The Craft

Continuity mistake: Before Bonnie's operation to remove her scars they can be seen across her back and down one arm, yet in at least two scenes before the operation she is seen wearing sleeveless or very short sleeved tops with no scars visible.

Continuity mistake: The white cloth that Sarah presses against her cut and bleeding wrists never appears to have blood on it in any of the shots.

Continuity mistake: When Sarah confronts Chris at school, as she pushes the other guy aside, Chris is closing the door to his locker. In the next shot, the door is completely open, but in the following shot, it's almost closed before Chris pushes it shut. (00:21:05)


Continuity mistake: All through the climactic last quarter of the movie, Sarah's socks change from below to above the knee and back and forth constantly.

Continuity mistake: After Nancy slits Sarah's wrists, Sarah runs upstairs to her bathroom and grabs a cloth which she presses both of her wrists to. Eventually Sarah ends up lying on the floor on her back. The cloth is under her left wrist. In the very next shot the cloth is gone, and in the next shot the cloth is back.

Continuity mistake: When Nancy (pretending to be Sarah) and Chris are on the bed kissing, Sarah bursts in. First Nancy has no lipstick on then it shows Sarah and then back to Chris and Nancy and she has had her lipstick re-applied.

Continuity mistake: When Sarah and her Dad first enter their new house, it's pouring rain and the roof is leaking in a number of places, but the wooden floor has no puddles, only a few strategic but ineffective drips.

Continuity mistake: When Nancy, Bonnie, and Rochelle walk up to Sarah at the football field and invite her for coffee, Nancy is carrying a large black book with the spine out. The camera cuts to Sarah, and when it cuts back to Nancy, she is carrying the book flipped around with the spine in. (00:11:20)

Continuity mistake: In the beach scene where it's revealed many dead sharks were washed ashore: one glaring mistake is obvious. The shark closest to them seems to be a great white or related species and his head is faced towards the beach. However, in the closeup, this creature suddenly becomes a sword fish or sawfish type with a defined snout that is now facing towards the ocean. Which is an opposite direction and a completely different creature in general from what the original wide shoot showed.

Continuity mistake: Toward the end of the film, Sarah squats onto the floor crying and can be seen wearing white panties. 5 minutes later she is fighting with Nancy and kicks her away with both feet, she is now wearing black shorts.


Continuity mistake: When Sarah runs to hide in the school bathroom and slams the door shut, we see a gap between the door and the other side of the cubical wall, of about half an inch, enough to see Sarah. Yet when the shot zooms to the bolt sliding, there is no gap.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Nancy, Sarah, Bonnie and Rochelle are driving around town at night, the driver-side wing mirror is missing throughout the scene. It later appears in the far-shot during the almost-collision. (00:58:40 - 01:00:30)


Other mistake: When Sarah is in the magic shop with the owner and they see the glamour of the shop front exploding, both womens' clothes and hair blow around with the force of the explosion. A glamour is a visual trick and as there was no real blast, their clothes/hair shouldn't have moved.

Audio problem: Nancy shouts, "Yay Chris! Go long! Go for the pass, baby!" at football practice, and her voice is so distorted that the viewer can easily tell the line was added post-production (with too much gain).

Continuity mistake: The entire time that Sarah is parked with Chris, it is nighttime with a completely black sky. However, while Sarah is running through the trees after being attacked by him, a bright blue and white sky can be seen all around her. It then returns to complete darkness when she reaches Rochelle's house. (01:01:55 - 01:04:00)


Continuity mistake: When the girls wake up on the beach, they see Nancy out in the surf, walking on water. As she casually strolls back to the shoreline, a wide shot shows the water is calm and flat and blue from the beach to as far as the eye can see. However, as the camera cuts to Nancy reaching the beach, the surf behind her is suddenly rough and crashing and murky brown, with 3-foot waves breaking on the shoreline.

Charles Austin Miller

Continuity mistake: During the showdown between Nancy and Sarah with the chest of drawers, the drawers slam flat against the wall in the alcove. In the next shot, the drawers have not only moved away from the wall, but also away from the alcove entirely; a considerable distance. (01:29:10)


Laura Lizzie: Oh God look, there is a pubic hair in my brush. Oh no wait, wait. That's just one of Rochelle's little nappy hairs.
Rochelle: Why are you doing this to me, Laura? Do you think you're funny?
Laura Lizzie: You really wanna know why?
Rochelle: Yes, I really wanna know why.
Laura Lizzie: Because I don't like negroids.

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Trivia: Something fun (but kind of creepy) to notice. When Rochelle is in the locker room standing next to the full length mirror, watch her reflection as she quickly turns to the left. Her reflection turns the same way, not the opposite as a normal reflection would.

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Question: In the scene where Sarah is in the bathroom during the time when her three other covenmates are torturing her, she walks by what looks like a paper towel dispenser kind of high up on the wall that has some writing on it. What do those letters mean?

Sarah Van Winkle

Chosen answer: It says "Gustav Klimt", the name of an artist in the 1800s, and the paper towel dispenser is actually one of his prints. In the shot where Robin Tunney is walking out of the shower, you can see the bottom of the painting, although the full piece is never visable.

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