The Craft

Trivia: Something fun (but kind of creepy) to notice. When Rochelle is in the locker room standing next to the full length mirror, watch her reflection as she quickly turns to the left. Her reflection turns the same way, not the opposite as a normal reflection would.

Trivia: At one point in time in the early 2000's when direct-to-DVD sequels were quite popular, a direct-to-DVD sequel focusing exclusively on Fairuza Balk Nancy was considered, but it was never made.


Trivia: The film features the Love Spit Love cover of the song "How Soon is Now." The very next year, the series "Charmed" premiered, which used the exact same cover of the song as its theme song. The series "Charmed" is also about a group of young witches. (And in fact, several cast and crew members of "The Craft" have alleged that the series "Charmed" was a complete rip-off their movie, and the fact it used the same song is further proof of that).


Trivia: Star Fairuza Balk used to visit an occult store to research her role in the film. She fell in love with the store and ended up purchasing it from the owners (who were retiring) during production. (She subsequently sold the store six years later.) This ended up making rumors spiral out of control that she was actually a practicing witch in real life, but she has since clarified that the rumors were not true. She merely finds the subject fascinating.


Trivia: The movie was made with the intention of being aimed towards teenagers and being rated PG-13. However, the ratings board took a rather puritanical approach and slapped it with an R rating due to all of the occult elements. Because the film was so steeped in witchcraft, the director was unable to make any cuts to get the lower rating he and the studio desired.


Trivia: Some strange things happened on set during production. Particularly during the beach ritual scene - every time they'd start filming the scene, the tide would go crazy... and then immediately settle down when the director called "Cut!" A flock of bats also mysteriously appeared and hovered over set. Finally, when Nancy screamed the line "Manon, fill me!", all the power on set went out.


Continuity mistake: When the girls take Sarah shopping Sarah says "I don't have any money." A few moments later when she is at the counter she pulls money out of her bag.

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Suggested correction: After Sarah says that she doesn't have any money, she moves a bit slowly as she follows the other three girls. I think she was debating on whether to join them. She lied about not having money as an excuse.

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Laura Lizzie: Oh God look, there is a pubic hair in my brush. Oh no wait, wait. That's just one of Rochelle's little nappy hairs.
Rochelle: Why are you doing this to me, Laura? Do you think you're funny?
Laura Lizzie: You really wanna know why?
Rochelle: Yes, I really wanna know why.
Laura Lizzie: Because I don't like negroids.

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Question: What is the whole conversation in the first French class between Chris' friend, the teacher and Sarah?

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