Taxi (2004)

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Corrected entry: In the last car chase, the cell phone used in the cab changes color. It's pink before the chase begins, then black when Queen Latifah uses it while driving, then pink again when the Lt. uses it to call the hospital after Queen Latifah is shot.


Correction: The cell phone is black on the inside and pink on the outside. Every time it appears black, the inside is shown, and visa-versa.

Corrected entry: In the auto shop scene where Fallon and Queen lock themselves in the office, Fallon breaks the knob off the dead-bolt lock and the knob is shown falling down the floor drain, then in subsequent shots the lock knob is back on undamaged.

Correction: The reason the knob is back on the door is because Fallon's character, after knocking the knob of the door, moves across the room to a different door, which has not been touched.

Corrected entry: The black girl says to the cop "you always trying to impress everyone your dad your ex" but she never met his dad or his ex.

Correction: Washburn already opened up to Belle about his personal life. It is true that Washburn is indeed trying to impress those people. After all, he was definitely a washout compared to them. It is easy for Belle or anyone to figure out that the guy is indeed trying too hard - in everything.

Corrected entry: When we first see Queen Latifah's taxi change from the normal Crown Vic to the "pimped out" cab, she has bars that come out of the bottom of the car that raise it off the ground so that the wheels can change. Then the car is lowered back down. But, when Queen Latifah and Jimmy are sitting outside the bank waiting on the robbers to come out, the car is in "normal Crown Vic" mode. The robbers come out, and Queen Latifah follows them in the cab in "pimped out" mode while the car is moving, without ever raising the car off the ground.

Nicole Sheldon

Correction: If she doesn't change the tires, she doesn't have to raise the car. She can still speed and everything else even with the regular tires.

Corrected entry: Near the beginning when Queen Latifah is driving the guy to the airport the glass that separates the front of the taxi from the back is open because she can hear the guy talk but when she stops suddenly he slams his head on the part of the glass that's open. Later when he gets out he throws the money through the part of the glass that was closed earlier.

Correction: The window is open the entire time. He hits his head on the top bar, not the actual opening.

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