Question: After Other Wybie frees Coraline from the mirror and is helping her escape, he takes off his glove and blows away his hand. Is something happening to him?


Chosen answer: Coraline urges Other Wybie to escape with her. He shows her that he can't - he is not a person, just another puppet of the Other Mother. What is blowing away is the sawdust Other Mother fills her puppets with.


He's just a temporary distraction.

Question: At the very end of the movie when the camera is moving away from Coraline's garden two of my friends pointed out that the garden looked like something. I watched it again and thought I saw a face but wasn't entirely sure, anyone know what it's supposed to look like?

Answer: Opinion is divided - it's either Coraline's face, or the other mother. No-one seems able to decide which.

Answer: As the previous question said, opinion is still divided. Although there is a theory going around that the house used to be the Beldam's house that was built in her favor, so it would make sense why the garden's shape was the Beldam's face. Hope this helped to enlighten this question a little more.

Answer: The other mother made a reality appealing to Coraline when she went through the door since she thought her real house was such a bore. Her real house probably already looked like Coraline's face but the other mother planted flowers and plants to colour in the sketch. The other mother didn't really make anything or add anything to Coraline's other house, though she did add her own little twist to it, making it more vibrant, colourful and full of life, unlike Coraline's drab house.

Question: I know Coraline's parents are lured to the other world with the doll... but how exactly? The Beldam couldn't have lured them the same way she did Coraline, her parents are too mature to just go exploring and be fascinated by their new parents.

Answer: The Beldam lures victims by offering them something they want. In Coraline's case it was more attentive parents. It's not said what exactly was used to lure the parents but it must have been something they both wanted.


Answer: I suspect that you need the doll to be granted access to the world, at least at first. The parents would have been worried about Coraline, so my guess is that they went through the door looking for her. Or perhaps the Beldam did offer something else that they wanted.

Chosen answer: It's all nonsense words. It's Bruno Colais (the musical director)'s signature style. It's got some inspiration from French and Hungarian accents.

Answer: It's not all nonsense, if you listen to the song with lyrics you'll see that she's speaking in English but like twisting the words a lot, for example for "we live somewhere" she says "we love somwye".

I don't know which song you're speaking about, but "Exploration" and "End Credits" are gibberish all the other songs I heard on the soundtrack are also gibberish, even if she occasional says a real Hungarian or French word.


Exploration and end credits aren't gibberish, there's actual lyrics for each, it's just in French I believe.

Here is the first verse for "End Credit" and you translate it from French into English for us if this isn't gibberish with an occasional real word. "Creaking van iddli fla lu va. Pretty sah lu feh iddli twu ki padi. Trelly goilly doilly seli pretty chedi. Emi swalin gwoh."


Answer: Well the lyrics are in gibberish.

Question: I recognize one of the paintings parodied in Other Spink and Forcible's show as Botticelli's "Birth of Venus". What is the other one?

Answer: It is probably the painting of the scene where a sea-siren (mermaid) tries to lure the Greek hero Odysseus and his men into the water to eat their bodies and souls.

Question: Is there any significant reason that Other Father becomes fatter and deeper-voiced towards the end of the movie?

Answer: Other Father is one of Other Mother's creations, in fact, he is an enchanted pumpkin. Other Mother's magic is fading and Other Father is turning back into a pumpkin.


Answer: He becomes this way because it's all a part of the Beldam's magic - the whole other world is Beldam's magic including the characters, but the other father could have maybe come from a squash or a pumpkin?

Answer: In the book he turns into this smelly clay or sop. She describes it as being this "thing" and not being even recognizable as the "other father." This shows how the other neighbors and other beings in this world are just puppets. (Besides the cat of course).

Answer: The other father is just another one of the other mother's puppets and so she probably made him out of squash or pumpkin, since she thought capturing a child wouldn't take too long.

Question: When Coraline comes back to save her parents, why is the other mother's face all cracked looking, and her body taller and thinner?

Answer: Throughout the movie, she starts looking less like Coraline's mother and more like the creature she really is. This is never explained, but it could mean her powers are weakening, she is putting less effort into them, or that Coraline is getting better at seeing the truth.

