The Rock

Corrected entry: When Mason and Goodspeed are locked in the cells together Goodspeed asks Mason what he did to pass the time when locked in the cells on Alcatraz. Mason mentions he dreamt of meeting his daughter one day. However it has previously been stated that Mason was in the rock 1962-63 but his daughter wasn't born until the 1970s.

Correction: The question was more of a "what did you think about while being locked-up" since Goodspeed knows that he's been locked up for the past 2 decades, and time before that. He wasn't asking specifically about being only in Alcatraz.

Corrected entry: When the Thermite Plasma bomb is dropped accidentally and Nicholas Cage is flying through the air because of the detonation, you can see that he (the stuntman) is hung up on the hips. Maybe you can only see this one in the DVD version, frame by frame.

Correction: If it's only visible in slow motion it's not a movie mistake.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Nicholas Cage is supposedly making love to his girlfriend on the rooftop, Cage gets a phone call and has to leave. When his girlfriend gets up you can see her underwear.

Correction: It is called simply pushing the panties to the side. I am sure that it has been done many times.

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Corrected entry: Alcatraz has been de-commissioned for many, many years when this movie takes place. Why then are there still active flamethrowers with the randomly rotating gears? Why were they there in the first place? It couldn't have been to prevent inmates from escaping. The whole flamethrower part is completely absurd.

Correction: The electronic locks on the cells still work, since the guide shuts everybody into the cells as part of the tour. It isn't unreasonable to think that more parts of Alcatraz have been maintained in working order as part of the tour.

Corrected entry: Ranger Bob said that he spent a couple years in Alcatraz. If the prison is closed since 1963, he must have been a baby when he was arrested. (00:15:30)

Correction: He doesn't say "I spent a couple of years in there", he says "Spend a couple of years in there..." and is then interrupted. He would presumably have continued to say what sort of effect spending all that time locked up would have on a person.

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Corrected entry: Close to the beginning when Ed Harris and his team are stealing the rockets one of his team members smashes through a watch tower, as he shoots the guard with a shotgun you can clearly see a squishy ball hit the guard and rebound off him.

Correction: They said they were going to take the island using non-lethal force.

Corrected entry: The helicopter used to drop the US Navy Seals in the water is a CH-3, this US Air Force helicopter retired a few years before. More realistic would have been a US Navy CH-53E.

Correction: The SH-3 (or its variant the CH-3) were used by the Navy up until the early 2000's. In the mid 90's (when the movie was filmed and takes place) the H-3 was used operationally by the Navy.

Corrected entry: Just after the scene where Ed Harris is shot, there is a scene where Sean Connery is firing a machine gun. If you look closely you can see a cameraman running in the background.

Correction: Just looked through it several times in slo mo and didn't see anything.

Corrected entry: At the start of the movie where Goodspeed is collected by Womack, he states that VX gas was "invented accidentally". Later on, in the war room, one of the army experts around the table describes VX as "specifically designed to withstand napalm". So, designed, or accidental?

Correction: Could easily be both. The precursor of VX gas was originally developed as a pesticide called Amiton. It was withdrawn by its manufacturer, Imperial Chemicals, due to its toxicity. Several samples were sent to the British Army, who used the precursor to develop a series of agents called the V series. The best known one of which is VX nerve gas.

Correction: While I understand the suppposed connection between movies, I think the reason this method was used in these movies was because it is a common misconception that this particular medicine must be administered this way. Not true at all. It is delivered through a shot to the rear or thigh, as described in military "self aid buddy care" handbooks. The needle on the device is FAR too short to penetrate below the ribs, let alone into the heart. Its just more dramatic this way.

Kimberly Mason

Corrected entry: As Mason is interrogated, he breaks the window. Prior to that he takes a coin and draws a circle on the window. The purpose of that must be that when he uses force the window will break where he has made the circle. That does not happen. The window breaks in the center of the circle, not at the rim as intended.

Correction: Mason also draws an "X" in the circle while the camera focuses on Womack and Goodspeed. The glass shatters at the weak point in the center of the "X".


Corrected entry: In the beginning when Hummel is talking to his wife's gravestone, the emblem on his hat is broken.

Correction: Actually, the United States Marine Corps insignia is not broken, it is perfectly intact. The USMC seal is of an 'eagle' perched atop a 'globe' with a diagonal 'foul anchor' running through it. The same Marine Corps emblem is on his dress uniform's collars (with left and right facing anchors).

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Corrected entry: Alcatraz does not have narrated tours by guides. They use a self guided tour where you get a walk-man and listen to a tape.

Correction: However, it is possible to arrange a tour through the park system for a specific large group. My high school did that.

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Corrected entry: When General Hummel calls the FBI director. The director only asks: "Who is this?" and "I wanna know who this is." He says nothing else, but when he hangs up the phone, his secretary says that she'd cancel his reservations. Most surely she wasn't eavesdropping on another line nor could she have overheard the conversation from where she was standing as the phone call wasn't on loudspeaker, otherwise the director wouldn't have had the receiver to his ear. (00:19:20)

Ronnie Bischof

Correction: Overall this comes down to being a character mistake and not a film one. The secretary might have been told before the director picked up who he was and/or what he was doing. Even if this had not been the case, she might have presumed from what she overheard that she should cancel his plans as it sounded serious. As you mentioned she might have eavesdropped but there is not enough conclusive evidence to say she should not have been able to make the assumption that she did.

