The Craft

Question: What is the whole conversation in the first French class between Chris' friend, the teacher and Sarah?

Answer: Translation on the board: "if you would have done your homework, you would understand" Teacher: "I hope you had a good weekend" " (Calls to the students name) Your weekend went good?" Student: "Very good" Teacher: "What did you do during the weekend? Did you go to the beach, or did you find a elegant woman?" "Search for a woman?" Student: "oh did you mean did I get laid" (now you see why he says that) Teacher: "In french, in french! (says students name) " Student: "a lot of... a lot of lay" Girl (sorry I forgot her name): "What a idiot, moron" Teacher: "Well, our new student m'am your french is very good!" (Conversation goes on in English) Teacher: (says what the board says) "if you would have done your homework, you would understand" By the way what they're learning in this French class is L'imparfait tense.

Question: In the bathroom, after Chris was killed, Robin's character said "People are dead, Chris is dead, Trey is dead." How and when did Trey die? Or did I just hear incorrectly?

Answer: She doesn't say Trey, she says "Ray is dead." Ray was Nancy's stepfather.

Stacey Kotlarczyk

I feel like Ray being dead wasn't a thing people were that upset about though.

Question: In the scene where Sarah is in the bathroom during the time when her three other covenmates are torturing her, she walks by what looks like a paper towel dispenser kind of high up on the wall that has some writing on it. What do those letters mean?

Sarah Van Winkle

Chosen answer: It says "Gustav Klimt", the name of an artist in the 1800s, and the paper towel dispenser is actually one of his prints. In the shot where Robin Tunney is walking out of the shower, you can see the bottom of the painting, although the full piece is never visable.

Question: After the girl receives the gift of power and walks out along the beach and there are all the dead sea animals. What is the significance of them being gifts if any. And why sea animals.

Answer: Earlier in the film, Nancy asked for all the power of "Manon" - a fictitious name made for the movie that closely resembles "Mananan," the Gaelic god of the sea. Since this is the god of the sea, and Nancy asked for his power, he gave her sea animals as gifts, as well as the ability to walk on water. Why the god would give her these gifts is beyond me.

Question: Correct me if I am wrong, but when Sarah first goes to the magical supply shop, it seems to me that the other girls had been there before. And the shop owner tells Sarah "You are not like your friends" when she does not steal anything. So why does the shopkeeper not call the police or ban them? Or perhaps punish them with magic, but there is the rule about receiving what you send out.

Answer: She feels they will learn their lesson eventually, or probably has felt the consequences coming. Such people don't believe in police justice. Nor does she count the money value of the items.


Question: Who put Nancy in the asylum? That and how did Bonnie get those scars on her back?


Answer: Bonnie's scars were the result of a previous auto accident. As for Nancy, it's not specifically shown how or by who she was committed to a psychiatric hospital.


Question: Can somebody give me the full 'spell' used to call the corners. The one where they call out to the four watchtowers?

Answer: Nancy: Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East - powers of air and invention! Hear us! Bonnie: Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the South - powers of fire and feeling! Hear us! Rochelle: Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the West - powers of water and intuition! Hear us! Sarah: Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North - powers of mother and earth! Hear us! Nancy: Aid us in our magical working on this May's eve. Serpent of Old, Ruler of Deep, Guardian of the Bitter Sea. Show us your glory. Show us your power! We pray of thee. We pray of thee. We invoke thee! Oh, Sacred One, hear our calls, hear our prayers! Ancient Wise One, teach us thy ways! We summon and stir thee! Lend us your powers, show us your glory! We invoke thee! We invoke thee! We invoke thee! Manon, fill me.


Question: When Laura's hair is falling out in the school shower, she looks at Rochelle and says that she doesn't know what she did to deserve this. Why doesn't Rochelle say anything? She could at least point out the way that Laura bullies people, without revealing the witch coven.

Answer: Because unlike Laura, Rochelle is, or was, essentially a good person. And good people tend not to kick someone when they're down.


Answer: I think this moment shows how people don't always "learn their lesson" — at least not when you think they should learn it. Rochelle seems to realize that her spell has been useless because Laura is not changing. She can't imagine why she deserves this.

Answer: Sometimes people do not know what to say or are afraid that what they do say will be unwanted or taken the wrong way. There are situations where it's better to say nothing, and that was certainly not the time to start pointing out what's wrong with someone.


Answer: I think Rochelle was shocked to see Laura in such an emotional state and with almost no hair. It's likely she started to feel guilty for casting the spell on her.

Question: What is written on the toilet paper in Sarah's bathroom?

Answer: Artist from 1800. Right before the name is shown when the shower curtain is opened, and the line "If nulin was as pathetic as you are..." you can see part of one of his prints behind her in the bathroom.

Question: What does Sarah's Mom (in the picture) say to her while she's laying on the floor after Nancy cuts her wrist?

Answer: She says "Don't be afraid".

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Laura Lizzie: Oh God look, there is a pubic hair in my brush. Oh no wait, wait. That's just one of Rochelle's little nappy hairs.
Rochelle: Why are you doing this to me, Laura? Do you think you're funny?
Laura Lizzie: You really wanna know why?
Rochelle: Yes, I really wanna know why.
Laura Lizzie: Because I don't like negroids.

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Trivia: Something fun (but kind of creepy) to notice. When Rochelle is in the locker room standing next to the full length mirror, watch her reflection as she quickly turns to the left. Her reflection turns the same way, not the opposite as a normal reflection would.

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