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Question: Couldn't Nigel have attempted to return the jewel himself instead of sending Dr. Bravestone and his associates to do it?

Answer: Nigel, being an NPC, doesn't have the skills necessary to get to the shrine. He knows the group does, and that's why he sends them.


Answer: No, he couldn't. As the other answer indicated, Nigel is not a person, he's a character created by Jumanji, and his entire purpose in the world of Jumanji is simply to deliver instructions to the players and welcome them into the world. It would undermine the entire game for him to try to return the jewel himself.


It would be pretty pointless to send Dr. Bravestone and his associates to return the jewel, if Nigel attempted to the jewel himself.

Answer: Nigel might actually be being selfish "Van Pelt will kill anyone who has the jewel, so instead of sacrificing myself, since it's my fault he found it, I'll give it to you guys and put you in danger. Cheerio."

Question: Why did they remove Christina and Will's romance? This takes away some of the emotion Tris has from shooting him later and the agony of telling Christina the truth in Insurgent.


Answer: It's typical for movies to delete or dilute various plot elements from a book source. The movie's running time is a factor, and eliminating characters, side stories, combining plot points, etc. streamlines the plot. The movie chose to keep the focus on Tris and Four.


Question: If people are for Penguin then why did they bring eggs, lettuce, and tomatoes to his speech? That and why aren't the police out looking for the kids once informed given Batman has to go home and suit up?


Answer: The crowd of people were likely carrying bags of groceries.

Question: When Chozen, while bullying Daniel, takes the latter's handheld drum (which Chozen mockingly called a "baby rattle") and calls the latter a baby, Kumiko, sticking up for Daniel, fiercely says a phrase in Japanese (or Ryukyuan) to Chozen. What exactly does Kumiko say, and what does it mean? (00:57:50)

Answer: "You are crazy."

Oh, Brother, Where Are Thou? - S2-E15

Question: How exactly did the production of Homer's car bankrupt Herb? If Herb, as a highly successful car manufacturer, was spending so much money spoiling Marge and the kids that an $82,000 price tag for making a car was enough of a straw to break the camel's back, wouldn't he have gone bankrupt sooner than later anyway?


Answer: It wasn't the cost of one car, but that they'd produced thousands of Homer's ridiculous vehicles, which they'd marketed as a family car, but cost five times as much as a new car at the time. No one would buy them and the company went under.

Brian Katcher

Wasn't the car just a demo though? How would they have been able to produce thousands of cars in such a short amount of time?


Herb had given instructions to his team to build whatever Homer wants, thinking it would be a success. More than likely the plant produced the one seen while production continued on the rest. Herb had too much faith in Homer and his ideas.


Big difference between a "demo" or prototype car compared to a launch car. The dealers must have stock available of the launch car so people can actually buy them straight away.


Question: Was it intentional that Joe Namath and Ann Margaret's names were each repeated twice on the screen as Sharon Tate walked into the theatre? (01:08:00)

Answer: Yes, though the intention was not Tarantino's. What is onscreen is the trailer of the (real) 1970 film "C.C. and Company", which starred (as you might have guessed) Joe Namath and Ann-Margret. Said trailer showed their names twice, a stylistic choice that emphasized the film's stars, and Tarantino used the unaltered trailer in the film.

Question: Given there's only a few months between this movie and the previous one, that means it's set around 2014 vs. Infinity War being set in 2018, as best anyone can figure. Is there any official word on what the Guardians are up to in the intervening 4 years?

Jon Sandys

Chosen answer: Short answer: Probably nothing much good. In all that time Quinn still felt like a reaver, and Rocket doesn't deny he likes crime. Only Gamora keeps them at bay from doing anything really nasty. In the mean time they try to do good things, protect planets, hunt pirates, stuff like that. It's a crazy bunch of individuals.


Answer: They're mercenaries, like we see with the Sovereign. They do good things for money. We see this with the Sovereign, and Quill's comments make this seem like this is normal. Later, Rocket makes a comment about raising their prices. In Infinity War, they only respond to the Asgardian distress call because they expect to be paid.

Question: Why is Katniss so protective of Prim? I have only read the first book so maybe in future books it's explained?


