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Corrected entry: Why didn't they (Seth, Kate, Scott or Jacob) also pick up Richie's Norinco 1911A1 and use that against the vampires and carve some crosses into the bullets as well, instead of just using Seth's .44 Astra Terminator?


Correction: 1. He basically shot the gun empty and it's possible he didn't have any spare bullets for it, nor would anyone care to check his corpse for it. It's also a .45 so Seth's bullets are useless for it. 2. They pretty quickly figure out guns don't do squat against these things and go over to stakes and holy water. 3. They don't know if putting crosses on bullets work, and it's a lot of work to do this for maybe 12 or 20 bullets which isn't going to be enough to kill that many of them. The Astra Terminator is Seth's gun, so he uses it still as he is used to using it, reloading it, etc (and also used later as a plot device).


Corrected entry: It makes no sense why the Gecko brothers took the bank teller hostage at the beginning. Their plan was to get across the border into Mexico and to the rendezvous using the Fuller family, and their RV was perfect. But what was their original plan? Were they gonna have the hostage drive their car while they hid in the trunk? She would have given them up immediately. Also let's not forget that her face was on TV news programs which makes her a liability at the border gate. Basically there is no logical reason and all they would have done (if Richie didn't kill her) was create unneeded collateral.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: Criminals behaving illogically don't constitute a plot hole. The fact that Ritchie raped the bank teller may have been his motive for kidnapping her, rather than just killing her right away.


Also, Seth states at some point he does not take hostages (either on leaving Benny's world of liquor or after discovering the teller is dead, I can't remember where he said it) which suggests it was all Ritchie's idea to kidnap her and Seth didn't want, far less plan, to take a hostage, and that he felt it was unnecessary to do so.


Correction: They had Gloria hostage incase they had a run in with the police.

Corrected entry: When Sex Machine is turning into a vampire, he hears a voice in his head saying "Kill them. Kill them." This is most likely a homage to the original Friday the 13th film where the killer Mrs Voorhees hears similar voices saying "Kill mom. Kill mom." Tom Savini who played Sex Machine did the special effects for that film.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: This observation seems like a minor coincidence at best. Sex Machine is literally hearing a mass of voices saying random things, with "Kill them" (a pretty generic phrase heard in many horror films) simply being among them, whereas the sound in the "Friday the 13th" (a shortening of Pamela's repeated phrase "Kill her mommy", shortened to "Ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma") isn't literally meant to be something she hears, but more a background ambient sound in the musical score. (And it was done so vaguely done and unintelligible, they later recycled it in every other film as a generic "spooky noise.").


Corrected entry: After Jacob gets bitten, he estimates that it will take him approximately half an hour before he turns into a vampire. What does he base his plot-convenient estimation on? Most of whom were bitten became vampires within minutes. It has been argued that this may be a result from him being a priest. Even if that's the case, with no prior knowledge on vampirism Jacob has no reason at all to think that his faith will slow down the process of turning into a bloodsucker.

Correction: It very well could be minutes or seconds till he turns into a vampire, but if he chooses to estimate 30 minutes, that is a character choice and not a mistake.


Correction: Other factors may come into play here. Richie Gecko and Frost were bitten on the neck, so they turned quicker, however Sex Machine and Jacob were bitten on the arm, so it took longer. Also, other factors come into play, how fast would they be affected, this changes from person to person, plus Jacob is having a guess as well, being less panicked than the rest slows down the rate of turning.

Corrected entry: During the motel scene, Seth comes back in with bags of food and gives some to Richie, before asking where the woman hostage was. We see Richie chewing, then a split second later (shot is from behind), we can see Richie pick up a beer bottle and take a sip, but the very next shot (front view now), Richie is still chewing and holding the burger with two hands, and the beer bottle is not even visible.

Correction: Check again. After Richie puts down the beer bottle, there is enough time for him (while seen from behind) to pick up the burger again before the angle changes. When we next see him, from the front, he is holding the burger in ONE hand, not two, and he is only seen shoulders and up. The bottle could easily be below the frame.


