After Sex

After Sex (2007)

3 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: When Nikki and Kat are sitting on the floor in a secluded part of the library, there is a single book lying flat on the bottom shelf in front of them, with the binding facing out. In the next shot the book has changed position.


Continuity mistake: After Sam and Kristy have sex, they are sitting in bed talking and there is a lei on the headboard. Kristy's mother comes in the room and Sam jumps under the bed. All during Kristy's discussion with her mom the lei is still on the headboard, but when the mom leaves and Sam slides out from under the bed the lei is now on the lamp beside the bed.


Continuity mistake: When Freddy and Jay are talking "after sex", Jay lights up a cigarette and sits down. He places the cigarette pack still open facing horizontally with a red lighter on top on the table. Seconds later, the package is closed, facing vertically yet no one has touched or moved it.


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