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Answer: They checked whether her hymen had been broken.


Such Sweet Sorrow: Part 2 - S2-E14

Question: Jumping to the future to preserve the sphere data was meant to be so that Control couldn't get hold of it. But Control is neutralised before the jump, drones all dead in the water, it's utterly destroyed. So what's the threat? Why jump at all?

Jon Sandys Premium member

Answer: Perhaps they didn't want to take the risk that Control - a tactical and strategic analysis program - would choose to place its entire core programming into a single fragile human body (Leland), despite previously demonstrating the ability to decentralise, duplicate and transfer itself to numerous computer, cybernetic and organic systems. If any trace of the Control program still existed, it could make another attempt to seize the sphere data.

Sierra1 Premium member

Question: How does the time loop affect everyone else? Like does it create a new timeline each time, or does the whole world reset every morning?


Answer: It only affects Phil, nobody else is affected as the world is indeed reset every time.


Answer: She realised she was becoming someone she didn't want to be. She used Emily to get ahead, and was sacrificing her friendships and personal relationships for her career and fashion. She didn't want to be like Miranda and realised she needed to pursue her true profession as a journalist.

raywest Premium member

Question: After Shrek and Donkey meet Puss, Puss is on Shrek's shoulder whispering to him about Donkey. What are they saying to each other?

Answer: Shrek is telling stories about Donkey, and they're both making jokes about him, infuriating Donkey.

Brian Katcher

Janitor Dad - S4-E6

Question: When Chet and Verna are arguing about Chet getting a job, visible in the background is a painting of what I believe is an oak tree on a yellow background. Does anybody know the name and/or artist of this painting? My Grandparents used have a painting similar to it (if not the same one) and it also looks very similar to (and possibly the inspiration for) the cover art for the debut album of the band Days of the New.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: I learned the answer to this one today. It is "Tree of Life" by Garé Barks.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: Why did Scabbers try to escape from Ron after Buckbeak's execution?

Answer: He probably sensed Sirius being close (smell, hearing) and decided to make a run for it.


Answer: Scabbers (Pettigrew) had already been hiding from Sirius because he knew he intended to kill him in revenge. Hagrid had found Scabbers and gave him back to Ron. Pettigrew wanted to get away from Ron so he could go back into hiding.

raywest Premium member

Answer: He was implying she had flirted with him at some point.


Not just an implication. We see this explicitly in The Winter Soldier.

What was it?

Natasha is constantly flirting with Steve throughout the movie.

Answer: According to IMDb, a scene was scripted, but never filmed, explaining that she was away at college. The actual reason for her absence was because Dominique Dunne, the actress who played Dana in the first film, was murdered by her boyfriend shortly after the theatrical release of the first film.


Ironically, the young actress who played the youngest daughter, Carol Anne, died just a few years later (from natural causes).

raywest Premium member

Question: Where did Big Boy go off to? When the "food court" drops out of the sky, the Chupacobre gather, the Velociraptors join in the feast, then a male and female Rex appear. The latter dinos then catch wind of Marshall's urine drenched body and begin to chase the trio. When the party splits up, Big Boy chases Marshall and rips off his back pack. At one point both dinos are on a course to corner him on a hill. He then runs to the clothing display and back out, narrowly escaping death via the female Rex, but only after Holly has a near heart attack fearing Marshall has been killed. He runs away into the stretch limo and at that time we see the two dinos trampling the vehicle while Marshall miraculously escapes over 200 yards away in 3 seconds or less. Marshall runs down hill toward Will and Holly and instructs them to set the catapult as Will yells, "Take her that way." We never see the male Rex again until much later in the movie. When we do see him know it's the same Rex because he has the laser pointer in his teeth from Marshall's back pack. Where did Big Boy disappear to when he was supposedly on the hunt for Marshall by scent, and suddenly vanished? Was it a tachyon blast that took him to another dimension?

Question: What did Walter mean by, "You're killing your father, Larry!"?

Answer: Generally, he means that the boy, Larry Sellers, is disgracing his family (Walter has huge respect for the boy's dad, but considers the kid a dunce). Specifically, Walter is blaming Larry for his father struggling to breathe; that's Larry's dad in an iron lung in the background. Walter and The Dude become louder, more insistent and more vulgar, but the kid still blankly refuses to answer, and all you can hear is the iron lung pumping in the background. Frustrated because the kid isn't intimidated, Walter lashes out: "You're killing your father, Larry!"

Charles Austin Miller

Question: Sir Hiss is secretly tasked with looking for Robin Hood, and hides in a balloon. Wouldn't he sufficate if the balloon was inflated?

Answer: Yes. He also wouldn't float. But it's a cartoon about a talking fox, so don't worry too much about realism.

Brian Katcher

Answer: John planted fake blood work for Laura indicating that she had hyperkalemia (increased potassium levels), a condition that is potentially fatal. She would need to be transferred to a hospital to be treated.

raywest Premium member

If Laura was was suffering from hyperkalemia, wouldn't the jail doctor have reported it before John planted the fake blood work?

