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Question: How old is Tintin supposed to be? Are we ever told or are we just supposed to guess?

Answer: According to Wikipedia, he is described as being a youth anywhere from 14 - 19 years old. There is no specific age.

raywest Premium member

Question: What drops out of old Paul's raincoat on the porch at the old folks home?

Answer: Toast.

Question: Why did Victor kill Joey so brutally?

Bunch Son

Answer: He simply just snapped. He definitely looked angry before Joey even started talking to him, and said how he hated being there...and he already had an axe in his hands...he just lost it, and took out his anger and frustration on Joey.

Question: Why didn't the mayor try and have the Deltas arrested for both the mayhem they caused at the parade and that one of them may have had fun with his underaged daughter? Obviously the audience knows the member didn't but the mayor doesn't.


Answer: There's no indication that the Deltas didn't face legal ramifications from their actions at the parade, nor that Pinto didn't get in trouble (when we last see him, he's literally being chased by the mayor). The film ends at that point and, although the film provides title cards telling us what happened to the characters far in the future, we don't see the immediate aftermath.

Question: What was the meaning behind the key word "for mosa"? surely Frank wasn't saying "for Moses Randolph" because it wouldn't make sense in context.


Answer: In the movie, there's a bar called "Formosa Lounge." In real life, "Formosa" was the name Portugal gave to Taiwan.


Question: Regardless of any crossover or franchises, I know Joaquin Phoenix said he has no interest, I get that. My question is that regardless of all that, does this movie take place in the same universe as Robert Pattinson's "The Batman" or has it been denied or neither confirmed or denied as of right now?


Answer: No-one's saying anything at the moment. There's a rumour that The Batman is set in the 90s, which seems an odd choice unless they're specifically leaving the door open to tie the films' worlds together. That said given Robert Pattinson is 34 and Bruce in Joker was played by a then-9 year old, the ages don't quite line up for them being connected, even in the 90s.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Question: My question's twofold: 1. Why does he do that dance down the stairs, for fun maybe? 2. When he speaks about comedy being subjective is this a knock on modern comedians and their controversial jokes and skits?


Answer: 1 - Why does he dance a bunch of times in the movie? It's kinda his thing! You can see that Murray himself does little goofy dances all the time during his show and Arthur sorta seems to have taken that trait from him. 2 - I have heard that "comedy is subjective" for years and years. It is sort of a truism but it does fit, some people like a certain kind of humor that can fall completely flat for others. I am not sure if you should read some specificity about it in this movie, except for the fact that obviously he's using it to justify his own actions to the point of considering 'funny' to commit murder in the context of the perspective change when he starts considering his tragic life a whole big joke with no punchline. I don't really see in this movie a satire of show business or shock comedy, since it seems to focus on other themes (mental illness, emargination, etcetera).

Sammo Premium member

Answer: 1. It's supposed to be a highly emotional moment for him, the first time he takes control of his own life. He basically celebrates that. 2. I think he is referring to Murray, or at least something in-universe. This is all of course speculative.


Question: In the hotel room scene when the landlord/manager knocks on the door and asks if he has a dead cat in the room, why is the Terminator sitting down on the bed, especially turned away from the door? If the Terminator is an indefatigable machine only resembling a human on the outside, why would it ever be seen in a relaxed pose at all, and ignoring the sole point of entry to the room it's in?

Answer: The T-800 is designed to blend in with the human race. As such it will act as a human does with the aim of maintaining its cover. Another example is why do they find clothes? Sure a naked man walking round is going to attract attention of police but they are capable of dealing with such situations.

Ssiscool Premium member

That is true when the Terminator is among humans but in this scene it is alone in the room. The question remains why it sits, looking away from the door, if there is no-one else there.

The answer provided still works, based on how the Terminators are portrayed in the sequels. They will gradually learn more and more human behaviors and adapt them to their programming. In this case, sitting down when idle. Another example is the T-1000 giving a very human-like puzzled expression when he notices the silver mannequin. Also, the T-X in Terminator 3 smirks at numerous points throughout that movie when things go her way. None of these behaviors are done for the benefit of "blending in" and appear to simply be learned behaviors.


Question: If the village is isolated, how do they get their linen and dress from time to time? Like could a one village have a blacksmith, a weaver, a shoe maker, and all?

