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Broken Arrow picture

Corrected entry: Heroes enter underground river which carries them to safety, 2000ft up hill.

Correction: Some underground streams do in fact go uphill if there is pressure from above or below forcing it up. Geysers and bore holes are extreme examples of this.

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Independence Day picture

Corrected entry: I hate to say it, but Area 51 is not located in the Utah desert as shown in several desert scenes. Area 51 is in Nevada surrounded by mountains.

Correction: The movie labels Area 51 as being in Nevada, when Air Force One is flying there.

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The Fan picture

Corrected entry: Guys that are going to bat next do not sit in the dugout ready to hit. They go to the on-deck circle to warm up, then to the batters box. We see Snipes go directly from the bench to the plate.

Correction: There is no requirement that the next batter be in the on deck circle. While most batters do go to the on deck circle, the fact that this batter does not is not a movie mistake, just an unconventional action by a character.

Kevin Hall

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Romeo + Juliet picture

Corrected entry: After shooting yourself at close range in the temple, there would either be a huge entrance wound (and not a few small drops of strategically placed blood) or a nasty exit wound, with Juliet's lovely brain splattered all over her true love's face.

Correction: It depends on a lot of factors. With a smaller caliber gun like that, the entrance wound could easily be small and relatively bloodless. A smaller caliber bullet could also easily hit the skull, and bounce around the brain pan without exiting.


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Mission: Impossible picture

Corrected entry: In the scene where they go to the mainframe to get the NOC list, there is, of course, an extremely secure computer. However, with all these security precautions, somehow, it allows logins when the security system knows that no-one can be in the room.

Correction: That is because the two are not connected. The computer is a stand alone unit that is not part of any network. If it were, then a man of Luther's talents would be able to hack into the security network, and then into the computer from there, without the need for an elaborate break-in.

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The Craft picture

Corrected entry: When the girls are asking Sarah about her scars you can see that the scars go up her arm rather than across her wrists; Bonnie even says, "You did it the right way." However, when Nancy slits her wrists she asks,"What's happening to your scars?" but she slits across Sarah's wrists and the scars that were there (going up her forearm) are gone.

Correction: Nancy used an illusion to make Sarah hold out her wrists, as evidenced by Sarah saying, "It's not real."

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Taxi picture

Corrected entry: Where they get in the police car and put the siren on the hood of the car, he places it by reaching out of the window. In the next shot, the window is closed, and the wire that was passed out of it is instead between the car and the car door.

Correction: Émilien takes the blue light unit out of a case as he and Daniel leave the police station and places it onto the roof of Daniel's taxi before they get in. As he gets in, he takes the wire with him through the open door. Later (in the sequence) when told to take the "fairy lights off", however, he does reach through the window to remove the light and the wire is no longer trapped between the door and the car - obviously they must have stopped somewhere and changed where the wire went.

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From Dusk Till Dawn picture

Corrected entry: In the end Kate is shooting holes in the walls in order to let the sun shine in. Then, sunbeams come in from all sides. That´s impossible. The sun, especially in the morning, is shining in only one direction. (01:36:05)

Correction: The sunlight would still come in through holes on the other side of the building. As an obvious example, if you open the curtains in your house sunlight doesn't just come through the windows facing the sun.

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Bordello of Blood picture

Corrected entry: In one scene in the movie, vampire lady is looking for a tasty place to bite Dennis Miller's neck. She sees the chain around his neck and starts to back off in anticipation of a crucifix. But then breathes a sigh of relief when she sees it's a Star of David. Apparently, in this movie, they don't have any power over vampires. That's fine. Then later when all the vamps are dead and the movie is finishing up, they've gotten a Rabbi to consecrate the ground to stop the vampires from waking up. Why, if the Star of David has no power over vampires, do they think that a Jewish consecration ritual would work?

Correction: Miller is Jewish, considering the fact that he was wearing a skull cap at the time the Rabbi was performing the consecration. That's why he felt safer using a Rabbi instead of a Christian priest. This is a character decision.


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The Rock picture

Corrected entry: When the Thermite Plasma bomb is dropped accidentally and Nicholas Cage is flying through the air because of the detonation, you can see that he (the stuntman) is hung up on the hips. Maybe you can only see this one in the DVD version, frame by frame.

Correction: If it's only visible in slow motion it's not a movie mistake.

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Twister picture

Corrected entry: Near the beginning of the movie, Jo mentions how NSSL has not seen a storm like this in years. She would actually be getting real-time forecast data from the Storm Prediction Center, SPC. NSSL deals primarily in research, not daily forecasting.

Correction: Regardless of the source of Jo's information, the fact remains that the NSSL still had not seen a storm like that in years. Her comment was "factual" and relevant, and therefore not a mistake.

Phixius Premium member

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Scream picture

Corrected entry: When Randy is explaining the "rules" and he is standing beside the television the batteries fall out of the remote yet he still manages to change the TV over.

