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Corrected entry: At the end Coraline is passing out glasses of lemonade from a tray. There are two glasses left when she presents Mr. Bobinsky with the tray. He takes one, leaving one. But when Coraline turns around to greet Wybie's grandmother there are two glasses on the tray again.

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Correction: Actually, as she's talking with Mr. Bobinsky before he takes a glass, you can see the straw of a third glass; it's just mostly obscured by her body due to the angle of the shot.


Corrected entry: When Coraline first enters the other world and enters the kitchen, notice on the table in the kitchen is a vase of yellow flowers, in the middle. When the mom says "Bu-bu-bu- buttons?" the vase is on the far left side of the table.


Correction: When Coraline enters the kitchen, the vase of Narcissi is in fact in the middle of the table and you see the back of a chair behind it. When the Other Mother says "Bu - bu-bu-buttons" (00:17:10), she is in closeup and the flowers can be seen at her left elbow, in the middle of the table and in front of the chair, where they were a second before.


Corrected entry: When Coraline first arrives in the other world, she walks past a table with three chairs. Notice the one at the far right: it is straight. When she opens the door and says, "Mom?" the chair is now crooked.


Correction: When Coraline walks past the table we can see only two chairs, one in the middle and one on the right (00:16:48), as the opening door blocks the view. Then she opens another door leading to the kitchen, and while she talks to the Other Mother (00:16:55) we in fact see the third chair behind her, but you cannot tell it is crooked or not, as we couldn't see the third chair previously.


Corrected entry: Mr Bobinsky is supposedly Russian (he calls the new cheese "novy syr", the mice "myschka" etc.), still the flag hanging from his window is Macedonian (a two-headed eagle on red). He might be royalist, however the traditional standard of the Russian Tzars is a two-headed eagle on golden background.


Correction: Displaying a Montenegrin flag doesn't mean he's Montenegrin. There's no reason why someone could not be displaying another country's flag at their home. In Canada, I have seen numerous flags flown at people's homes including British, French, German, Russian, etc. It doesn't necessarily mean the people flying the flags are from that country. Bobinsky can be Russian, but may choose to display the Montenegrin flag if his family, or he, were originally from Montenegro, for example.


Corrected entry: When Coraline wakes up after her first visit to the Other World, the Coraline doll sits straight up on a chair on the right hand side of her bed. A second later the doll visibly leans on the left.



Correction: The doll, or rather mostly its head, leans toward the viewer's left side (the doll's right side) in all shots.

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Cat: You realize you're going right into her trap.
Coraline Jones: They're my parents.
Cat: Challenge her, then! She has a *thing* for games. She won't be able to resist.



In the shot right before Coraline finds the hidden door for the first time, she says "Alright Little Me, where are you hiding?" and drops her notebook and pen on the floor. When the notebook and pen are falling, you can see the wires that were used to suspend them while they were being animated. It's a common stop motion technique, but these days they usually try to paint the wires out afterward. It's a pretty severe dutch angle though, and they're only visible for a few frames, so it's easy to miss.



Until 2016 Coraline was the longest stop motion film to date, running at an hour and 40 minutes. The new record holder became Kubo and the Two Strings.