Taxi (1996)

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Continuity mistake: When we first see Daniel in the taxi and the guy jumps in the back, when Daniel removes the steering wheel from the car the armrest has all four electric window switches present but when he changes the wheel whilst driving with Emilien in the back for the first time, the armrest only has one switch meaning a right hand drive modified car was used in motion shots. Hard to spot but its there.

Continuity mistake: When Daniel gets into the 2 Mercedes, he breaks one of the side mirrors, but in the race the mirror is there again without a single scratch.


Continuity mistake: During the shootout in the garage, somebody shoots at a gas tank and it explodes. When the criminals are gone, there's no fire.

Dr Wilson

Continuity mistake: When Daniel and Émilien are racing the Mercedes under the bridge, there is a sign for "Man In Black". Watch that scene, and you will notice that the sign returns after one shot.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Daniel is with his girl, when he enters the bed he is supposedly naked, but when she stands and Daniel gets involved in the sheets he is wearing black underwear.


Continuity mistake: After the "Mercedes gang" has changed the colour of their cars, they are stopped at a police blockade. The agent asks for their identification card twice.

Dr Wilson

Continuity mistake: Throughout the film,the taxi has no front fog lights and has got alloy wheels but when Daniel and Émilien go to visit Kruger's garage in the daytime they pull up outside and the car has fog lights and standard plastic wheeltrims.

Continuity mistake: When they make the motorcycle parade for Daniel, it is sunny. The shot later, when he speaks to Lilly, it is night time.

Dr Wilson

Revealing mistake: When they attach a GPS device to the gang's car and they watch their situation on the computer screen, you can see on the left top part of the screen some playback, stop, rewind, . buttons, showing that it's a pre-made video that they play manually.

Trivia: The driving school where Emilien attends is called G. Pires, the name of the director of the movie.


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