Corrected entry: Gail Weathers tells Kenny "I'll be right back" but survives the trilogy. We are specifically told that if a character uses this line he/she will be killed. It's a specific 'rule' of the genre.

Correction: Yes, the script gives Gail this line almost as a joke, as she's uttering a line you should apparently never utter in a horror movie, according to Randy. It doesn't mean she should die. If you remember, another of the rules Randy mentions is you can never have sex. Sydney also then breaks one of the 'survival' rules by having sex with Billy just before all the hell breaks loose in the house, but she, too, survives. Therefore this is not a mistake.

Corrected entry: Right after curfew is in effect, when Tatum and Sydney are sitting on Sydney's front porch, you see the killer in the bushes in the background. The very next scene is of the video store where both killers, Stu and Billy, are speaking to Randy. The next scene that follows directly is Sydney and Tatum in the grocery store where you see the killer's reflection on the cooler glass. How can the killer(s) be in more than one place if this is all going on at the same time?

Correction: We see two students at the school dressed up as the killer. It is plausible that other students do it too and follow Sidney around as a joke.

One thing is prancing around at school screaming in the corridors in an obvious joke (that got both students suspended, by the way), another thing entirely is stalking someone to their home or in the streets with the police looking out for the suspect. Both scenes don't make sense other than to give cheap scares and throw red herrings.

Sammo Premium member

These moments come off silly (the one in the supermarket especially), but it's no mistake. These costumed figures being imposters wanting to harass Sidney for kicks is really the only plausible explanation, and the jaded cynicism and callousness of 90s youth culture is a major recurring theme of the film, so it fits.


I agree that it's the only explanation you have to give to make sense of it, but in this movie and in the next movies in the saga, when they wanna show imposters, they show prancing idiots who do want to harass and be goofs (such as the guy in the hallway in this movie). Sidney never notices those people who do absolutely nothing to be noticed, so they are there to harass the audience, not her.

Sammo Premium member

Corrected entry: While watching the time delay of Ghostface stalking Randy, Sydney calls him Jamie.

Corrected entry: When they are having the conversation about Basic Instinct at the fountain after Sidney has been questioned, Randy's lips don't match when he says: "That was an ice pick, not exactly the same thing." (00:20:05)

Correction: They do match, but at the same time he's chewing a grape so it looks like he's speaking when he's chewing.

Corrected entry: When Sidney is calling out "Dewey, Dewey where are you?" when alone outside, you can see the reflection of someone in a white jacket walking past Dewey's police car. (01:23:30)

Hamster Premium member

Correction: "Someone in a white jacket" is a white tree, reflecting in the windshield.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie when Casey and the killer are on the phone, she locks the front door and says "I am two seconds away from calling the police." If you look at the door while she is locking it, you will see that there are three glass windows at the top. When the killer rings the doorbell, it shows the door and it now has nine glass windows. (00:04:00)

Correction: When she runs to lock it, you don't see the top of the door. They were there all along, you just didn't see them.

Corrected entry: When Randy is explaining the "rules" and he is standing beside the television the batteries fall out of the remote yet he still manages to change the TV over.

Correction: Those aren't batteries. The remote is sitting on the coffee table, behind the popcorn bowl, next to some candy. It goes by quickly, but if you look carefully you can see that it is a piece of red licorice stuck to the side of the remote. This is why Randy hesitates for a quick moment before pausing the film they're watching - he quickly flicks the licorice off the remote with one of the fingers he's holding it with.

Corrected entry: When Dewey comes out the house with a knife in his back, he collapses to the floor twice. (01:23:40)

Hamster Premium member

Correction: He actually falls on his knees and then in the next shot he falls to the ground from that position.

Corrected entry: When the real killer comes into the room and stabs Billy quite a few times, Billy turns around to Sid, he cleans the knife (although there is nothing on it). Then the camera shoots to the killer and he cleans the knife off again, only this time there is a lot of blood on it.

Correction: The first time Stu is wiping fake blood ON the knife. It's a subtle hint that Billy's "death" is staged.

Correction: Ghostface asked Casey who the "killer" was in Friday the 13th. It was his mother. He did show up at the end, but didn't kill anyone in the first movie. So, what he said was right.

The OP said that Jason showed up at the end of the first movie. Ghostface said didn't "show up until the sequel." So, OP is right.

Corrected entry: In the space of 15 seconds (between the time Casey's mom hears her daughter on the phone and the time when she walks out her front door and sees Casey) how did the killer manage to tie Casey onto the swing? It would have taken quite a while to lift her body and twist the ropes around her tightly enough that they held. Stu couldn't have helped as he was with Tatum that night.


Correction: Stu was most likely helping Billy that night, which would cut down the time needed to tie Casey to the swing. Tatum's defense that Stu was at her house on the night of the murder was challenged by Randy, who said that Stu could have been at her house before or after the murder. In fact, Billy shows up at Sidney's house after the murder.

The correction disputes the part that says that one of the killers wouldn't be on the scene of the crime, but the main objection of the entry still stands. Even assuming the second killer was there (but they never cooperate that way and if they were seen doing that right in front of the door their gimmick would have been exposed) the timeframe from the last time we see her dragged (by one person) and still alive to the time when she is hanged by the neck and gutted is too short.

Sammo Premium member

Corrected entry: Sidney is talking with Stu and Tatum at the lockers when someone runs by wearing the Ghostface mask. She runs down the hall, bumping into Billy, then goes into the bathroom and meets the killer. We know it isn't Billy because we just saw him, but how would Stu get into the bathroom without passing by Billy and Sidney?

