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Question: Near the end of the movie, Miller says "James, earn this. Earn it." What is he talking about?

Answer: A great number of soldiers died to save James' life. Miller is telling him to go on to live a life worthy of that sacrifice. That's why elderly James desperately asks his wife if he'd lived a good life.

Brian Katcher

I'm sure James was grateful that Miller, and his men were willing to risk their lives to save his.

Answer: You would need to be more specific as to which inmate to get an answer as to who possibly belongs in the mental ward. In general; usually the only mentally ill prisoners who go to the mental ward are inmates who show obvious psychotic breaks like Loli and crazy eyes as, with the conditions of prison, it's often difficult to tell who is mentally ill and whose frustrated from the conditions. Many of them are also only there temporarily. Crazy Eyes, first example, was in the mental ward. Her mother fought and won to get her out.

Show generally

Question: Is there any reason they can't introduce sand worms to other planets in the Duniverse, there to proliferate and produce a greater, more widely distributed quantity of the spice? The newborn worms are called sandtrout, by virtue of being more or less the size of such. Should be easy enough therefore to capture some, surround them with sand in the spaceship to imitate their homeworld, and take them to some other planet the Empire is willing to give up for any other use, then let them grow and produce spice? Much greater abundance, much surer supply (the proverbial eggs in one basket), much closer at hand for any other world in the Universe?


Answer: There could be a number of reasons: introducing non-native species can be devastating to an environment; the sandworms may only be able to survive in certain conditions that other planets lack; they may be unable to reproduce once introduced to a different environment; moving the number of worms needed to produce an adequate supply may be cost-prohibitive; it may be decades before the worms are old enough to produce the spice, the new environment might change the quality and chemical composition of the spice that is produced; political conflicts, and so on.

raywest Premium member

Answer: If Spice is even half as useful as the novel says, those are all trivial inconveniences compared to the payoff that would make it worth a try.


Next to the fact the unique conditions of Arrakis is what makes the spice melange (not just the worms, but also the planetary conditions) you have to also understand that having the spice production on one planet makes it much easier to control. Whoever controls the spice controls the universe. It wasn't until much later (hundreds of years after the death of the god emperor) they were able to replicate the spice, but before that they didn't even know how the spice was even made. A large reason for this is they had no AI (forbidden) to help analyze the spice melange.


Fine, I accept the monopoly theory.


Question: Did Gulch say "damn"? It sounds like she says "If you don't hand over that dog, I'll bring a damn suit that will take your whole farm." But if she did, why is Gone With The Wind known for being the first movie to use the word?


Answer: She said she'll "bring a damage suit."


Question: If the Toys always freeze around when humans present, then why they didn't freeze around animals like Scud or even Buster in the sequel?


Answer: The reason the toys stay still in the presence of humans is because they need to keep their existence a secret from them. Animals cannot speak to humans, so the toys don't have anything to worry about when it comes to keeping their existence a secret.

Casual Person

Answer: The film was made for children and to make them think that their toys are real and care about them, I don't think the animals really factor in.

Jack Vaughan

Question: What differentiates the End of Mort story from the Shooter story? I mean, Mort adapts Shooter's story in the end, in which Amy is killed and buried in the garden, so what was the ending that Mort wrote in the book and magazine before John Shooter's "Perfect Ending"?


Question: Alex's Seaplane McDonough avatar's weakness is being bitten by mosquitoes. He's also been in the game for 20 years. The region of the game that he's living in seems to be quite warm. It's literally impossible to go two decades without being bitten by a mosquito. So how is it that he went 20 years without being bitten?

Answer: Remember, the world of Jumanji operates on video-game logic in the context of the film. And in video-games, there are usually "safe areas," while hazards are often usually allocated to specific contained areas for the sake of creating dramatic gameplay. Something like mosquitoes, which are a character's weakness, might only appear in a few specific spots in the "map" of the game. So there's a very real chance he may not have encountered them because he just hadn't been in the part of the game map where they're located before.


Answer: They're in a video game, not real life, so it's possible mosquitoes are only in certain sections. Otherwise his character would be pretty doomed.

Brian Katcher

Answer: Also, his in game time was only a couple of months, not 20 years like in the real world.

Question: Why did they change her name from Rita Desjardin, in the book, to Miss Collins?


Answer: The only answer I could find online was that it was changed simply because "Miss Collins" was easier to pronounce/remember. It's also worth noting that it's really not all that uncommon for movie adaptations to alter and rename characters. Especially supporting characters. Given there are some other changes to the character in the movie, renaming her could have also been a way to distance her more from the character in the original book.


Answer: It is my understanding that she "encouraged" her students to keep diaries. Some students did and some of the diary entries were later included in a controversial book (which some people found offensive because of the language used).


Question: What did Cristu's right-hand man say that caused Looney Bin Jim to kill him?

Question: What does Tex mean by "I'm as real a donut motherf'r?"Something significant?


Answer: To put some context into the scene, three members of the Manson family (Tex included) have broken into Rick Dalton's house and are holding Cliff Booth at gunpoint. Cliff, who is high on drugs asks "Are you real", to which Tex replies "I'm as real as a donut, mother fucker." Tex was trying to answer Cliff's question stating whether or not he was real, but in the most intimidating way possible, and I guess donut was the word that came to mind that described how real he was.

Casual Person

Question: How did Aurora drown, then magically 'undrown' while being submerged?

Answer: The shock of the gravity returning and crashing her back down into the pool probably woke her up before she was unconscious too long.


Answer: I'm not sure if they ever did but there's an episode with flashbacks and all of Lois' pregnancies. When Lois was pregnant with Malcolm, Hal used to do early stimulation exercises for Reese, it's proven that children who were stimulated early get higher IQ's. There's a line Louis says to Hal in that episode, something like: "He calls your phone. I don't know who is this helping, but not Reese", and then they do a close up to her belly, implying that's how Malcolm got so smart. But turning back to which side, probably Hal's side cause his father is kind of rich and successful as is most of his family which is why they didn't like Hal marring Lois. Ida and Victor were just farmers back in their country.

Question: What song is Sam singing along to while bathing?

Answer: "Ain't Got No Home" by Clarence "Frogman" Henry.


Answer: To show that no-one is safe from the men behind the conspiracy, no matter who they are.They'll do anything to protect themselves.

Answer: Gith was a Vortex minion, a powerful demon that could create vortexes. Vortexes could send victims, who were mostly witches, to Purgatory. However, in rare cases, the vortexes sucked them into worlds that were fashioned according their desires and dreams.

raywest Premium member

Question: What animal power did Newt have, bursting into flames, and what animal power did the girl that turned into ice have?

Answer: Their power is thermoregulation. I don't think it's stated which animal it came from, but any animal that thermal regulates (i.e. warm blooded animal).


Answer: It's ambiguous. Most likely both were targeted to be killed.

raywest Premium member

Answer: She is an Obeah woman, a type of sorceress. In this movie's universe, an Obeah woman's power is supposedly tied to being a virgin.

raywest Premium member

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