She wasn't actually suffering from it. John had planted the fake medical report that the doctor presumably then read and acted upon by arranging for her to be transferred to the hospital.

raywest Premium member

I doubt the jail's doctor would be fooled by the fake medical report since Laura wasn't showing any obvious physical symptoms.

Many medical conditions do not show physical symptoms early on, but are detectable with tests. For example, people live with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, brain tumors, etc. for some years before experiencing any physical effects. The doctor read the results of Laura's blood test, and, as was standard procedure, had her admitted to the hospital, presumably for additional testing that could not be performed within a prison setting. Also, after some additional reading on the subject: hyperkalemia often has no early symptoms. Later symptoms are flu-like-such as muscle aches, physical weakness, nausea, fatigue, etc. That may be why John chose that particular condition, and it is something Laura could easily have faked.

raywest Premium member

I still think the jail's doctor would get suspicious since blood test results are not monitored and delivered to a county jail by an outside lab.

Suspicious or not, he would act in the patient's best interests. If the hospital blood tests come back negative, then he doesn't have a problem. If Laura dies in his care from an easily treatable condition which he knew about, it's goodbye career and hello huge malpractice suit. He would be fully conversant with the procedures used while transferring prisoners to local hospitals, including the very close security put in place, and he has no reason to think that someone is putting this incredibly elaborate escape plan into effect.

Speaking of a prisoner being transferred to a hospital, does that happen very often?

But don't jails, and prisons tend to keep a prisoners hospitalization a secret?

Question: Rather than leaving Stackhouse behind in the area where the Serbians could find him, wouldn't it have made more sense for Burnette to pick Stackhouse up, and help him get up the hill?

Answer: Because in escape and evasion, as opposed to combat, you are taught to get away from where you have landed as fast as possible. And Stackhouse probably believed his pilot would be treated humanely under the Geneva Convention.


Answer: Stackhouse is badly hurt. Burnett would have known better than to move him. Plus, with the way he speaks to Stackhouse it's clear they weren't expecting company so quickly.

Ssiscool Premium member

So what if Stackhouse has an injured leg, why not just help in him walk? Soldiers in combat help their follow soldiers walk when they have injured legs.

Question: When the tanker ship is discovered in the middle of the Gobi desert they are led to it by - seemingly - Mongolian herdsmen on camel-back; the camels seem to be dromedaries, not bactrians as should be in that region. Are they Bactrian or Dromedary camels?

Answer: According to IMDb, they used dromedaries but the correct camels should have been bactrian.

raywest Premium member

Question: It's been a while since I've seen this movie, but I remember a scene in which the FBI gives a press conference urging users not to log on to the website, as they then become accessories to the murders. If that's the case, why not say that anyone who accesses the site to watch someone be killed will be charged as an accessory to murder since they can presumably identify the IP addresses of those who watch? It definitely would be a lot of people that would be charged and would cause its own separate and long investigation, but it could have deterred a lot of people from watching.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: Most people who log onto a website know they can be traced through their IP address. Also, this is a movie, and plot details often are not logical or realistic.

raywest Premium member

For sure. But I guess to expand upon my question, is there any reason in particular in the real world why the FBI wouldn't threaten to charge people as accessories to murder? As in, are there any legal loopholes that would prohibit the FBI or any law enforcement agency in the U.S. from charging people if the extent of their involvement is driving up views which hasten the victims' deaths? I wanted to submit this as a mistake, but I didn't know if there were extenuating circumstances.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: She called him a "smelly old shoe brush"


I don't get that.

Well in that Scene Ron and Hermione were fighting over their pets and Ron called Crookshanks "a pig with hair" so Hermione retaliated by calling Scabbers a "smelly old shoe brush".


It's just a polite insult that is used to show disgust.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: Why was Edgar asking for Halloran on the roof? Was that his game where he had to kill Halloran or trigger the remote?

Bunch Son

Answer: Spoilers: As revealed at the end, Halloran is a crooked cop who has a past connection to Edgar. Edgar therefore wanted him there, since he presumably assumed Halloran could help him out of this jam. It's also possible that Edgar's tape instructed him to find Halloran, but we can't know this for certain, since it wasn't on-screen.


Question: Why did Anna get so mad over Ryan killing Carly? If it were not for him, all of them would have died. All of them were almost dying when Ryan injected Carly. But after they were all release from the chains, Anna got so angry with Ryan and attacked him and said to him "Fucking asshole." It turns out that she killed her baby just because her baby didn't stop crying in the past. So she is not the type of the person who cares about people's lives very much.

Bunch Son

Answer: She's just trying to maintain a moral high-ground over Ryan. Plenty of people do that all the time, especially in stressful situations.


Answer: Technopathy which is the ability to control certain electrical devices and Electrokinesis which is the ability to generate, manipulate and/or conduct electricity.

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