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Corrected entry: When the girls are on the beach and Nancy sees all the dead sharks, there are people all over the place. Someone would have noticed a girl kneeling beside a dead shark body yelling "I can feel you in me!" and all the other stuff she yells and would have at the least asked if she was OK to make sure she wasn't crazy.

Correction: Or they see a freaky looking girl shouting crazy things and stay away from her afraid.


Corrected entry: When Nancy is walking on water after invoking the spirit, look closely - there are 2 shadows being cast on the water when she is really close to the shore, which would only happen when there are prop lights, not sunlight as we are made to believe.

Correction: It isn't two shadows. It's her shadow to the side and her reflection in front.


Corrected entry: Sarah refuses to steal the spell-writing book, saying, "Besides, I already have a diary." It's her first time seeing the book and she hasn't flipped through it; there is no way she could have known the pages were blank.

Correction: Bonnie picks up the book & opens it. She then calls Sarah over. Sarah comes over, glances down at the book & up at Bonnie. Bonnie closes the book & passes it to Sarah. Sarah must have seen that the pages were blank when she glanced down at the open book.

Corrected entry: When Sarah runs crying into the toilet after Chris's death she slams the door shut. We then see a close up shot of the bolt sliding back and her three friends push the door open. But there is no holder for the bolt to slide out from and so the three witches could have simply pushed the door open without the bar sliding across!

Correction: They don't know there's nothing to hold the bolt in place, so as far as they know they need to slide the bolt to open the door.


Corrected entry: After Sarah runs into the bathtub away from the snakes and insects, Nancy turns on the water. You see Sarah just start to walk through the water when the scene changes to her walking down the stairs. Problem is that she's completely dry even though she had just walked through a shower.


Correction: She doesn't walk through the water. We see her carefully edging her way out of the shower, avoiding where the water is running.

Corrected entry: When the girls are asking Sarah about her scars you can see that the scars go up her arm rather than across her wrists; Bonnie even says, "You did it the right way." However, when Nancy slits her wrists she asks,"What's happening to your scars?" but she slits across Sarah's wrists and the scars that were there (going up her forearm) are gone.

Correction: Nancy used an illusion to make Sarah hold out her wrists, as evidenced by Sarah saying, "It's not real."

Corrected entry: When the movie is now shown on T.V., any and all references to the plane crash glamor are removed. Possible 9-11 sensitivity?

Correction: I have seen it before and not only did they show the plane crash glamor, but the also showed the end when they tell Sarah about it just being a glamor. If the film was changed once, for a one-off for TV, that's NOT a MOVIE mistake - it's just being censored for TV. As I said, when I saw it on TV it was all shown.

Corrected entry: When Nancy is walking down the upstairs hall, she keeps losing & then regaining her knife. (01:28:46)

Correction: She doesn't keep losing it. Itis in her right hand constantly. She just keeps slipping it out of view behind herself. I watched this part carefully and all I saw was it moving behind her skirt.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Robin Tunney is in French class for the first time, the teacher has the words "Vous compredriez" written on the board and he says it a fews times to other students. The conjugation isn't even correct for a REGULAR -RE ending verb. Comprendre (meaning to understand) is an IRREGULAR -RE verb. Therefore, the correct conjugation would be "Vous comprenez"

Correction: Vous comprendriez is the correct conjugation for the Conditionnal Present tense. Vous comprenez is Present tense.

Corrected entry: When the three girls ask Sarah out for coffee, they then tell her they are going shopping, and she claims she doesn't have any money. However, she manages to pay the shopkeeper $50. Where did that come from?

Correction: Sarah only says she has no money because she doesn't want to go with the girls after what Chris had told her

Continuity mistake: When Sarah confronts Chris at school, as she pushes the other guy aside, Chris is closing the door to his locker. In the next shot, the door is completely open, but in the following shot, it's almost closed before Chris pushes it shut. (00:21:05)


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Laura Lizzie: Ow! You pulled my hair out.
Sarah: Sorry, I thought I saw a bug. They have shampoo for that, you know.
Laura Lizzie: Stupid bitch.

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Trivia: Something fun (but kind of creepy) to notice. When Rochelle is in the locker room standing next to the full length mirror, watch her reflection as she quickly turns to the left. Her reflection turns the same way, not the opposite as a normal reflection would.

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Question: In the bathroom, after Chris was killed, Robin's character said "People are dead, Chris is dead, Trey is dead." How and when did Trey die? Or did I just hear incorrectly?

Answer: She doesn't say Trey, she says "Ray is dead." Ray was Nancy's stepfather.

Stacey Kotlarczyk

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