Corrected entry: At the very end when Sidney finds out who is doing the killing, and she's fighting and wrestling around on the floor with the killer, one minute she has black sneakers on, and the next minute she's wearing her boots when she walks through the door.

Correction: The black sneakers are actually the killers, the confusing part is when Sidney pokes an umbrella point in the killer and the view of the sneakers,when the killer drops his knife, are at a reverse angle which makes it look like they are Sidney's, so Sidney appears to have boots on all along.

Corrected entry: Sydney punches Gale Weathers on the left cheek outside the police station, but afterwards Gale clutches her right cheek, and it's the right cheek on which she gets a bruise. (00:35:05)

Hamster Premium member

Correction: She is in fact punched on the left side of her face. After she is punched she holds her left cheek in her right hand because her microphone is in her left hand. Then the next day when Gale is putting on her make up, the bruise is on her left cheek but faded because of the make up.

Corrected entry: When Tatum is in the garage, she hears crashing noises and sees the cat. She calms herself and puts her arm on the fridge door as if she was going to close the door, but when the shot changes, her arms are still crossed and she closes the door with her foot. (01:02:30)

Correction: She just puts her hand on the door because she's in shock. She then quickly puts her other hand on the bottles of beer so they don't fall. She had no intention of closing the door with her hand.


Corrected entry: When Sidney escapes from the killer in the news van she climbs out the back door that was closed all the time. Later when Gale drives away in the van you can see that the door is still closed.

Correction: The killer could have easily closed it when she left.

Corrected entry: When Randy gets shot by Billy, he spins around on the spot yet in the next shot he's flying through the air and lands on the table.

Correction: He doesn't fly onto it, he just spins and lands on it. His feet never leave ground.

Corrected entry: In the beginning, when Billy is leaving Sidney's room, he climbs out the window and walks away, which isn't possible because all the roofs on the house are slanted and it's at least a two story house. If her bedroom's on the ground floor, why the next night does she go upstairs to get to her room?

Correction: We don't even see Billy moving away from the window long enough to determine if he's walking, crawling, jumping down from a ledge perhaps; we only see him turn away from & out of view of the window.

Corrected entry: As Casey's parents walk into the house and the killer holds the knife above her head to stab her, notice the amount of blood. It is insinuated that he continues to stab her, yet later, when the mom hears her on the phone, the killer raises the knife again to show that no more blood has gotten onto the knife. Kinda weird that the knife seems so clean when Casey's body is completely butchered and bloody.

Correction: It is showed later in the movie that the killer cleans his knife after every kill (demonatrated after he 'killed' Billy and Dewey). We just weren't shown that paticular cleaning.

Correction: But why would Billy or Stu wipe the blood off while killing Casey? They usually wipe it off after killing them.

Corrected entry: Sydney locks her front door with a chain lock when she's on the phone with the killer the first time, but when she opens it after Billy comes over the chain lock is gone.

Correction: The killer left the house through the front door, thus lifting the chain lock. When he then closes the door the chain lock will of course not be hooked, which is why it's not hooked when Sidney opens it later.

Corrected entry: Before Sidney invites Billy up to her room, he is wearing a blue shirt with a pattern on it. Yet, in the next scene (in her room), if you look closely, you can see that the shirt's pattern has changed.

Correction: Billy removed a blue jacket before heading upstairs so when he was upstairs he was wearing a blue checked shirt. If you look when Billy is standing in the doorway downstairs you can see the collar of the other shirt underneath.

Corrected entry: At the school the killer knocks on Principle Himbry's door, he takes a moment to open it so of course the killer could have run, but the following time the killer knocks Himbry opens the door immediately, giving the killer no time to run and hide, but there's still no sign. Is he the Flash?

Correction: I've just watched this scene and Himbry does not answer the door instantly, but in a few seconds. While the killer couldn't run north of the office in that time, there was another room south of the office just a few feet away. He would be able to hide in that room barely in time.

That's completely incorrect. I just watched the scene and timed it. It is a little under 2 and a half seconds between the knock on the door and the door being opened. There is no way that the killer was able to knock on the door, jump back inside the south room, and shut the door - silently - all within 2 and a half seconds. The original entry still stands.


Corrected entry: When Sydney is attacked by Ghostface in the bathroom at school, Ghostface is wearing black pants and boots, but when Sydney, Billy, Stu, and Tatum are talking in front of the lockers seconds before Sydney goes into the bathroom Billy is wearing blue jeans and vans, and Stu is wearing tan pants and brown boots. How did either one of them change clothes that quickly?


Correction: The attacker in the bathroom wasn't Stu or Billy. Its more likely this was a prankster as he didn't have a knife and it would be too risky for either of them to try and kill her in the bathroom.

Correction: I just re-watched the scene with Billy before the bathroom, and we never see his shoes. He is wearing jeans, though, so it was probably him in the bathroom.

Corrected entry: During the final scene in the house after Billy and Stu are revealed as the killers, Billy and Stu showed that they put a great deal of effort in planning the murders and the cover ups. But they seemed to forget their fingerprints. Their prints were on the cell phone and voice distorter they put in Mr. Prescott's coat pocket.

Correction: There are many ways to conceal fingerprints. One common way is to smear Elmer's glue on the tips of your fingers and let it dry. It is not easy to notice and effectively eliminates your fingerprints. Since they had to touch many things while committing the murders, but still had to appear as themselves, they very likely used a similar method.

If they tampered with their own fingertips, that would be found out easily when they are rescued later, and a quick wipe is easier - they didn't need to erase their fingertips from everything, just the more incriminating items.

