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Question: When Deadpool dislocates both of Francis' arms near end of film how comes the villain seemingly cries out in pain? I thought he had made it very clear earlier in the film that he doesn't feel pain any more, of any kind.

Answer: He seems to yelp a little bit, but I just chalked it up to being a combination of him struggling with Deadpool and also being more exasperated than anything else. Plus sure, he may not feel the pain, but he'd still recognize that having his arms broken/dislocated is a very bad thing since it puts him at a disadvantage in the right. So he could just be reacting out of frustration. I'd probably yelp or scream too if I was in that situation even if I didn't feel pain.


Assignment: Earth - S2-E26

Question: When Gary Seven received the three ID cards from the computer, one ID is for the police homicide department. However, this ID card is not used. What was the reason for issuing it?

Answer: It's not explained. However, Gary Seven was originally supposed to be a character in a separate TV show. A pilot was filmed, but the show never materialized. Footage from the pilot was later incorporated into the Star Trek episode, "Assignment Earth." Presumably, some of the footage that was used didn't fully relate to or explain the revised plot, creating inconsistencies. Also, at the end, Spock tells Seven that he and his new team have, "many interesting experiences ahead of them." That could indicate the unused I.D. was intended for a future purpose.

raywest Premium member

Question: Kaffee is explaining the plea deal where they would only spend six months in prison. Dawson explains that they won't accept the deal because that would mean they would be pleading guilty and would likely be dishonorably discharged. Even if the "conduct unbecoming" charge were dropped, as per the deal, wouldn't the judge likely order a DD anyway because their actions resulted in the death of a Marine? And wouldn't a smart lawyer, like Kaffee, know this and explain it to them?

Answer: As part of the deal offered by Ross, the "conduct unbecoming" isn't being's the ONLY charge the government will pursue, which, if they were found guilty, would carry a two year sentence (which Kaffee estimates will translate to six months). This is why Dawson wants to go to court, to prove their innocence and avoid a DD...during the trial, of course, they are found guilty of conduct unbecoming anyway. If all the charges were dropped, or if they were found innocent of all the charges, there would be no reason for them to be dishonorably discharged, as they would not be guilty of any crime.

"I'll knock it down to involuntary manslaughter. Two years." - Ross offering the plea deal to Kaffee.

Question: How didn't Syndrome already know that Bob or Mr. incredible married Elastigirl? There is a computer with all the information about superheroes, so he would surely know this. I know that her location was unknown, but they were married before supers were made illegal and Incrediboy (his alias 15 years prior) was his biggest fan.

Answer: They got married as their secret identities, only their fellow superheroes knew it was Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl that got married, no fans. Syndrome also already wasn't a fan of him anymore and stopped following him.


What about the message that Mirage sent to Bob Parr? In it, she calls him Mr. Incredible and then says that his secret is safe. Since Mirage knows that Bob is Mr. Incredible and works for Syndrome, wouldn't that mean he knows Bob and Mr. Incredible are the same guy too?

Sure, Mirage personally recognized Mr. Incredible in the car with Frozone, who they were tracking. But they didn't make the connection yet that his wife is a super as well. In time they might have, but the focus was on Mr. Incredible right away, since that was Syndrome's number 1 super to find and test the robot on.


Dead Man's Eyes - S1-E8

Question: At the end we learned that Laurel murdered her husband but how did she not remember that if she was the killer all along?


Answer: Laurel had a history of drug and alcohol abuse and had been in and out rehab. She was mentally unstable and would likely have lapses in her memory, particularly anything traumatic.

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Question: When the soldiers were taking the mutants to the containment center by the train, Kurt shouts towards the soldiers "Your kid was right about us. We could help you." What does he mean "your kid"? (01:26:45)

Bunch Son

Chosen answer: Four minutes earlier, one of the MCU soldiers walks past Kurt and says to him "My kid used to be a fan" (of the X-Men). So later on, Kurt yells to the same soldier "Your kid was right about us. We could help you!", meaning that he and the other mutants can be trusted to help them fight the D'Bari attackers.

Sierra1 Premium member

Show generally

Question: I've noticed that every episode has scenes where the camera is swaying a little, suggesting the camera was handheld or resting on the cameraman's shoulder. Is there a reason for filming this way, instead of just using a steadicam? It doesn't really add any sense of style to the show.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: As the other answer indicated, it is a common filming technique used to achieve various visual effects. Handheld cameras can create a deliberate sense of movement that follows a movie's action. A cameraperson can physically move in much closer to an actor, creating a more intimate connection between the character and the audience. It can also reflect a character's movement from their vantage point, and can be used to create a greater sense of realism with an edgier, less-rehearsed, or a documentary-style feel.

raywest Premium member

Answer: It is a style of filming a scene, a style of camerawork. In your opinion it doesn't add anything, but they do it for that purpose.


