Corrected entry: It's very, very convenient that the bad guys just happened to have an inside man at the FBI evidence depot ready to switch out the disc Lee made, when just hours before the bad guys didn't even know about Lee, until Donahue called for her.

Correction: A plot convenience is not a plot hole. A plot hole is something that cannot be logically explained by the film's story, and the villains having an inside man in the FBI evidence depot certainly does not fall under that definition. It's contrived but certainly not impossible.


Corrected entry: When Lee Callum's boy friend gets shot with the rail gun he is hurled backwards and crashes into the wall. But he does not fall to the ground. He is hanging in midair like he was nailed to the wall. (00:27:35)

Correction: This is because he IS nailed to the wall by the rod that he is shot with.

Corrected entry: According to Kruger's supervisor Leigh is supposed to be a high level executive at Cyrez and seems to have known her boss for a long time. So why in the would there be anywhere in the building that she wouldn't have access to that she would also need a code she didn't already have?


Correction: This is a question, not a mistake. The fact that she's a high-ranking employee doesn't automatically mean that she would have full security clearance to everywhere in the building. If anything, the fact that her boss was into some shady deals would be a pretty good reason why she wouldn't be given full clearance.


Corrected entry: In the first scene when Cullen is entering the vault, she swipes her card then she types a 10 digit code to get in. But, close to the end of the movie when they are running the disk, the bad guys check the vault and Moorhart enters an 8 digit pass and it doesn't work, then he enters a 7 digit pass. What's with that? Is that a mistake or is he just an idiot?

Correction: Passcodes generally contain a different number of digits, so no he isn't. Also, this mistake is invalid, because in contradicts itself by asking whether or not it is a mistake. This should have been submitted as a question.


Corrected entry: In the shot of the house (the very first shot of the movie) you can see through the curtains that the lights are on inside. Yet when the camera shots are inside the house, the lights are suddenly off. (00:00:05)


Correction: When it cuts to the inside of the house you can see the lights are on for about a second before they are switched off.


Corrected entry: At the end, Arnie is shot in one arm, which means he's got one left functioning. He jumps onto the side of a container being hoisted by a crane (he's got to use his only good arm to hang on). Yet, he still manages to punch some baddie on top of the container in the nose (with his 3rd arm).

Correction: Arnold (and his character) is extremely fit and strong. That, coupled with his extensive training and the massive adrenaline rush he's surely feeling, might be enough for him to shake off the pain and keep using his injured arm.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, Arnold squirts fake blood over the witness and the woman. The bloodtrail on the males shirt is apparent, but in the next shot when Arnold takes the picture the shirt is suddenly covered in blood.

Correction: This is because the blood solution dried, creating the look of real blood. This is what it is meant to do.

Corrected entry: After Arnold discovers who the traitor is and is drugged, he pages Lee with the code to leave the apartment. Why would he do that? The plane was heading to Atlanta, 1000 miles away from NYC. If he didn't make the call, they would never trace it to NY and would never have found her.

Correction: It's probably standard procedure to warn her. If there's a traitor, who knows how many people he's got working with him, anyone one of whom might very well have figured out where Lee is and be on their way to kill her. He probably figures his best bet is to get her moving.

Corrected entry: At the beginning, notice the brooch that holds the microphone on the woman. When she exits with the disk, the brooch jumps to the other side of her coat.

Correction: Notice that the scene where she's attaching the microphone (in the brooch) is shot into the mirror, so the microphone is obviosly placed opposite when she is shot from the front.

Corrected entry: When Arnie finally lets go of the plane and heads towards the parachute he threw, the camera zooms up on him and you can clearly see a parachute already on his back. This is extra strange because Arnie didn't do a parachute jump, a stunt man did, so why is he wearing one at that moment? Perhaps some bad editing?

Correction: It is not a parachute on his back. It is a sweater puffed up by the wind.

Corrected entry: When Arnold is protecting the girl under the fridge lid, one of those "knife" things goes through his right hand. When Arnold and the girl are running away from the house as it is blowing up, there is no wound on his right hand.

Correction: In the DVD version,the wound and the blood are both visible, even without using freeze-frame.

Corrected entry: At the start of the film Arnie takes 2 Polaroid pictures of the 2 people he saves. Later on he looks at the pictures. Arnie was wearing gloves with blood all over them but after we see the pictures his gloves are magically clean.

Correction: There was never any blood on the latex gloves.

