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Continuity mistake: When Washburn is reaching back into the backseat of Belle's cab to get his gun, the camera is constantly showing his butt very close to Belle's face. However, in a wide shot immediately following, Washburn's rear end is almost completely out of the passenger-side window.

Taxi mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Washburn and the other undercover cop are attempting to buy calling cards from the Cubans, Washburn asks for the guy hiding in the other room to come out. The guy does come out, and he leaves the door open to the room he was just in. The next few shots go back and forth between Washburn and the head Cuban guy facing the two other Cubans. Each time they show these two guys, the door behind them is open. After they all stop laughing, they show the guys again, and the door is closed. In the next shot, the head Cuban guy yells that Washburn is a cop, and runs through the now open again door.

Rochelle McCarty
Taxi mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Jimmy Fallon enters the taxi for the first time, Queen Latifah is on the phone with her boyfriend. Between shots the phone switches ears.

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