Answer: It's because the other mother feeds off the childrens souls, without Coraline's soul, she'll die of starvation so because she is so hungry, she is cracking up and falling apart.

Answer: At the end of the movie when Coraline is crawling in the tunnel the Baldam yells "I'll die without you..." The dolls lure the children in, the children have fun, and then they let her see the buttons. This allows the Beldam life and continues to find her next victim, Coraline. Without Coraline, the Beldam really is left to die.

Answer: This happens because the Beldam (Coraline's other mother) feeds off souls as seen when she gets trapped in that room for not listening to her mother she can see the other soul of a little boy and 2 little girls. Those souls are souls the Beldam has already eaten, so from there we know that those souls had a doll that looked like them too. Now the Beldam is after Coraline's soul because she needs food, and so by not being able to get Coraline to sew buttons in her eyes or stay in the world with the other mother her powers start to fade, and everything goes back to what it was before. So it's clear that Coraline's other mother was the Beldam all along and that's what the Beldam looks like at the end of the movie.

Answer: The first we see of the "Other Mother", is when Coraline enters the other world. This is the Beldam taking the form of Coraline's mother. As the movie progresses, the Beldam is losing energy without food, and by that, she is losing her powers too. Without powers, she can't shapeshift into Coraline's mother, so you see as she becomes grimmer, skinnier, and overall more broken. This mortified look might as well be her original form.

Question: Three questions. How come Coraline's parents had no memory of the other world? How did they get there in the first place? Shouldn't Other Mother have turned to dust when she reaches the real world (as Other Wybye tries to explain)?

Answer: I think the answer to the third is more like because the Other Mother was the only thing from the Other world that's actually real, whereas the other things/people in it only existed because she created them as part of her trap, hence why Wybie turns to dust and the world itself falls to pieces - their ‘existence' is only true within the other world.

Answer: Perhaps they had no memory because they were saved. Both physically and mentally because everything went back to normal. The other mother captured them from Coraline because she was disobedient to her. Perhaps the Other Mother herself would've turned to dust, but not her claws.

Answer: There's a theory that they were never captured, it was an illusion created by the other mother.

Answer: For the second question I think that there was no memory of the Beldam and the other world for her parents because the Beldam created her parents getting taken away as an illusion, so they were never really taken away.

Answer: She picked the strangest key for the strangest, or out of place door.

Answer: It was probably the only key that she didn't put there - the entire cupboard might have been keys for the house she put there and that had magically appeared.

Question: Why does the other mother love eating bugs? Does it have something to do with the bugs in the shower in the beginning?

Answer: It's because she is meant to represent a spider luring and trapping her prey. (The kids).

Answer: Beldam is a human like spider who makes web to capture her prey (the children) so she loves those Coco beetles from Zanzabar snaking on them.

Answer: It's part of the other mother's trap. Coraline thinks she goes back home, but really, she's still in the other world.

Answer: She is waking up thinking she went back to normal but actually always stayed in the other world. It was a part of the Beldam's magic.

Coraline mistake picture

Continuity mistake: During the other father's song, notice the red record player by the door and the position it's in, with the lid facing Coraline when he says, "making up a song". When the camera angle changes and he says, "she's a doll", the record player's position changes completely, with the lid now facing the wall.


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Mr. Bobinski: The problem is my new songs go 'ooompa, ooompa' but the jumping mice play only 'toodle toot' like that. It's nice but not so much amazing. So now, I switch to stronger cheese and pretty soon, WATCH OUT!

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Trivia: In the dream sequence at the end, when the ghost children (now golden angel-like figures) thank Coraline, watch the background - it is a nice visual compliment to Vincent Van Gogh, the great Dutch painter, whose masterpiece "Starry Night" inspired the swirly blue and yellow lights. What makes the compliment a bit quirky: Van Gogh painted "Starry Night" while he was a patient at the mental asylum in Saint Rémy, and he committed suicide 13 months after completing the painting. (01:28:40)


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