Corrected entry: When Randy answers the phone at the party and learns that Principal Himbry is dead, his face is very close to the top of the TV screen. However, when Gale and Kenny are watching the recording of the phone conversation in the van, Randy's mouth and nose are directly in front of the camera. The camera that Gale placed in the entertainment center when she first got to the party was situated on top of the VCR, which was in turn placed on a shelf below the actual TV; therefore, Randy's mouth and nose should not have been visible on the recording. If anything, only his waist should have been visible.

Correction: This scene is wrong. When Randy answers the phone, he is on his knees when he says hello then stands up. Therefore, the video camera under the TV recorded his position accurately.

Corrected entry: At the video store, when Stu knocks the movies out of Randy's hands, when they hit the floor it makes a hollow sound, indicating empty boxes.

Correction: Video stories did not put movie boxes on the shelves with the movies in them. You had to take the box to the front counter to actually receive the video.

Corrected entry: When Sydney is in the police car, she picks up the radio and tells the police that somebody is trying to kill them. Not only does she give the name of the homeowners and the address, but she is attacked in the middle of her conversation, and screams. A few minutes later, Billy grabs her and says that it is a few minutes after midnight, exactly one year after they killed her mother. However, the police don't show until sunrise. What happened in the six hours?


Correction: Just because the last scene started at sunrise doesn't mean that's when the police just got there. They could have been there for hours before hand, shortly after Billy was killed. It sometimes takes the police 1/2 hour to an hour to get somewhere, so they were probably there shortly between the second to last and the last scene. Also, the call Sidney made in the car may not have officially gone through.

I am not sure the correction was posted watching the scene. If they have been there 'for hours', then it means that they waited 'hours' before putting Dewey on an ambulance, which happens exactly in that scene. Woodsboro and that house are not that isolated.

Sammo Premium member

Corrected entry: When Sid is going back to the house, after being thrown from the window, Randy is limping towards her saying that they have to get out of there. Why is he limping? Gale hit him in the face, but no one touched his leg.


Correction: Maybe he twisted his ankle when he fell over from being hit with the phone.

Corrected entry: In the garage, Tatum can't escape because the killer locked the door. But once Tatum's killed, the killer leaves the garage without unlocking the door. (01:02:35)

Hamster Premium member

Correction: Tatum walks into the garage, leaving the garage door wide open. The killer then slowly closes the door and locks it. Tatum tries to open the locked door, then opens the outside garage door. Tatum walks over to see the door open half-way, then close, and turns to see the killer in front of the, now unlocked, garage door. Even though the killer is wearing a GhostFace mask, I doubt he can walk through a closed and locked door.

The problem here is Tatum attempts to open the door a second time, mid-fight with Ghostface, and it's still locked. She then turns around and throws some bottles at him before beginning to crawl through the doggy door opening. Then Ghostface casually opens the door without unlocking it. The only explanation I can come up with is if he has a key to the door and unlocks it off-screen as she is being killed.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Dewey and Gale are entering the house where the party takes place he talks to Sidney and says anything like "Hey Sidney" and she replies something like "Anything new about my father?". This is really strange because Dewey dropped Sidney and Tatum at the party about only 5 minutes ago. The conversation gives the impression that they have not talked to each other for a much longer time.

Correction: The reason she asks about her father is BECAUSE Dewey dropped them off five minutes earlier. He drops them off, then leaves (at least, Sidney thinks he leaves), and so when she sees him returning so soon she assumes some urgent news has come up.


She just saw him arrive being Gale Weathers' chaperone and acting all smarmy, if anything you could argue that she's being passive aggressive asking "Have you found my father?" (because that is the actual quote), as in "Why are you wasting time here then?" but that's not how the scene plays out either. The dialogue feels pointless and forced as the original entry described, in particular because she then asks "Should I be worried?", which is definitely a question that does not match the context.

Sammo Premium member

Corrected entry: When Gale and Kenny are watching the "Rules" speech on the delayed tape, you hear Randy say "There are certain rules..etc." and when Randy said this he was standing by the TV. Then Dewey comes and knocks on the camera van, and you see Kenny turn off the tape. But when he turns it off, you can briefly see the tape, and Randy is sitting on the couch watching Halloween, when he should have been standing, explaining the rules, as you never see Kenny or Gale rewind the tape. (01:10:55)

Hamster Premium member

Correction: This is because, as you've already correctly stated, there is about a 30 second delay on the tape that Kenny and Gale are watching. When Dewey knocks on their van's door, the tape has yet to show Randy standing up and doing his horror movie speech.

Correction: You can hear Randy explaining the rules a few seconds before Dewey bangs on the van door.

Corrected entry: When Kenny is killed, the bag of crisps he was eating are standing up on the side. But when Gale is trying to find Kenny, and looks in the van, the bag of crisps are now laying down on the side, tucked under a shelf. (01:20:15 - 01:22:05)

Hamster Premium member

Correction: There is a long interval between the time Kenny dies and when Gale arrives. After Syd leaves the killer is left alone in the van. When that happened he spread blood all over the van and lay Kenny on top of it. During that time he could have decided to move the crisp packet or even to eat the crisps and then discard the packet under the shelf.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sidney is in the car with the camera man, she sees Ghostface walking behind an intoxicated Randy, but later when she is approached by Stu and Randy (both saying the other is Ghostface), she locks them both out.