Correction: It was made pretty clear that it was two other kids that ran through the hall. There is a scene with Henry Winkler (principal) who is expelling the two students due to the prank.

Lummie Premium member

Yes, and that scene happens before the killer shows up in the bathroom, so it can't be them. Sidney also says that she knew it was really "him", the real killer, and not a prankster, and there's no indication that the movie wants her to be wrong at that time.

Sammo Premium member

The "tell" is that the shot of Sidney running out of the restroom has a voiceover from a news reporter talking about pranksters dressed as the killer. Sidney is far from infallible (she even misidentified her mother's killer) and is vulnerable and being psychologically manipulated by Billy and Stu.


The biggest tell would be that he has no knife, but there's nothing prankster-like in that assault, if he tackled her like that he would have hurt her (and he's in the girls' bathroom too?). The newscast about the pranksters establishes that it's the authorities' version, but the dialogue I mentioned happens later, addresses exactly that, and she negates it. I agree that Sidney is not infallible, but the fact that she was wrong (by deliberate misdirection from the real culprit) about Cotton is a specific plot point, she was supposed to be wrong and Gale even picks up on the fact that she deep inside isn't sure about it anymore. Overall the bathroom scene is one of those scenes that don't quite add up but people enjoy making theories about them ("it was all in Sidney's mind", "it was Roman", etc).

Sammo Premium member

I agree this is one of the film's weaker moments, but I don't think it's just an accident. The high school section was rearranged from the script and a couple moments dropped, and I believe it was decided during editing to make the restroom scene more ambiguous (adding the "killer's" grunts that sound younger than any of the characters; moving the reporter's monologue to the end of this scene) to make up for an unfilmed scene where Sidney encountered two more masked impostors in the school.


Corrected entry: When the killer first stabs Casey, whilst chasing her outside, you can see that as the killer grabs her, some of Drew Barrymore's real hair fall out from under her wig. (00:10:15)

Hamster Premium member

Correction: The 'hair' is just thread from Ghostface's costume - you can see it swing down from the hand/sleeve as he puts his hand around her.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sydney gets to school and is talking to Gail, the clip that she wears in the back of her hair is silver, but in the next scene when she is at her locker with Tatum and Stu, the clip is brown.

Correction: I just watched this and Sydney is wearing a black & brown leopard print clip in the back of her hair throughout BOTH scenes.


Corrected entry: When Henry Winkler opens his door to look for the "kids" that keep knocking, you can see red writing on the wall opposite. When he comes back in from checking out the hallways, that writing is gone.

Correction: The only visible writing is that on a pink notice, which is always there.

Corrected entry: When Sidney and Billy go upstairs to 'talk', Randy says "I think I'll go check on them" and heads for the stairs. In the next scene he's on the couch. What happened?


Correction: This is not a mistake, it's a question. He could have 1) decided to finish watching the movie by himself and/or 2) decided not to disturb Sidney and Billy because he knew they were trying to have a good time.

Corrected entry: When Casey is looking outside at a tied-up Steve while on the phone with the killer, her hair is hanging over the phone. Cut to the scene of Steve, then back to Casey and her hair is pushed behind her ear. Back to Steve, then back to Casey again - her hair is hanging over the phone again.

Correction: I've just watched this and the hair doesn't move at all.

Ssiscool Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Dewey and Gale are walking down the street looking for the abandoned car, they see two cars coming towards them on the road but when they jump out of the way you can clearly see only one car pass them. And there are no side roads for the other car to turn on to. (01:14:45)

Correction: That's what I thought at first. But after watching it closely, the second car does, in fact, drive by. It's very quick, but it is there.

Corrected entry: After Sydney gets attacked at the beginning and is sitting in the back of an ambulance for police questioning, the ambulance says Bayshore, when Woodsboro is inland in California.


Correction: Bayshore is just the name of the ambulance company - it doesn't imply that the ambulance can only operate near a bay or a shore.

The news van also comes from San Francisco, so you can assume that while being inland, the fictional town of Woodsboro, located in NorCal, is not too far away from" the bay."

Sammo Premium member

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie Casey locks the one door twice.Once before she finds out that it's a psycho on the phone and another time after he says "I wanna know who I'm looking at".

Correction: The second time, she may have been checking to assure herself that it was locked.

Audio problem: When Sidney comes running to the house and she sees Dewey come out with the knife in his back she screams "Dewey!" but her mouth says "no!" (01:27:23)

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Sidney Prescott: You sicks fucks have seen too many movies!
Billy Loomis: Sid, don't blame the movies. The movies don't create psychos, movies make psychos more creative.

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Trivia: The murder of Principal Himbry was added after producer Bob Weinstein noticed there were about thirty pages in the script (which roughly translates to thirty minutes of screen time) in which nobody died. The scene also resolved the climax at Stu's party, as it gave all the guests a reason to leave.

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Question: Why didn't Casey ring the police, after the call when she realied he was taunting and making threats?

Answer: Characters in horror movies are notorious for not doing the most obvious things. It's most likely that she was scared and not thinking straight at receiving numerous threatening phone calls, particularly when she is threatened after hanging up on the killer.


Also, when she told the caller that she was "two seconds away from calling the police", his response was that they'd never make it in time. She also knew he was nearby as he made comments that indicated he could see her. She didn't know it was someone that knew her. She's a teenager and scared, so her judgement was clouded. She reached a point where she believed her only chance was to get away from him by either fighting him or getting out and hiding somewhere outside.


Answer: Landline phones like the one used in the movie cannot dial out a phone number while the line is active. Considering the killer is continuously calling her, she can't dial out on the phone line. This is referenced in the movie itself when her parents arrive home, attempt to dial 911, and can't due to the line still being active.

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