Factual error: There are many police interactions that would not take place in reality. For example. (1) All officers would be trained in vehicle use. Failure to be able to handle the vehicle would result in termination. He would have been booted from the academy. (2) When an officer is suspended, the badge, ID AND weapon are all removed by the officer in charge. In this case, only the badge was taken. (3) The officer in charge would likely only have the option of offering suspension without pay pending an emergency suspension hearing with a recommendation for termination. She could not fire him on the spot. Also, once officially fired, based on the merits of the inappropriate activities, he could not be taken back, regardless of the good deeds - past, present or future.

Factual error: The scene where the BMW's jump the bridge and get caught on the other side couldn't happen as they showed it. If you trace the arc at which they should have traveled, they both should have either hit the edge and fallen, or lifted slightly and had the bottom of the car get caught for a split-second and flip the cars into a spiral. Also, what they show the cars landing as was probably the cars launching off a small ramp, you can even see them go slightly up before they hit. (01:32:05)

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