Correction: She's panicking and can't think straight.

Corrected entry: When Sidney is preparing to go to Tatum's house, she brings several items of clothing downstairs, including a pair of boots, which seem to be knee-length from the way she is holding them to her chest. However later when she is dressing after her session of nooky with Billy, the boots have changed to ankle length.

Correction: The clothes that Sidney packed were in the house and she never got them since she left the house after she was attacked and besides the day that she made nooky with Billy was a different day then the day she was attacked.

Corrected entry: During the showdown in the kitchen, Billy and Stu are stabbing each other in the side. Billy gets knife happy and starts stabbing Stu too much, but only in his side. Then when Billy tells Stu to get the gun, Stu turns around and and has a wound on his upper back with lots of blood, but there is no way that could have got there.

Correction: Billy has the knife and stabs Stu; the camera then cuts to a close up of Sidney's face and there are three more stabbing sounds, but we don't see where they are. Billy could have stabbed Stu in the back off screen.

Corrected entry: When Sidney and Ghost face are fighting in her living room he knocks her down and is sitting on top of her. Ghost face grabs her by the hair and appears to headbutt her and pull her hair and slam the back of her head on the floor at the same time. She then puts her hand on her forehead.

Correction: So where's the mistake? She's lying on her back, he head-butted her in the forehead. Her forehead hurts now so she put her hand on it.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Billy, Sidney, and Stu are in the kitchen, Billy licks the blood on his fingers and says "Corn syrup. The same thing they used for pigs' blood in Carrie." However, after Sidney and Stu had sex earlier, there is no way Billy would have had time to smear corn syrup on himself while being stabbed by Ghostface (Stu). We don't see him rub anything on himself. He couldn't have been wearing a packet of fake blood, because Sidney would have noticed it while they were taking off their clothes.

Correction: He could have had blood caps in his pockets. The same blood caps are being used in Halloween parties for making blood come out of your mouth.

Corrected entry: When you see Sidney's dad tied up on the floor just in front you see Stu's bloody hand and you hear dripping blood but you don't see any blood dripping. (01:32:20)

Correction: Although the scene might suggest the blood dripping from Stu's hand, it is not impossible that it is dripping from another bodypart (i.e. his belly) as he has just been stabbed multiple times and is losing a lot of blood.

There was suppose to be blood dripping from his hands but they cut it.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Drew Barrymore is talking to the killer when he has just rang the doorbell, if you look out the window, you can clearly see that her boyfriend is out there talking to the killer.

Correction: Not a mistake. Billy is on the phone with Casey, Stu is talking to Steve right before he grabs him and ties him up.

I have watched this movie 1000s of times but I cannot see the killer talking to Steve.

Corrected entry: When Sidney goes back into Stu's house after the killer tried to catch her in Dewey's car, she takes the gun out of Dewey's holster. The ends of her hair are wet with blood. But after she discovers that Billy is still alive after being stabbed, she goes over to him to help him up. The ends of her hair are completely dry.

Correction: So the blood coagulated, which only takes a short while.

Corrected entry: In the scene in Stu's kitchen at the end, when Billy has just been stabbed by Stu, Stu gives him the knife and is saying to Syd, "Everybody lives but us." When he says that they'll live because they have to plan the sequel, he is gesturing with his hands, with his pointer fingers pointed up. As he's saying, "'Cause let's face it baby, these days, you gotta have a sequel," his hands go in and out of the frame four times. Just as he says "these days," he has his middle finger up on his left hand instead of his pointer finger. Obviously deliberate on the actor's part, but pretty funny.

Correction: Not any kind of mistake in any way whatsoever.

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Revealing mistake: As Drew Barrymore is running from the killer outside he stabs her. If you look closely it is very easy to tell it is a rubber knife, because you see it bend off of her. (00:10:20)

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Sidney Prescott: You sicks fucks have seen too many movies!
Billy Loomis: Sid, don't blame the movies. The movies don't create psychos, movies make psychos more creative.

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Trivia: The murder of Principal Himbry was added after producer Bob Weinstein noticed there were about thirty pages in the script (which roughly translates to thirty minutes of screen time) in which nobody died. The scene also resolved the climax at Stu's party, as it gave all the guests a reason to leave.

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Question: A small thing that I was curious about: when Billy and Sidney are in the police station, they are in two rooms/areas that are only separated by a glass wall. In real life, would a suspect be kept so close to the person they are accused of attacking?

Answer: No, this is completely incorrect from the film makers. US police stations by law have to have an interrogation cell deliberately so as to avoid the accused person intimidating witnesses or the victim, as billy does to Sydney. Even if the interrogation cell were being used when Billy is brought into the station, he would then be put in a holding cell to wait his turn - they categorically would not just allow him to sit in the public, non guarded part of the station near the accuser.


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