Answer: It's implied that the villagers provide whatever they need for themselves, such as raising sheep for wool and growing cotton for weaving cloth to make clothing, tanning leather to make shoes, etc. The elders made a pact that they would have no contact with the outside world for any reason, as was seen when Lucius Hunt needed medical treatment. Ivy was finally sent to fetch medicine, but only after considerable conflict among the elders and at risk to her. Presumably most supplies, raw materials, equipment were brought with the elders when they set up the village. It is rather unrealistic that they could be as skilled and self-sufficient to the degree they were, but the film employs a "suspension of disbelief."

raywest Premium member

Answer: The elders of the village have contact with the outside world, albeit minimally, in order to purchase/obtain such articles that they can't manufacture themselves.

Question: When Kyle defeats Stephanie by punching her and Carson realises he has been fooled and tries to come down, he falls and gets up injured. Did he accidentally shoot his leg when falling or break his ankle or something? After realizing that Stephanie escaped the plane, he walks but uses his arms as well. How was he injured?

Answer: He sprained his leg.

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Question: In one of the episodes, C.D. takes Walker, Jimmy and Alex out on a new boat that he had recently purchased. While on the water, a group of people on another boat start shouting to them but they can't hear what's being said. Eventually, C.D. and group realise that they're being told the boat they're on is starting to sink. What caused the boat to sink?

Question: Gaston sings that he ate eggs to help him get large. Why didn't he say meat? Was he vegetarian? Was Disney deliberately supporting vegetarianism/respecting vegetarians? Are there any historical circumstances that I'm not aware of? Or am I just overanalyzing this matter?


Answer: In addition to eating meat, eggs would be a more readily available and cheap protein source in the village.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Eggs are full of protein. Eating a lot of eggs is an excellent way to bulk up and build muscle mass.


Eggs are not good for you if you eat too many of them.

To quote Stephen Fry: "Well of course too much is bad for you, that's what "too much" means. If you had too much water it would be bad for you, wouldn't it? "Too much" precisely means that quantity which is excessive, that's what it means. Could you ever say "too much water is good for you"? I mean if it's too much it's too much. Too much of anything is too much. Obviously." That aside, while it used to be believed that the cholesterol content of eggs was a health risk, more recent studies have shown that dietary cholesterol doesn't affect blood cholesterol levels for most people. As such there's no real maximum limit on egg consumption beyond the aforementioned "too much of anything is too much".

I don't think Gaston cares much about his cholesterol.


They didn't even know the word.


Answer: While I was waiting for this question to be accepted, I found the answer to one of my questions myself. Gaston is indeed not vegetarian, considering he mentions his hunting trophies during the aforementioned song and earlier in the movie, he tells Belle to imagine him roasting his kill on the fire place.


Question: Why exactly did Magneto lead the Brotherhood and Omegas to San Francisco to destroy the cure facility? Couldn't they have just simply chosen to not take it?

Answer: The cure has been weaponized at this point and they don't want it forced on other mutants or themselves.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: Does anyone know the order of the siblings? You know Ned, Liz, Miranda, and Natalie, what are order are they from oldest to youngest?


Question: Why doesn't Black Canary use her sonic scream more than once?


Answer: She collapses after her single usage, so it is something she can use only sparingly - in this movie at least.

Sammo Premium member

Question: Apparently Mark Ruffalo has given spoilers in the past. What spoilers were they?


Answer: He mentioned in an interview that a lot of characters were going to die. Recently on the Graham Norton Show he revealed that he had his phone on and was live streaming the premiere of the movie towards all his followers, by accident. Only for 10 minutes or something and only audio.


Question: What is the turning point for the reception to Dr. Omalu's research? (02:34:04)

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Question: I am wondering what style of hat Danny Reagan wears in the show?

Answer: It's a traditional tweed flat cap.

raywest Premium member

Question: When did the police plant a mic on Kim?

Answer: It's not specifically shown when, but in the immediate aftermath of Lenore's murder, as the police suspected Bryan, they would be talking to Kim multiple times. While questioning her, they planted the mic, assuming she would be in contact with her father.

Question: The disease that Alfred Pennyworth suffers, McGregor's Syndrome stage 1 - in real-life medical literature could it be a mutated form of pneumonia? As per commenter Raywest's description it causes the lungs to fill with fluid - a condition typical of pneumonia.


Answer: It's actually a fictional four-stage disease that was created for the movie.

raywest Premium member

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