Corrected entry: When the war veteran is telling his Vietnam story to the remaining survivors, Sex Machine grabs him from behind and bites into his neck. Although if you look at the way everyone is standing there is NO WAY that he could get behind him without being seen by Seth, Jacob, Kate or Scott. (01:22:15)

Correction: Of course he was seen. They simply do not react to the sight of Sex Machine walking around in the bar because they do not know he is a vampire. He casually walks up behind Frost, keeping his mouth closed and his hands hidden, until he is shielded by Frost's body, before he lets the change take full effect.


Corrected entry: Considering how many hundreds of bats were trying to bust into the bar, there's an awful lot of empty space to move around in and turn your back on. Since the vampires' human forms are bigger than the bats and the swarm of bats filled the hall nicely, that bar ought to be packed wall to wall. (01:23:20 - 01:30:45)


Correction: First of all, not all the bats necessarily turn into vampires. There could be some hundred bats that were just bats, and would consequently take up less space. Secondly, it depends on what kind of vampires they were. Since you never see any of them turn from bat into vampire, there is also the possibility that they resemble Bram Stoker's Dracula in that sense, and that one single vampire does not turn into a single bat, but rather a swarm of them (which does not decrease their total mass, but spreads it around). If, say, one vampire becomes 20 or 30 bats, there should be enough room for them when they regain their humanoid form.


Corrected entry: In the opening shoot out in the liquor store, Quentin Tarrantio shoots bottles of liquor, that then pour onto the clerk. George Clooney then throws a flaming roll of toilet paper at the clerk, causing the liquor to burst into flames. This is a neat idea, but only liquor that is 100 proof or higher(very high alcohol content) will burn. The bottles shown breaking are normal booze, which is mostly 40-80 proof and not very flammable. All of these bottles would have had to be Everclear or Bacardi 151 or a similar high alcohol liquor to cause a fire like that. (00:08:00)

Correction: Only one of the bottles needs to be high alcohol to get the fire started then the rest will follow without hesitation. Even without that, it's relatively easy to light a cocktail made from "normal" alcohol, I've done it and seen it done many many times.


Corrected entry: When all the vampires get hit by the sunbeams they explode, with no fire. But when Carlos frees them and the sun shines in all vampires explode into a huge fireball. (01:36:55)

Correction: Makes sense, the sunbeams are smaller. Once the door is opened the vampires are exposed to much more sunlight and the reaction would be more severe.


Corrected entry: After Frost gets bitten he throws Sex Machine through a thin plastered window. Bats have been trying to get inside the Titty Twister all the time. The thing is that the bats, who lived there, didn't know that there was this thin plastered window?

Correction: The vampires are in bat form and aren't as strong as their human/bipedal form, they certainly can't muster the force of hurling a 200-pound man 20 feet in the air. They cannot switch to human form and knock the window it because it is vertical and has no ledge outside, so they would fall straight down instead of through the window. So yes, they know about it, but they can't take advantage of it.


Corrected entry: When Frost, the black guy, got bitten he turned into a vampire within a few seconds. After Jacob got bitten it took him half an hour to turn into a vampire.

Correction: Maybe because he's a priest.

I find this way too speculative with nothing in the movie to really back this correction up. What we do see in the movie, however, is that when characters get bit on the arm, it takes a little longer to transform into a vampire. Sex Machine gets bit on the arm, just like Jacob, and it takes quite some time before he turns as well.


Corrected entry: In the beginning of the film, after the actor credits have been displayed, they show a shot of the car that Richie & Seth are in. As it's coming down the road, you can see Richie's foot hanging out of the window. In the next shot, inside the car, his foot is inside and they don't show him putting his foot outside the window until a couple of shots later.

Correction: Yes we see Ritchie with his foot out the window. But there's plenty of time for him to put it back in the window because we don't see Ritchie when the camera is on Seth. Ritchie did take the tape off his hand, spit alcohol on it then put it back out the window.