Question: How did Quinton get so bloody at the end, and why did he turn evil?

Answer: They dropped him into a cube below, he hit his head and it was cut open, later as he recovered it got smeared all over him. He went crazy, cabin fever. He couldn't cope with the psychological trauma from everything that was going on, the stress, claustrophobia, being in danger.


Question: Why didn't Casper cross over after the death of his father?

Answer: Because Casper's unfinished business is being a kid and having fun. His treatment by his uncles prevented him crossing over as he wasn't having fun. He got to act like a normal teenager when Kat brought him back.

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Question: Where was Marion Crane's house?

Answer: Marion lived in Phoenix Arizona. Her boyfriend, Sam, lived in Fairvale, California, which is where she was headed when she stopped at the Bates Motel.

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All Our Yesterdays - S3-E23

Question: Spock says Kirk went to a time ahead of him and Dr. McCoy. How did he know that?

Answer: Spock understood how the machine worked, by sending a person to the time they were viewing. When the three were near the time portal, they could hear each other and those around them. Spock would have been able to hear the group of people who took Kirk and heard them talk about thievery, purse cutting, and the law, etc. He made a logical assumption Kirk is in a more advanced and "civilized" time period that would have to be much later than the ice age.


Question: Where was the school where the kids were playing ball in the opening?

Answer: According to, it is Nibley Park School in Salt Lake City.

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Question: Before taking possession of Deputy Josh, why did Jason shave off the mustache?

Answer: There isn't much of a feasible in-movie explanation. In truth, the entire scene was added by the director because he felt the movies were pretty sexist in that it was mostly women who were either nude or sexualized. Thus, he added an inherently homo-erotic sequence involving one man shaving another stripped man to "level the playing field" so-to-speak. The only real explanation I could think of is that maybe the creature just thought it'd feel uncomfortable transferring to a man with a mustache. But even that's shaky at best.


Question: What exactly was Maude's doctor checking for? That he was fertile? That he didn't have an STD?

Answer: As it's not specified, any answer would be speculation. An STD check would be fairly straightforward, and definitely something Maude would want to know about, so we can assume that was part of it. And even though the only way to check if he was fertile would be to take a sperm sample, which might arouse suspicion in anyone else, he asks Maude about the doctor immediately after she reveals that she slept with him with the intention of conceiving, so it's implied that this was performed as well.

Question: What happened to Genie's powers after Aladdin freed him?

Answer: The Genie says his powers were diminished after Aladdin freed him.

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Wouldn't the same thing happen to Jafar if Jafar was freed?

Yes. The same thing would happen to Jafar if Abis Mal did free him but, as seen, Abis Mal never wished for Jafar to be free. Jafar was still a genie because he still had the bands attached to his wrist.

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Question: Why is the original, Japanese version of Indigo League and Orange Islands episodes extremely difficult and almost impossible to find on the internet?

Question: Is David Thewlis still banned from entering the China for his role in this movie? I know that Brad Pitt's ban was lifted in 2014, but was Thewlis' ban lifted too?

Question: If Jack and Katherine were a couple, how is it that Jack doesn't recognize Katherine's office when he goes there to confirm him and Tess to start working on the Trask deal?

Answer: Unless Katherine had recently moved to a new office, which it does not appear that she did, then Jack should know this was her office. However, it is also possible that he had just never been there before and they only saw each other outside of work. When Jack went to see Tess, he had a specific business reason for going there.

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Question: Matt Hooper shows up to check in on Brody, bringing two bottles of wine (one bottle of both red and white). Can anyone identify what brand wine is it? They look to both be the same brand, but I've never quite been able to make out the brand. Looks like "ABC", or something like that. I assume it's a real brand, though wonder if the company is still in business.

Answer: The red wine's brand is Barton and Guestier. The label has the initials, BG, on it. It's one of the oldest wine companies and it's still around. I can't tell what the white wine is, so I don't know if it's the same brand.


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Question: If she's super strong and can control her strength, why didn't she ever hit anyone?


Answer: Probably, with her other powers, she didn't need to. This was a family show, and the producers may have been concerned about how violence was portrayed on TV and toned it down for young viewers. They may have also felt that audiences of that time period would object to seeing a woman use physical force, lessening her femininity and sex appeal. Sounds silly, but that was how women were once portrayed.

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