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Corrected entry: Where they get in the police car and put the siren on the hood of the car, he places it by reaching out of the window. In the next shot, the window is closed, and the wire that was passed out of it is instead between the car and the car door.

Correction: Émilien takes the blue light unit out of a case as he and Daniel leave the police station and places it onto the roof of Daniel's taxi before they get in. As he gets in, he takes the wire with him through the open door. Later (in the sequence) when told to take the "fairy lights off", however, he does reach through the window to remove the light and the wire is no longer trapped between the door and the car - obviously they must have stopped somewhere and changed where the wire went.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Emilien is naked in his office and Petra comes in, you can see that he is wearing underpants when he looses hold of his towel.

Correction: Emilien was undressed as an excuse to be in the locker room and he could have left on his underwear in case his towel would slip, like almost happened in the movie. He does mention he is naked, but many people who have nothing but their underwear on would say the same.

Corrected entry: Daniel says to a customer that he doesn't have his driving license, but Emillien takes it later in the film.

Dr Wilson

Correction: Obviously he said it to fool the customer and/or to piss him off.

Continuity mistake: When Daniel gets into the 2 Mercedes, he breaks one of the side mirrors, but in the race the mirror is there again without a single scratch.


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Trivia: The driving school where Emilien attends is called G. Pires, the name of the director of the movie.


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