Corrected entry: After Sex Machine bites the trucker, the trucker throws Sex Machine through the door or wall, letting in all the vampires. But later, Seth needs Carlos to break the door down in order to let in the sunlight, killing all the vampires. What happened to the big hole made by Sex Machine when he was thrown outside? Why didn't that provide the sunlight needed to kill the vampires?


Correction: Enough time has passed for the group of survivors to prepare to fight the vampires. So the vampires very well may have sealed the hole to prevent sunlight from coming in, and the survivors from escaping.


Corrected entry: When Scott is being sucked by the horde of vampires, Kate shoots him. This results in a big explosion. Scott may have had holy water in balloons strapped to his body, but the bullet fired off by Kate sure could not have triggered the explosion.

Correction: All the bullets had crosses filed onto the front, which causes them to explode.


Corrected entry: How can a place like the Titty Twister attract so many people, since the vampires kill its visitors every night? Carlos mentions that he once drove by, but surely this place is not jammed because of hearsay.

Correction: You are assuming that it isn't jammed because of hearsay, but why not? It's located on the main highway through the desert, and they promise truckers sex, which is likely illegal prostitution in this area. Word of mouth is quite a powerful tool in advertising a business such as this to them.


Corrected entry: In the final shot of the movie, the rear side of the Titty Twister is shown. Judging by the size of the Atzec temple and the amount of trash that has been dumped in there, it is inconceivable that this place has not been detected by the authorities.

Correction: The vampires kill anyone who comes around, so as far as telling anyone about it, there is no one to do this. Also, the only way the "pit" would be visible would be from the air, and a small crater looking hole in the desert would not attract much attention when viewed from an airplane, especially since you'd have to be pretty close to even make it out, much less notice that it had old trucks in it. Lastly, you can't see the pit from ground level, as it's below your line of sight, so it actually wouldn't be that hard to keep it a secret.


Corrected entry: It's never explained how Sex Machine's strap gun works. You never see him actually make something to let his gun pop out of his groin or to fire off shots. It sure cannot be operated by the force of telepathy.

Correction: Just because it isn't explained doesn't mean that it couldn't work. There could have been a wire running up his sleeve, or a remote control type device that he presses when the camera is focused on the gun (we can't see his hands), etc.


Corrected entry: There is a gigantic store yard behind the Titty Twister, so why keep this pretty unnecessary stuff in a store room? Just so a few survivors of a blood fest can use it as weapons?

Correction: The stuff is there for the vampires to use, or to sell on the black market.


Corrected entry: Seth, Scott, and Kate flee down the hallway to the storage area, pursued by the bats all the way and barely closing the door behind them. But when Jacob goes down the hallway (backwards, so the cross faces the main room), all the bats have emptied out into the main bar instead of trying to break down the door or waiting for the prey to inevitably stick its head out. Quite convenient, since Jacob can only point his weapon one direction at a time. (01:23:40 - 01:25:10)


Correction: This is a character mistake, not a movie mistake. Besides, if the bats thought the humans had escaped or would be hiding there a while, they might choose to wait out in the room rather than one crowded hallway.

Corrected entry: In the first big battle between vampires and human beings, the barkeeper attacks Sex Machine. The pistol attached to the belt pops out and fires off several rounds driving the barkeeper backwards. But you never actually see bulletholes exploding on the barkeeper's chest. (01:01:55)

Correction: Bullet entry wounds (other than shotguns and very large calibers) do not "explode" when they hit the body. This is a myth. A 9mm round for example with leave only a tiny hole on entry. The only evidence of the hit would be the blood from the wound.

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Question: How did the big, black vampire die? I know that he melted after Harvey Keitel ran him through with the shotgun, but I didn't see anything used that would actually "kill" a vampire. There was no holy water, crosses, etc. used on him.

Answer: Well Keitel turned the shotgun into a cross. So he touched the cross and melted.


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