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Question: How does framing Halloran for the murders work out if the police then find his body in a trap that he "set up"?

Answer: I'm presuming that Logan will hide or dispose of the body somewhere so the police don't find it.


Question: Did the actress Eileen Quinn actually climb the B&O bridge and hang off there?

Answer: Due to strict child safety laws, a minor would never be allowed to climb and hang off from a bridge. A stunt double did the climbing. Close-up shots would be filmed on a sound stage with specially built props, and a safety harness, or other equipment used to make it appear as if Annie was "hanging" from the bridge.


Question: This applies to the entire prequel trilogy. Can the Jedi (especially Jedi council) be considered anti-heroes? Or no? As a bevy of "protagonists", they sure have obvious shortcomings which leads to their downfall and in the end are not heroic in much sense at all.

Answer: I would argue that the Jedi cannot be considered antiheroes. A major characteristic of antiheroes is a lack of conventional morals, and they typically act in self-serving ways. For example, many antiheroes oppose the antagonist of a story for revenge rather than for the "greater good." The Jedi are presented as highly moral and indeed quite selfless. It is true the Jedi are flawed and their flaws lead to their downfall, but merely having flaws does not make you an antihero. Their actions fighting the Clone Wars were certainly heroic, even if they ultimately lead to Palpatine gaining more power.


Prodigy - S4-E19

Question: When Colonel O'Neill is telling the scientist not to go after the unknown alien and Teal'c tells them to listen to him, he says "thank you, Rocco." Who or what is O'Neill referencing?


Answer: In almost every gangster move from the 1930's, there was always a guy named "Rocco." A dumb but lovable guy who always agrees with the Boss. When everyone disagrees, he always says "Listen to the Boss." or "Do what the Boss says."

The Curse - S4-E13

Question: When the team is given leave and Sam doesn't want to join Jack on his fishing trip, Jack says to Teal'c it will be just "you and me." Then as he's leaving he says "The loons. Don't forget the loons." What is he talking about? What is "loons" meant to be slang for?


Answer: He's referring to the common loon, a type of bird which are commonly found in fishing areas. Jack wants to go fishing in northern Minnesota where the loon is common and is actually the state bird.


Question: At the end of the movie, what did the boy say to his mom before shooting a toy dart at Jack's head?

Answer: "Up yours, you mother!"


Question: Why did Jenny's grandmother take Jenny into her home, but not the sisters?

Answer: Some possibilities are: either the sisters' situations were discovered before Jenny's, and they are already there (or living with someone else), or the sisters are older and moved out on their own. We never hear of the sisters living at the house during the film so it's hard to pinpoint the actual situations with them.

Question: How was Harry able to remain in business? Surely the word would get around quite quickly that the cars he sells fall apart within days.

Answer: Harry was a seasoned con artist (synonymous with "used car salesman?) who would be able to come up with rational, believable, convincing stories (lies) to explain whatever gripe a complaining customer has, placing the blame on anyone/anything other than the dealership. Used cars, typically sold "as is" or with a limited warranty (30 days) fall under "caveat emptor" - let the buyer beware, so there isn't really much expectation for buying a problem-free used car. All complainers would be dealt with in a way that manipulates them into believing Harry was acting in their best interests and went above and beyond other remedial actions offered by used car sales people to their customers. An exceptionally good case of "making things right" is broadcasted to the public to portray a positive image. Used car dealerships, in general, are known to be questionable or shoddy businesses. Also, many people don't take the time to investigate a car dealership's reputation so don't know their risk.


Answer: It's never explained, she could have changed at super speed. In Superman II, when confronted by the super criminals at the Fortress of Solitude, Superman did a disappearing and reappearing act. So did the criminals. It might be a similar thing.

Answer: Batman later in the game discovers that Hugo Strange has been supplying everybody with weapons, so he would have given Two-Face the vat of acid.

Question: Unless he went through adoption records, how would Michael know where his niece lived?


Answer: In Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, it's revealed that Michael is under the control of a Druid cult using supernatural powers making him indestructible. It's most likely, they gave him the power to sense his own bloodline.

Michael also first encounters his niece in the drugstore, not at her home. After the encounter, he very well could have simply followed Rachel and Jaime home and learned where she lived that way.


Question: Assuming people knew, how did Marston avoid trouble for living with two wives?


Answer: Though it may be considered immoral and socially unacceptable, particularly during the film's 1940s time frame, it is not illegal to live with multiple people in a sexual relationship. It is only illegal to be married to more than one person at the same time. Marston was not a bigamist. He was legally married to his wife, Elizabeth. They engaged in a consensual polyamorous (not polygamous) relationship with Olive, who was not married to Marston.


Question: How did Antiope know Diana cheated? Why allow her to compete in this contest if she wasn't allowed to train, at first, in the previous movie?


Answer: The competitors had to light up the cloth banner beacons using their bows and arrows. Diana finished the course but missed one blue beacon by taking the cave shortcut, so the general grabs her and disqualifies her.

Answer: In the first movie, Diana was much younger and unready to start combat training. In the second movie, the flashback scene takes place some years after that, and Diana has since grown and been in training. During the competition, there were observers along the entire course to ensure that everyone followed the rules, attended to any mishaps, etc. If anyone cheated or failed to complete the required tasks, it would immediately be reported to Antiope.


Question: I know that Boba was the only clone of Jango that wasn't modified. But was he the first Jango clone ever created?

Answer: Yes, Boba was the first clone of Jango Fett. This is confirmed in the Topps Star Wars Card Trader trading card series which includes canon details on many Star Wars characters.


Answer: It's Alan Shearman.

Answer: According to IMDb, it's John Viener.

Amy Emerick Tice

How is that possible? This episode aired in 2001 and Viener didn't join "Family Guy" until 2005.


Viener voiced Stallone in a season 4 episode. According to IMDb, Alan Shearman played him in this episode.

Question: Where is the electricity coming from? Surely all power plants would be out of commission after more than a year. Gas powered generators would be too noisy and alert the creatures.

Answer: There are shots in the film in which we can see solar panels attached to the roofs of the buildings, so this is where it comes from.

Question: Why did Mitch want Slim (and Gracie) to remain a part of his life if he has no qualms about neglecting and cheating on her with countless other women. Why does he have such standards?


Answer: Mitch wants to be in control. He will not tolerate Slim leaving him - he wants to be the one who leaves, if and when he chooses. I think that is also why he threatened to plant drugs and portray Slim as a drug user, so he can have full custody of Gracie. He would want to control where Gracie lives, and whether Slim could be with her.

Answer: A variety of reasons. For one, he'd probably want to keep his daughter close. Other reasons: abuse is about power and control. He controls Slim while she maintains the house, tends to his needs, raises his child, while allowing him to casually cheat with other women whenever he wanted and without any commitment. Their relationship also becomes a sick game to him in which he challenges Slim to try to end their relationship.


Question: After losing his temper on TV, Bruce is being thrown out of the building because he was fired. Why, later in the movie, would Bruce be allowed back in since he no longer works for the news studio?

Answer: They most likely called him and invited him back in to get the scoop. Before another network gets him.


Question: Aside from it being a funny scene, is there any reason why the people at the news station would keep the feed on Bruce during his tirade at Niagara Falls instead of switching back to the studio?


Answer: I think they are all just stunned about what they are seeing, and perhaps a little curious.


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