Taxi (2004)

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Revealing mistake: In the bike scene you can see that the intro biker is much smaller than Belle.


Visible crew/equipment: During the crash scene, when the parrot is killed, as the shot zooms in on the bird, the reflection of the camera, equipment and a crew member are visible on the glass. (00:16:05)


Continuity mistake: In the beginning scene where Queen Latifah is racing on her bike, the bike constantly switches between a BMX and a Mountain Bike.


Continuity mistake: When Washburn is preparing to start the car, as he says, "Back more, back more, more." (referring to the seat), a guy is walking with a light blue shirt and a folder in his hand, but in the next shot when Washburn is setting the mirror, the same guy is walking by again. (00:19:40)


Continuity mistake: When Washburn is trying to get the Daewoo out of the parking spot, there is a leopard print pad on the seat belt strap, and at times the strap moves because he is bumping the cars in front of and behind him. However, when Belle gets out of the passenger side and tells him to move over the position of the leopard print pad changes from on his shoulder in the wide shot, to behind his shoulder during close up, to back on his shoulder in their wide shot.

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Continuity mistake: When Washburn is reaching back into the backseat of Belle's cab to get his gun, the camera is constantly showing his butt very close to Belle's face. However, in a wide shot immediately following, Washburn's rear end is almost completely out of the passenger-side window.


Continuity mistake: This happens towards the end of the film, when the bank robbers are about to change the girl for the money. When they begin to make the change we can see that at first the side rear windows of the BMW on the driver's side of the cab are up. In the next shot however, the windows are rolled down and immediately after that, in the next shot, they're up again. After that they disappear and don't show again. (01:19:50)


Continuity mistake: At the end when Washburn is driving the car, Lieutenant Robbins has the door open when she says "No, he don't got it." She is never seen closing the door but in the wide shot when the car is driving in reverse, the door has been closed.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning when Queen Latifah comes back from her bike race she takes off her helmet. Between shots her hair goes from perfect to a bit out of place.

Other mistake: When the taxi and the BMW are driving down the alley, the robbers are trying to escape, the cop is running after them on foot, they reach the end of the alley the BMW takes off but the taxi stops for the cop and he shows up shortly after. There is no way he could've caught up to them that fast. Not unless he can run at 30mph.

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Factual error: There are many police interactions that would not take place in reality. For example. (1) All officers would be trained in vehicle use. Failure to be able to handle the vehicle would result in termination. He would have been booted from the academy. (2) When an officer is suspended, the badge, ID AND weapon are all removed by the officer in charge. In this case, only the badge was taken. (3) The officer in charge would likely only have the option of offering suspension without pay pending an emergency suspension hearing with a recommendation for termination. She could not fire him on the spot. Also, once officially fired, based on the merits of the inappropriate activities, he could not be taken back, regardless of the good deeds - past, present or future.

Continuity mistake: When Latifah is let go from her first interrogation, Jimmy Fallon runs out after her with a pretzel in his hand. She gets angry and pushes him against the wall. In one shot he is still holding the pretzel,and then the next shot Latifah is, and then the next shot no one is. It's not on the ground after so they didn't drop it.

Revealing mistake: When Jennifer Esposito's character is hanging over the road between the two cars, a motorcycle goes right under her. When this happens, look very closely and you will see that it is not Esposito completing the stunt.

Audio problem: When the bank robbers shoot out the tire on the patrol car right after the second robbery, the police officer goes to call for back up. We hear him start talking before he has the radio in his hand.

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Continuity mistake: At the end when Belle realizes she's been shot and opens her jacket, the necklace draped over her shirt appears and disappears between shots.

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Factual error: The scene where the BMW's jump the bridge and get caught on the other side couldn't happen as they showed it. If you trace the arc at which they should have traveled, they both should have either hit the edge and fallen, or lifted slightly and had the bottom of the car get caught for a split-second and flip the cars into a spiral. Also, what they show the cars landing as was probably the cars launching off a small ramp, you can even see them go slightly up before they hit. (01:32:05)

Continuity mistake: At the store crashing scene, where Washburn killed the parrot, when the cars crash and stop we can see that the feathers and the garbage fall upon the car, but in the next shot we can see feathers and garbage only in front of it. (00:16:10)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Washburn and the other undercover cop are attempting to buy calling cards from the Cubans, Washburn asks for the guy hiding in the other room to come out. The guy does come out, and he leaves the door open to the room he was just in. The next few shots go back and forth between Washburn and the head Cuban guy facing the two other Cubans. Each time they show these two guys, the door behind them is open. After they all stop laughing, they show the guys again, and the door is closed. In the next shot, the head Cuban guy yells that Washburn is a cop, and runs through the now open again door.

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Continuity mistake: When Jimmy Fallon enters the taxi for the first time, Queen Latifah is on the phone with her boyfriend. Between shots the phone switches ears.

Continuity mistake: When Belle is teaching Washburn to drive in her taxi, Belle turns on the radio and changes it to a Natalie Cole song. Washburn is leaning forward and shaking his hands in front of him. Just as Belle says her line, the camera films from the side of the taxi and Washburn is suddenly leaning back and his hands are not out in front of him any more. (01:09:20 - 01:10:05)

Belle: We've gotta play to your strengths. And thinkin ain't one of them.

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Trivia: When the red BMW drives down the sidewalk, you can hear the Wilhelm scream.

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