putting her arm around Doc's shoulders. Doc is the one who says everything becomes clear when he realizes what's happening.

Answer: I believe it was just a way to try and show the suit is "oily" or reflective. It also helps define the character's features since otherwise, he'd just be a flat black color. It's similar to how the black suit Spidey had blue outlines. (I don't know why they chose a pink/red color... maybe because red is associated with power/fire/war, so it's a more "evil" color?)


Question: Since Norman doesn't die, does this mean Harry won't die either? What would happen to Oscorp once he's exposed?


Question: How did the biker just happen to appear at the end? Where was he the whole time all that was going down?

Answer: I think we're supposed to assume he was either knocked out and/or hiding there, and finally decided to act, but it's very oddly portrayed.


Question: Why don't Riggs and Murtaugh pick up one of the dead criminals' guns upon running out of ammunition?

Answer: There's no reason given, but I have often seen this same scenario in movies where the good-guy characters thwart or ambush the villain, then run off, leaving the weapon behind. The villain comes to and resumes the chase with the gun. I can understand a non-law enforcement person doing this, but not two experienced cops. It's a dumb, silly plot trope to maintain suspense.


Question: As a non-native English speaker, I ask: At the dinner, Jim says to his boss, "I was thinking, with the numbers so high, maybe it's time I get off the road and take an office position." What occupation did he have? And what does he mean "get off the road" here?

Bunch Son

Chosen answer: I don't know what his specific occupation was, but the term to "get off the road" would refer to someone who constantly travels, either domestically or internationally, for their job, but they now want to work in their company office every day. The most common trope would be the "traveling salesperson" who was constantly "on the road," going town to town, selling their product.


Question: I have heard something about Cube having an alternate or extended ending. Are there any videos of this by chance?


Answer: Not to my knowledge. The director said on Twitter/X that there was an extra scene during the ending that had been shot but that it was immediately removed from the film after the first assembly cut. He also said it will never be seen and joked that he "burned it and stomped on it." (Chances are the footage is just lost.) So I'd assume whatever it is REALLY didn't work or was too silly.


Answer: From Lost Media Wiki: According to several eyewitnesses, in certain theatrical screenings of the film, the scene in question was shown. It allegedly depicts Kazan walking out onto a beach (or a cliff's edge, depending on who you ask) on a purple alien planet, overlooking an endless ocean, as mechanical grinding noises are heard. As he turns around, both his footprints and the cube's exit itself vanish. Some have also reported that the sky is then shown, full of exoplanets. A pinch of salt is needed; however, this statement does have 4 sources.


Question: When Seamus is telling Marty that he'll take him to the train station the next day and give him a new hat, it shows Maggie doing the 'Sign of the Cross'. Was she unhappy with Seamus helping out a "stranger"?

Answer: She was blessing Marty because, by wearing one of those hats, it was basically a giant "kill me" sign for Mad Dog. When Mad Dog first enters the saloon, he mistakes Marty for Seamus based on Marty's "dog-ugly hat".

Answer: It's not about Marty. Maggie is angry because Seamus constantly buys hats, which she considers wasteful and frivolous when they have so little money. Religious people will make the sign of the cross when they feel they need "forgiveness" for thinking angry or unkind thoughts or asking God to help them control their temper.


Question: Once Doc learned about Tannen shooting him in the back over $80, he says, "Now I wish I'd paid him". Why didn't he try to pay him after learning this?

Answer: Doc's answer was sarcastic and said in jest. He had no intention of paying Tannen because he did not owe him anything. He knows that Tannen will probably kill him, even if he is paid.


Question: Why did Snow laugh at Katniss when she directed her arrow at Coin and not him? Was it because he knew he was seconds from death (from the crowd) and so he literally wanted the last laugh?

Answer: Agree with the other answer, but would add that Snow is laughing because he knows Coin has been publicly exposed as a fraud. He considers it as a small personal victory, even though he's about to die.


Answer: He laughs because he knows that even in his current situation, he still has some ability to control and manipulate Katniss, such as he always has. That's my belief in any aspect, but it's just subjective as no definitive answer can be given.


Question: I have heard that certain levels within Sonic Adventure 2 have rings that are impossible for the player to normally reach. Whether it's out of bounds, within an instant death area, etc. I know Shadow's White Jungle level is infamous for this. What levels have these unobtainable rings, and where can I find more information about them?


Answer: This video explains about the White Jungle level: Not sure on other levels.


Question: What song is playing on the guard's headphones at the mall? You can hear very faint music on them, and I can't make out the song.

Answer: "Super Girl" by Samantha Marq.


Question: When Ray says, "aim for the flat top," is he referring to the platform or Gozer's haircut?

Answer: Their hair:

Brian Katcher

Answer: Reportedly, their personalities just didn't mesh, and it was also a very hectic shoot due to all the effects. So, the atmosphere was high-stress, which isn't typically conducive to people getting along. Though Hunt has stressed that they were always cordial after filming was complete and had even talked about potentially working on a sequel together a few times, so it seems that they didn't overtly dislike each other.


Answer: Yes. Evil Dead Rise initially confirms that it is in the same universe as its predecessors. And that there is room to build off. Https://, is%20room%20to%20build%20off.


Question: What do the symbols on Ardeth's black cloak he wears in London mean?

Answer: The game has tons of different possible outcomes. So, to emulate that, they filmed different possible endings for the film.


Answer: I think to tie in the movie with the gameplay of the board game more. Often when playing, someone will incorrectly guess what happened, who was the killer, with which weapon, and what room. Then the answer in the envelope is revealed to show what really happened. So they made different endings like someone guessed wrong. I think the real question is why were there 3 different versions of the film released to theaters, each with a different ending. It seems it was a marketing idea that backfired and didn't even fit the concept of tying it into the board game.


Answer: According to MTV, even though the ratings were high compared to other shows in the same time slot, the series did not fit in with its other programming.

Casual Person

Question: What happens to the lady after the film ends that has her head in the hole? As during the film, she shows she has no morals. In the rest of the movies, you never hear her name mentioned or what happened to her. But surely, with him trapping her and taking the money at the end, it would piss her off enough to want to get the money back and seek revenge on him.

Answer: If I'm not mistaken, the room she was in was locked. She may have been able to survive the trap by sticking her head through the opening, but if she has no way of leaving the room, eventually she would starve to death.


Answer: There's no definitive answer. It's left purposely ambiguous, presumably in case they want to bring the character back in the future. (There is a deleted scene on the Blu-Ray showing the door opening on its own once the countdown hits zero, so presumably she is able to escape.) As for her coming for him... we simply don't know. It's possible she'll show up again in a future film. But you also have to factor in that John has a LOT of evidence on her criminal misdeeds... so he likely could have her arrested and jailed if she comes for him.


Question: Greenwall says that the warrior must stand on the tower for five days. Wouldn't he die of dehydration?

Answer: Not if somebody climbed up and gave him some water to drink.

Answer: As someone else said, somebody could give him water. The test might be more about staying in one place and denying himself the daily activities and pleasures of life - not having access to his usual amount of water and food.

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