Answer: Besides Prim being her younger sister, when their father died, her mother basically shut down out of depression, leaving Katniss to raise Prim for the most part. She has a bond that goes beyond what some sisters might normally have.


Answer: Texas Railroad Commission. They're the agency that regulate the oil and natural gas industry, natural gas utilities, pipeline safety, and safety of the liquefied petroleum gas industry.


Wouldn't that be TRC?


The official name is Railroad Commission of Texas, so the "T" isn't used in the abbreviation anyways. People tend to say Texas first since most other agencies already start with Texas.


Question: What was special about the Congressional meeting where Elle speaks about Bruiser's Bill?

Answer: Not sure if this specifically answers your question, but Elle sponsored Bruiser's Bill to end animal testing by cosmetic companies. She was subverted by Congresswoman Rudd, who was protecting the interests of a wealthy campaign donor for whom the bill did not favor. Rudd's assistant, Grace, finds out that Rudd had lied to Elle, so she helps her get the bill brought before the House floor to be voted on.


Question: When Kit gets traded to Racine, who does Rockford get in return?

Answer: An unnamed pitcher. I believe it was the character played by Janet Jones and listed as "Racine Pitcher"


Question: How did Bernard even know Peter didn't stab Norman?


Answer: Because he knew Peter was a good person, maybe knew he was Spider Man since he knew Norman was the Green Goblin.


Question: Why wouldn't Bernard have told Harry about Norman's death instantly?


Answer: He probably thought Harry wouldn't believe him and he was already upset over his death, so telling the truth would reveal Norman as having been the Green Goblin.


Question: Other than bail, how did Clyde even attempt to expose any flaws in the justice system? It seems like all he did was kill people.


Answer: He wanted to teach Nick a lesson. His entire revenge revolves around the whole justice system for doing deals with criminals.

Question: Why would Jack instantly believe the weed wasn't Denny's? Isn't he supposed to be a human lie detector?


Answer: Confirmation bias - he believes what he wants to believe is true, since he wouldn't want to believe his own son is a drug user, and wants to believe Greg is.

Answer: There are certain physical tells for when someone may be lying as well. This is what Jack is doing at the end of the movie when he's interrogating Greg at the airport: checking his pulse, monitoring his breathing, and looking at his eyes.


Answer: He originally wanted him dead but over the year or so he was on the run he lost his family and his money and realised the horrible person he had become. He thought Jesse was already dead but when Pete and Badger told hi the blue meth was still in circulation he realised Jesse was being forced to cook and decided to save him because he was no longer the ruthless Heisenberg but was now back to being Walter Whiter.


Answer: Tarantino once explained to David Carradine that Budd was also in love with Beatrix. He left the DVAS right after the wedding massacre because he was upset he had to kill her.


Question: There was a flash back to cheerleader camp. Big red was there. Why would she be there? She was a graduating senior. She shouldn't be there since she was a senior. Once they graduated they don't go to the summer camps for the next year.

Answer: Kirsten Dunst states that the incident happened last summer. Big Red would have been between her junior and senior year at that point.

Question: Usually pep rallies are held during school. Why are the clovers holding a pep rally at night?

Answer: Some schools hold pep rallies at night for bigger games. My school had their homecoming pep rally at night.

Question: Why did they burn the Mariners boat? Wouldn't it have made more sense to capture it and use it for themselves? They know they are gonna run out of "Go Juice" at some point so why not use the fastest sail boat to find dry land?

Answer: Most likely to make sure that the Mariner and Helen couldn't follow them and rescue Enola. They were trying to find Dryland and if Enola was taken from them, they'd never be able to find it. Also the smokers ship was filled with people and using the Mariner's boat and constantly going back and forth from Dryland to the ship would have taken too long. Better to use the ship they're all on and get them there quicker. Also, none of the Smokers could read the map that was on Enola's back.

Answer: If they'd have captured it and took it for themselves then they wouldn't have been able to follow them either. They could have used the Trimaran to find dry land a lot faster than using the tanker. Once they'd found dry land, simply go back to the tanker and tell them where it is so the tanker can make its way there too.

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