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Florida's Homecoming: The Wedding - S6-E3

Question: At Thelma's wedding, Michael is singing "You And I" from O'Bryan. But this episode is from 1978 and the song came out in 1983 (5 years later). Did Ralph Carter (Michael) originate that song before O'Bryan made it famous?

Answer: "You and I (We Can Conquer the World) " is a song written and performed by Stevie Wonder in 1972. O'Bryan just did a cover of the song.


Question: Can anyone explain how Ray managed to get the Doctor to help him? Ray told him to read the book in Hobbes' office, then all of a sudden the Doctor is willing to help.

Question: I could swear when I saw it it had a different ending. The one I saw at the end Jeff Bridges dies in the car. And Clint Eastwood pushes him out of the car and leaves him on the side of the road, then drives away. But I can't find anything on that. Has anyone else seen that version?

Answer: I remember the scene of pushing Jeff Bridges out of the car as well. I recently watched the movie on Cable, and Eastwood just kept on driving with Bridges (dead) slumped in his seat. I could have sworn he pushed him out in some alternate version.

Answer: I saw the film on VHS tape 30 years ago and the ending on the tape had Clint Eastwood throwing Jeff Bridge off the cliff.

Answer: The one thrown out of the car was red pushing his friend out of the trunk of the car after he was shot Clint saw his friend die, and he drove off with him still in the car.

Answer: You must be thinking of another movie, because as far as I know there is no different ending.

I totally agree with your answer. Sometimes movies do film alternate endings that may be used in different markets (i.e. Europe or Asia). Also, alternate endings are sometimes filmed after a test audience reacts negatively to the original one and they may show up in the DVD or director's cut. I didn't find any indication that another version was ever filmed for this movie.

raywest Premium member

You are absolutely correct. Just watched this film again for the first time since the 70's. Thunderbolt leaves Lightfoot sitting (respectfully) by the roadside before driving off! Hope you come across this comment one day

Answer: Mandela effect.

Question: At one point, Blue Raja mistakenly says that Bowler's father's name was Sal, which she immediately corrects as being Carmine. I never caught this till now after watching a recent animated Batman movie, but two of the big mob bosses that are rivals in Batman are Sal Maroni and Carmine Falcone. Considering the influences of this movie, is this intended to be a reference to the two Batman mob bosses?

Quantom X Premium member

Answer: Because he didn't do anything wrong. If they fired him simply for being older, he'd have excellent grounds for a wrongful termination suit. Much easier to 'convince' him to retire.

Brian Katcher

Answer: To fire someone you need a reason and simply being older is not reason. They could be sued for wrongful dismissal. If he retires the company doesn't get sued.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: When riding through the village Bond remarks "this is the work of Muhjadeens." What actions does he refer to?

Answer: Bond is referring to an attack on the Soviet military. There are damaged military vehicles and the bodies of Soviet soldiers lying around, so the village appears to have been recently "liberated" from the Soviets by the mujahideen, although with significant collateral damage to the village itself.

Sierra1 Premium member

Question: How did Paul die? Was his body dissolved by lahar? And did this lahar contain any acidic substances from volcanic activity?

Answer: Paul got stuck on the bridge that was being washed away by the rampaging river after the dam broke. His van didn't have enough power to make the jump across the bridge like the Humvees did, as a result he got washed away and presumably drowned due to the force of the water.

Chapter Nine: The Gate - S2-E9

Question: Why does Dustin make a weird noise when he talks about his teeth? One time is from season 1 and the second time from Season 2 chapter 9. He also refers his teeth as pearls.

Bunch Son

Chosen answer: The actor (Gaten Matarazzo) and the character (Dustin) have cleidocranial dysplasia, which delays or prevents growth of the front teeth. It appears Dustin got prosthodontics by season 2 (he seems to not have them again in season 3 and implies Suzie prefers kissing without them), and he's extremely proud of his new teeth, calling them irresistible 'pearls' and making a 'sexy' growling, purring sound (based on a Wookiee growl) when they're mentioned.

Sierra1 Premium member

Answer: It's from s06e23, "The One With The Ring." Chandler and Phoebe are at a jewelry store and Phoebe tried to run after a guy while still holding store property, which caused the door to lock and the metal gate to come down.


My Best Fiend's Wedding - S6-E7

Question: How does Ella realise Amenadiel is an angel? Either I missed something or else there's just a few leaps of calculation missed, because it seems like she goes from "frog falls from the sky", to "Amenadiel says he'd feel if something was wrong, but backtracks", to her big whiteboard putting everything together, and then knowing she's at a "demon wedding." Just feels quite rushed.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Chosen answer: She has been keeping that whiteboard for probably the duration of the series. She has been piecing together clues the whole time. It was more obvious with "God" when she was fishing for info and mentioned the best hugs ever. I feel it was intentional to just spring the whole "I knew it!" in the last episode (s). I personally was hoping she would get a better sense of "closure" as she was really the only main character not in on the deal.


