Stupidity: In the scene where Billy, Stu and Sidney are in the kitchen (when Sidney finds out they are the real killers), they begin to stab each other as a part of the plan to fool the police into thinking they were almost killed by Sidney's father, whom they were going to frame for the murders. They were planning on killing Sidney and her father, so it makes absolutely no sense that they begin stabbing each other BEFORE killing Sidney and her father, especially since Sidney would be at more of an advantage of outrunning them should she have the opportunity to since they have both been stabbed multiple times.


Stupidity: Dewey and Sidney jumpscare each other at the front door. There's just no possible logical reason for a deputy (or ANYONE) to be holding the mask the way Dewey is in the scene. If he were leaning against the door, he would have lost his balance or reacted in any way to the door shifting. (00:30:30)

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Suggested correction: Perhaps he was going to knock on the door with the mask. And Dewey didn't call out for Sidney.


I am not sure who would almost-but-not-quite knock with his hand wrapped in a mask and holding perfectly still keeping the pose, facing the opposite direction. It's a pose completely unnatural especially looking frozen and not in the middle of something else. (I amended the part about calling out, it was wrongly phrased since I wanted to say the exact opposite, thanks!).

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He was about to knock on the door and was then looking behind him, probably heard a noise. He ain't the most solid type either.


I personally think this is a good stupidity entry. The stupidity section exists for stuff that isn't technically mistakes, but is still irksome or just silly. And this fits that. It's good for a quick jump scare, but doesn't really add up. It's a piece of evidence, so he probably wouldn't be touching it anyways, the way he's holding it is completely unnatural (nobody holds a mask they just picked up off the ground like that), and it's conveniently held at exactly the right height and position to be in Sidney's face when she opens the door. The movie was flying in the face of basic logic to manufacture a quick scare. And it's effective in context... but it doesn't really make sense if you dissect the scene.


Stupidity: When Ghostface stabs Mr. Himbry, the man screams at full lungs; it's 10 minutes to 5 PM and there's a janitor two rooms away, but nobody finds his body until much later in the night - and that is critical to the plan, because he's the designated diversion.

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Suggested correction: Actually, I can correct myself here because there is the fact that everyone was leaving the school at that time, and the janitor is hard of hearing. It does not make much sense that we see the two culprits hanging out at the video store after the killing, but I suppose there are several scenarios one can paint where the body was hidden safely until it was time to display it later in the night, and so they had time to show up somewhere else later, not knowing the exact timeline there.

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I was just watching a video where they talk about how it's now a trope in movies that janitors are completely oblivious to their surroundings. Big action sequences happen behind them while they listen to headphones and go about their jobs. You said the janitor was hard of hearing, but it could also be this trope at play.

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Revealing mistake: As Drew Barrymore is running from the killer outside he stabs her. If you look closely it is very easy to tell it is a rubber knife, because you see it bend off of her. (00:10:20)

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Sidney Prescott: You sicks fucks have seen too many movies!
Billy Loomis: Sid, don't blame the movies. The movies don't create psychos, movies make psychos more creative.

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Trivia: A scene near the end required Skeet Ulrich to throw a phone receiver in frustration, and he wound up accidentally hitting Matthew Lillard in the back of the head with it, prompting Lillard to yell at him, "You hit me with the phone, dick!" Wes Craven found this so hilarious that he decided to use that take in the film.


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Question: A small thing that I was curious about: when Billy and Sidney are in the police station, they are in two rooms/areas that are only separated by a glass wall. In real life, would a suspect be kept so close to the person they are accused of attacking?

Answer: No, this is completely incorrect from the film makers. US police stations by law have to have an interrogation cell deliberately so as to avoid the accused person intimidating witnesses or the victim, as billy does to Sydney. Even if the interrogation cell were being used when Billy is brought into the station, he would then be put in a holding cell to wait his turn - they categorically would not just allow him to sit in the public, non guarded part of the station near the accuser.


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