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Corrected entry: When they are in the chamber defusing the bomb we see the timer at 1:10, there is no slow motion in the movie, however the timer arrives at 0:04 after 1 minute and 14 seconds not after 1:06 as it should. (00:10:00)

Ronnie Bischof

Correction: Very few films are shot in real time. Much like most films, many of the shots during that scene are supposed to be happing simultaniously. e.g. while Cage is defusing, the other guys are trying to turn the water on, and his partner is panicking, and the cockroaches are dying etc.

Soylent Purple

Corrected entry: In one scene of the shower-room shootout you can see a SEAL land on the floor with close-up of his face. On the floor next to him there is a spent 9mm round. If you take a closer look, you can clearly see that it is a blank for use in movies. The "bullet" is still there, but on a real 9mm round the bullet will be missing when the spent cartridge is ejected from the gun.

Correction: There are malfunctions with every weapon, it might have been a round which wasn't fired and just ejected during a reload. God knows how many times I've had malfunctions with my rifle and my side arm during military service.

Ronnie Bischof

Corrected entry: When Stanley is doing the 360 in the Ferrari, the airbag deploys and Stanley puts the gun against the bag so he's not crushed like a grape. About 4 seconds pass and he never pulls the trigger, so the airbag was not popped.

Correction: Stanley doesn't take that long. Watching the scene he takes less than a second between cocking the gun and pointing it at the airbag then we hear him shooting it when the camera is focusing on the cable car coming down the road.

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Corrected entry: It is repeated several times throughout the movie that if you come into contact with the chemicals, inject the atropine into your heart. In real life, that would kill you. If you are exposed to a chem agent, you would place an injector about the size of a paint marker against your thigh and press a button on the back of it, which would extend the needle and inject the atropine. If you injected yourself without having been exposed, as Goodspeed was instructed to do in the bomb room in the beginning of the movie, that would kill you too.

Correction: Atropine, one antidote of VX gas can be administered directly in heart if the contact with the gas is severe because it will not be circulated quickly enough if injected elsewhere. See:

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Mason tells Goodspeed, "It's been a long time since I've said thank you to anybody, but, thank you." However, he said thank you to Goodspeed earlier in the movie, after Goodspeed told Mason's daughter that he was helping the FBI.

Correction: Technically, Mason has said thank you twice before the end of the movie: the first time is to Goodspeed (as you have pointed out) and the second time is to the Marine Commander (stated sarcastically) just before he goes into the boiler and opens the door to Alcatraz from the inside. The first time was to Goodspeed for allowing him to save face with his daughter, but this really didn't buy him much because he went back into custody of the FBI anyway. The second time was a sarcastic remark to the Marine Commander (i.e., not stated seriously). At the end of the movie, Goodspeed has told the FBI that Mason is dead, thus allowing Mason to get away and live a new life with a new identity, one that the FBI cannot track. So, at the end of the movie, Mason acknowledges that he is truly indebted in gratitude to Goodspeed, something he hasn't experienced in years, just before saying thank you to Goodspeed. So, this is not a mistake.

Corrected entry: In the scene where all of the men are being taken by helicopter to Alcatraz, a soldier hands Goodspeed a syringe and says something along the lines of 'if you come in contact with the chemical, inject this into your heart.' If Mason was sitting with the men on the helicopter, why was he so surprised when Goodspeed stops him in the tunnel and tells him that the terrorists have chemical weapons. Was he not paying attention on the helicopter?

Correction: He is not surprised that they have chemicals, he is surprised that they have missiles aimed at San Francisco (where his daughter lives).

Revealing mistake: When Mason is having his hair cut, after finishing up, he is talking to Womack and turns his back on him. If you look at the back of Mason's neck, it is clear that he's not just been freshly shorn; there are whorls of hair just above his collar. (Either that, or the barber was terrible at his job).

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Suggested correction: Not all barbers do neck hairs. The barber probably didn't want agitate anyone by taking too long.


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General Hummel: Do you know who I am? Did they tell you why I am doing this? Why I am out here? Or are they using you like they did everyobdy else?
John Mason: All I know is that you were big in Vietnam. I saw the highlights on television.
General Hummel: Then you probably have got no fucking idea what it means to lead some of the finest gentlemen on God's earth into combat, and then watch their memories get betrayed by their own damn government.
John Mason: I don't quite see how you can cherish the memory of the dead by killing another million. This is not combat, it's an act of lunacy, General Sir. Personally, I think you're a fucking idiot.
General Hummel: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." Thomas Jefferson.
John Mason: "Patriotism is a virtue of the vicious," according to Oscar Wilde.
[Hummel knocks him to the ground.]
John Mason: Thank you for making my point.

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Question: Why is there a "string holder", for lack of a better term, next to the shower, is it there for a plot device to get Connery out of the building or is there a hopefully better reason?


Chosen answer: These are sometimes present in hotels and are used as a makeshift clothesline. This way travelers can handwash clothes and hang them to dry.

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