Question: Maybe someone with agricultural expertise can answer this. Ray's entire cornfield is large and obviously worth a lot of money. How much would the section of corn that he plowed under for the baseball field have been worth in comparison to the rest of the crop once sold?

raywest Premium member

Chosen answer: In modern times (say, over the last 10 years) corn crops yield about $240 in profit per acre. In the mid-to-late 1980s (when this movie was made) the profit yield was far less, maybe only $150 or less profit per acre. Today, most farms produce about 1100 acres of corn per season; but, back then, most farms produced around 600 acres per season. Of course, these are all just average figures. So, let's say Ray had an average Iowa farm of 600 cultivated acres in 1989, expecting to profit $150 per acre. Optimistically, Ray would profit about $90,000 on his total crop. Meanwhile, the acreage of a large baseball field (with 90-foot baselines) is only about 5 acres. Which means Ray plowed under only about $750 worth of his crop profits to open up land area for the baseball field. It doesn't sound like much of a sacrifice at all, in terms of corn. Ray could still potentially profit $89,250 on his remaining crop (assuming he had the farm hands and heavy equipment to harvest it).

Charles Austin Miller

Thanks! The plot seemed a bit far-fetched by implying that he would go completely bankrupt because he sacrificed five acres to build a baseball field. Factoring in the other incidental building costs would be a different consideration.

raywest Premium member

Yeah, the 5 acres of corn was not a bank-breaker. My impression was that Ray probably cut down the corn himself at no great loss; but he then mortgaged his farm to have that one small piece of the cornfield leveled and professionally developed with ballpark-quality turf, baselines, stadium lighting and fencing, et cetera, not to mention the bleachers and professional-grade field equipment...all of which would total, what, a half-million bucks (or more) in the 1980s? Ray's brother-in-law rightly thought it was an insane risk that would result in bank foreclosure.

Charles Austin Miller

I just watched it again. It's mentioned they paid for building the field using all their savings, so presumably nothing more is owed. Another year passes and there is another crop of corn to be harvested, but the bank is threatening to foreclose.

raywest Premium member

Maybe it's a plot hole or a deleted scene; because, if the bank was threatening foreclosure, then a mortgage of some kind existed somewhere.

Charles Austin Miller

He did spend a lot to build the field, and those profit margin numbers are best-case, no?

Yeah, all the figures I provided were just averages for the year 1989; but the figures do demonstrate that cutting down 5 acres of corn didn't significantly impact Ray's profit on the whole crop. It wasn't cutting down the corn that cost him money (as the original question inquired); rather, it was developing the cleared 5 acres into a level, professional-standard baseball field that cost him a ton of money.

Charles Austin Miller

Question: Were there any feuds between actors on the set of this movie?

Answer: While not documented with the size of the cast it is possible some people didn't get along. Specifics however, are not widely available.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: At the beginning of the film Frank was using the puzzle box, why did the cenobites arrange his face on the floor?

Answer: Letting the moviegoers know what happened to him, he was no longer human, but a piece of meat to be butchered.

Question: In the fight with Ryu and Ken in the courtyard, Vega uses a claw similar to his conventional one. How did he come into possession of that? He couldn't have smuggled it in because it would've been confiscated. I don't think that he had the materials necessary to make a new one either. So, where did it come from?

Answer: To this day books, magazines, phones, food and drugs have been smuggled into prisons, getting a hook smuggled into or made in a third world prison would be easy.

Question: Are we to assume Gabriel lives on as a human on Earth after Father takes his wings? Can there be another reason Gabriel submerged into the water after his wings are burned off? Suicide maybe?

Answer: Gabriel would never commit suicide. That is a mortal sin and would put him in Hell. Yes, he lives his life as a mortal from now on, and like Constantine did, he has to prove himself to God again to be brought back into His good graces. Or wind up in Hell otherwise.


Question: Why is it Doc Brown and Principal Strickland both look the exact same age in 1955 and 1985?

Answer: Doc doesn't really look the same age; his hair is shorter/blonder, and he doesn't have as many wrinkles. Christopher Lloyd was only in his mid-40s when the movie was made, so they actually used makeup to age him for the 1985 sequences. As far as Strickland goes, it's a joke in the film... Marty even asks, "Geez, didn't that guy ever have hair?" when he first sees him in 1955.

Answer: Technically you CAN see an age different in Strickland. First seen in 1985, he is FULLY BALD, and has some wrinkles and looks of retirement age. Then seen in 1955, he is mostly bald but still has some hair on the sides and does look younger (like 35 or 40) - no wrinkles.

Question: On weathertop why didn't the nazg├╗l take the ring from Frodo when they had the chance?

Answer: They tried. The Witch King stabbed Frodo to make it easier to snatch the Ring from him, but Aragorn's sudden intervention foiled them for the time being.

Jukka Nurmi

Question: How long were Ben and Audrey dating before the VKs came to Auradon?

Answer: The first Descendants is unclear with this information. SPOILER WARNING. In the beginning of the song "Queen of Mean" from Descendants 3 we see pictures on Audrey's mantle with her and Ben as little kids. So we can assume that they have always had some sort of close relationship, but it still unclear as to when it was official.

Answer: Stewie is referencing the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann who was three years old at the time of her disappearance in 2007. She was taken from her bed, in a holiday apartment, at a resort in Portugal. To date, she still remains missing and the case is remains ongoing.


This episode aired Jul 10, 2005, almost 2 years before the McCann kidnapping.


My mistake. I did not look at when the episode aired. I have no idea then. That answer made the most sense considering the premise of the joke.


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