Correction: Those aren't batteries. The remote is sitting on the coffee table, behind the popcorn bowl, next to some candy. It goes by quickly, but if you look carefully you can see that it is a piece of red licorice stuck to the side of the remote. This is why Randy hesitates for a quick moment before pausing the film they're watching - he quickly flicks the licorice off the remote with one of the fingers he's holding it with.

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Fargo picture

Corrected entry: The tan Cutlass Sierra given to the men who were to kidnap Jerry's wife, is an older model Sierra. However, after Carl is shot in the face and after he has assassinated the father, the Cutlass Sierra he speeds off in is a newer model (early 90's probably).

Correction: Carl drives the same year and model (Cutlass Ciera) throughout the movie.

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Eraser picture

Corrected entry: At the end, Arnie is shot in one arm, which means he's got one left functioning. He jumps onto the side of a container being hoisted by a crane (he's got to use his only good arm to hang on). Yet, he still manages to punch some baddie on top of the container in the nose (with his 3rd arm).

Correction: Arnold (and his character) is extremely fit and strong. That, coupled with his extensive training and the massive adrenaline rush he's surely feeling, might be enough for him to shake off the pain and keep using his injured arm.

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Space Jam picture

Corrected entry: After Charles Barkley's talent was taken away from him, his coach called a timeout. So far so good. However, he called a timeout when it was the Knicks' ball. In NBA rules, you can only call a timeout when your team has the ball.

Correction: The coach did not call a timeout. His exact words were "Call a timeout!", thus instructing his players to call a timeout when they regained possession of the ball.

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Box of Moon Light picture

Corrected entry: When the boy is riding his bicycle it is the fourth of July, and in the background you can see a man checking the mail, only the mail doesn't come on the fourth of July.

Correction: Not everybody checks their mail every single day.

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Aladdin and the King of Thieves picture

Corrected entry: When Aladdin defeats Saluk, the 40 thieves say that he must now join the club with a "lifetime contract that [he's] bound to keep" since he now knows where their secret lair is and he knows alot of their secrets. How then, was he allowed to return to Agraba and basically lead a life as though that incident never happened?

Correction: The thieves probably don't know that he went back to Agraba. Besides, he was with their leader, whom the thieves may have thought would return him if he got out of bounds.

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Jerry Maguire picture

Corrected entry: During the event's leading up to the firing, Marcee Tidwell is in the office with Jerry. By the time lunch is over and he calls Rod at home in Arizona, Marcee is already in the kitchen serving breakfast to the little boy implying that this would still be morning, not post-lunch.(she is present for the "Show me the Money". By the way, Arizona would not be "behind" California's time. However, how could she have been to the airport, taken her flight, been picked up and made it back home, and be serving food, much less breakfast, when they called after lunch, within that span of time?

Marie Lebron

Correction: Easy: We don't know what time Jerry got to his office, but it's reasonable to assume it was for the start of the work day (he's a hardworking agent, so he likely starts his days early and ends them late). So let's say he saw Marcie at 9:00, and she had intended to leave at 9:30 for a 10:30 flight. (This was before 9/11 made security lines so long; she'd still have been cutting it close, but that's a character mistake, not a movie mistake). 75 minute flight time from LA to Phoenix means she'd get there at 11:45 or 12 noon. Since we don't know where Rod lives, it's not a mistake to have him living within a half hour of the airport - which means Marcie would've gotten back home between 12:30 and 1:00. And all we know of the time Jerry called Rod is that it was "after lunch" - so it's not a mistake for it to be after 1:00 p.m, at which time Marcie would easily have been home. As to why they were eating breakfast food at lunchtime, that's a character decision as well - maybe they just wanted to.

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Star Trek: First Contact picture

Corrected entry: When Picard and Lilly go to the holodeck, the door says "Holodeck". When the Borg enter, it says "Holosuite". (00:49:25)

Correction: Both times it says "Holosuite 4".

No it doesn't - though the original poster has it the wrong way round. It reads "08 Holosuite 4" when Picard and Lily are about to enter. When the Borg lay hands on the same door seconds later (Picard and Lily are standing on the other side as they start banging), the same side of the exact same door reads "0820 Holodeck 02." No ifs, no buts, this is a straight up continuity error.

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Michael Collins picture

Corrected entry: In the movie, G-man Ned Broy is caught burning incriminating documents and tortured to death by the black-and-tans. However, the real Ned Broy lived well into the 1940s, and went on to become chief of the Dublin Metropolitan Police.

Correction: As noted on the DVD and on IMDB, this movie employs a common technique often used in biopics: creating a single composite character out of multiple real people. When this is done, only 1 name can be used but the facts of the character are taken from each real person. In this case, the movie character Ned Broy was a composite of the real Ned Broy and of Dick McKee. The death portrayed did historically occur to McKee.

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