Not true. His gloves go from bloody to clean back to bloody several times. They're clean when looking at the pictures, then he puts them away and they are bloody when he shoots a henchman and puts the gun in the dead henchman's hand, then clean again when he pulls out a phone to call the police.

Corrected entry: Electromagnetic railguns work off of the principle of electromagnetic energy. When the girl explains the principle of how the guns worked she says that they use aluminium rounds. Aluminium is a non-ferrous metal and is not affected by electromagnetic energy.

Correction: This is not entirely accurate. Electric current at a right angle to a magnetic field produces a force perpendicular to both. This force propels the projectile. The projectile must be conductive, but it needn't be magnetic.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Johnny is in the hospital and he pulls out the plug on one of his monitor things, you hear beeping like he is going into cardiac arrest. The doctors bring over the defibrillator and shock him. Unless he was really dying, they could not have used it on him because if the defibrillator senses a heartbeat, it will not work.

Correction: The defibrillator didn't detect a heartbeat because it was still disconnected. When Johnny pulled the sensor the nurse didn't check to see if it was still connected, you only see her look at the monitor and then attempt to defib. Also they were using a manual defibrillator which wasn't connected to the monitor and would have worked, an A.E.D (automatic electronic defibrillator) would not have worked.

Correction: The error with this scene is that an EKG doesn't read "flat line" if it's disconnected. While you also wouldn't defibrillate a "flat line" in the first place, it's questionable if that's an actual mistake or if the medical staff is supposed to be incompetent for laughs as you would also never defibrillate someone who's awake and yelling at you.

Corrected entry: There is absolutely no reason for the cabin shootout scene. The bad guys already know that Krueger is hiding Leigh, instead of a pointless shootout and five dead guys the bad guys could have simply forced Krueger at any point to tell them where she is or send a few men to tail Krueger to her.


Correction: Kruger would never have given up Leigh's location under threat, and without any leverage over him DeGuerrin has nothing to threaten him with anyway. This is why DeGuerrin goes to great lengths to stage an assault on the cabin by hiring mercenaries to attack his witness, only to double cross them in the end. If everything had gone to plan, they would have made contact with Leigh after the cabin raid and DeGuerrin would have simply found a way to kill her, Kruger, and Monroe. The only problem with this plan is that Kruger doesn't trust DeGuerrin after their conversation on the plane and purposefully gives him the wrong city. The cabin shootout most certainly did serve a purpose, and that purpose was to trick Kruger into unwillingly breaking his own rules.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie when Arnold is faking the deaths with the corpses from the morgue, he takes a picture of the witnesses bound and gagged. He appears to be using a small 35mm camera but when he goes outside to plant the pictures on the bodies of the goons, he has instant Polaroid pictures. He obviously would not have had time to have the film developed before the police arrived.

Correction: Lots of 35mm cameras can fit a 'Polaroid back' - a fitting that allows Polaroid instant film to be used. (Professional photographers use them for test shots.)

Corrected entry: After Johnny and Arnold show up at Johnny's car in the ambulance, they park right behind the car. When Johnny drives them away, the camera follows the car, and there is no ambulance behind them. Where did it go?

Correction: The ambulance is still behind the car (on the DVD version, anyway).

Corrected entry: When Arnold throws the Buckle Knife at James Caan on the plane, you can see the knife hit Caan's arm and bounce off leaving a hole in the shirt. Later the knife is stuck in his arm, and the arm is bleeding.

Correction: There is no "bounce" (in the DVD version).

Corrected entry: When Vanessa Williams is in the computer room of Cyrex and has just copied the first disc, she takes the disc out of the computer and closes the disc drive. Having decided to copy another disc, she inserts a disc direct into the disc drive even though she hasn't even opened it at all.

Correction: In the DVD version, the camera remains at a position above the drive, so we can't tell if she opened it or not (although the time elapsed would indicate that she did).

Other mistake: If the bullets from the super gun move at just under the speed of light, how come the bad guys can't hit him or the girl? The bullets would arrive almost instantaneously and that would mean minimal compensation for them running. Plus the guy had them locked on when he shot.

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Tony Two Toes: We're from the local 129th, sonny.
Mikey: We heard you was loading a ship without the assistance of bonefide union labor. Say it ain't so.

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Trivia: The name of the company was going to be Cyrix, but it was changed to Cyrez because there is a real company called Cyrix. When Vanessa Williams copies the file, it is called CYXDEF1000. (CYX=Cyrix) (00:15:55)

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