Sammo Premium member

Correction: It is also possible Billy and Stu forgot about it. They were obsessed with their plan they just didn't think it through.

Correction: They may well have planned to wipe the prints off after killing Sidney.

TonyPH Premium member

Corrected entry: When the killer comes out of the house, and pulls the knife out of Dewey's back, look close, and you can see that although the knife was in his back very deep, it is totally clean. (01:23:45)

Hamster Premium member

Correction: The killer pulls the knife out of his back and wipes it with the sleeve of his costume.It is certainly not clear enough to see the blade the second he pulls it out of Dewey's back.

It is perhaps always best to err on the caution's side, but the impression is that the blade is in fact awfully clean, especially for being lodged deep inside the back.

Sammo Premium member

Corrected entry: Just after the curfew has been set, Tatum and Sidney go to the store, you can see a reflection of Ghostface but, surely the shopkeeper or anyone would notice a man walk in dressed head to toe like a serial killer with a ghost mask?

Correction: It is possible that the killer brought the costume into the store with him in a bag and changed in the back or something, therefore no one would have seen him come in wearing the costume

Correction: Someone may well have noticed, but depending on how big the store is and who happened to be up front, the costumed loiterer may not have been confronted as quickly as we might imagine. A customer or store clerk may have taken the time to inform management or security rather than handle it themselves.

TonyPH Premium member

Corrected entry: At the end when Billy uses the voice changer and says time to guess how I'm gonna die, his voice doesn't match the polished voice we heard earlier in the movie on the phone.


Correction: That's because he's screaming it into the voice changer. And he no longer has to hide who he is anyway; Sidney knows he's the killer.

Corrected entry: (SPOILER)This may be an actual character mistake rather than a goof, but when Billy reveals that the "blood" on his shirt from when the killer "stabbed" him was actually corn syrup, he also has himself stabbed for real, to corroborate his story. But the problem is, it's the same shirt (as demonstrated when he licks some blood off of it and explains it was corn syrup.) So how would he have explained how corn syrup got onto his shirt while he was fighting off a killer?

Correction: Billy only made it look like he was stabbed to fool Sidney. There is nothing to say that he wouldn't change his shirt and make it look like he was wearing that when he was stabbed, before the police arrived.


Corrected entry: When Sidney is waiting for her friend, it's 7:15 and it's dark out. But later, all the stores are closing because of a 9:00 curfew, and it's light as day.

Correction: Everyone's closing their shops to get home before curfew. The shop owners and their employees need time to count money, clean up, maybe collect children from babysitters, etc. Most likely, as Syd referenced during that scene, people want to get home before sundown. I know I would if a serial killer was on the loose.

Corrected entry: When Randy answers the phone at the party and learns that Principal Himbry is dead, his face is very close to the top of the TV screen. However, when Gale and Kenny are watching the recording of the phone conversation in the van, Randy's mouth and nose are directly in front of the camera. The camera that Gale placed in the entertainment center when she first got to the party was situated on top of the VCR, which was in turn placed on a shelf below the actual TV; therefore, Randy's mouth and nose should not have been visible on the recording. If anything, only his waist should have been visible.

Correction: This scene is wrong. When Randy answers the phone, he is on his knees when he says hello then stands up. Therefore, the video camera under the TV recorded his position accurately.

Corrected entry: At the video store, when Stu knocks the movies out of Randy's hands, when they hit the floor it makes a hollow sound, indicating empty boxes.

Correction: Video stories did not put movie boxes on the shelves with the movies in them. You had to take the box to the front counter to actually receive the video.

Corrected entry: When Sydney is in the police car, she picks up the radio and tells the police that somebody is trying to kill them. Not only does she give the name of the homeowners and the address, but she is attacked in the middle of her conversation, and screams. A few minutes later, Billy grabs her and says that it is a few minutes after midnight, exactly one year after they killed her mother. However, the police don't show until sunrise. What happened in the six hours?


Correction: Just because the last scene started at sunrise doesn't mean that's when the police just got there. They could have been there for hours before hand, shortly after Billy was killed. It sometimes takes the police 1/2 hour to an hour to get somewhere, so they were probably there shortly between the second to last and the last scene. Also, the call Sidney made in the car may not have officially gone through.

I am not sure the correction was posted watching the scene. If they have been there 'for hours', then it means that they waited 'hours' before putting Dewey on an ambulance, which happens exactly in that scene. Woodsboro and that house are not that isolated.

Sammo Premium member

Audio problem: When Sidney comes running to the house and she sees Dewey come out with the knife in his back she screams "Dewey!" but her mouth says "no!" (01:23:45)

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Principal Himbry: Damn little shits!
Janitor: What'd you call me?
Principal Himbry: Not you, Fred.

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Trivia: The murder of Principal Himbry was added after producer Bob Weinstein noticed there were about thirty pages in the script (which roughly translates to thirty minutes of screen time) in which nobody died. The scene also resolved the climax at Stu's party, as it gave all the guests a reason to leave.

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Question: A small thing that I was curious about: when Billy and Sidney are in the police station, they are in two rooms/areas that are only separated by a glass wall. In real life, would a suspect be kept so close to the person they are accused of attacking?

Answer: No, this is completely incorrect from the film makers. US police stations by law have to have an interrogation cell deliberately so as to avoid the accused person intimidating witnesses or the victim, as billy does to Sydney. Even if the interrogation cell were being used when Billy is brought into the station, he would then be put in a holding cell to wait his turn - they categorically would not just allow him to sit in the public, non guarded part of the station near the accuser.


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