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Corrected entry: After shooting yourself at close range in the temple, there would either be a huge entrance wound (and not a few small drops of strategically placed blood) or a nasty exit wound, with Juliet's lovely brain splattered all over her true love's face.

Correction: It depends on a lot of factors. With a smaller caliber gun like that, the entrance wound could easily be small and relatively bloodless. A smaller caliber bullet could also easily hit the skull, and bounce around the brain pan without exiting.


Corrected entry: When Balthasar arrives at the Mantua Outfields to tell Romeo of Juliet's "death", he tries to comfort Romeo, who promptly shoves him off letting his shirt fall open as he walks away. As he falls down in the middle of the field and begins screaming Juliet's name, his shirt is still open. But, as he gets up his shirt is suddenly done up.

Correction: When Romeo stands up, the camera moves to a wider shot, and he walks towards the trailer to retrieve his gun. As he's walking his shirt is still open, and it's here that he buttons his shirt.

Corrected entry: At Romeo and Juliet's wedding, you see Juliet's maid at the end of the aisle towards the door. When she starts walking toward the front of the church, the camera cuts to a shot of the boys choir. When it cuts back, the maid is at the end of the aisle towards the front of the church. We should have seen her in the aisle in the shot of the boys choir, but she's not there.

Correction: This has already been submitted and it is the Nurse not Juliet's maid.

Corrected entry: When Mercutio shows the chariot and makes it disappear, you can see the chariot for a split second when he opens his hand.

Correction: Everything that disappears from someone's hands is done by "sleight of hand", which is removing it without being seen. The fact that you see it for a split second only means Mercutio is not an expert magician, but not a movie mistake.


Correction: Almost every body is subject to involuntary movements, as the brain dies, because it releases energy through the nervous system, most often in the form of small movements such as twitching, blinking, or even shaking.


Corrected entry: The first time we see Juliet she's in the bath, face in the water, looking into the camera. If you play that scene in slow motion, you can see she is wearing a blue-ish tube top as she comes up out of the water.

Correction: The rules of this site are quite clear - if you have to slow motion to see a mistake, it is not valid.

Corrected entry: When Mercutio has just been wounded by Tybalt, he leaves the stage area and dies on the beach. there is then a long, still shot of Romeo sitting with Mercutio then running off to his car to chase Tybalt. If you watch the rather large Montague to the left of the screen, he edges away off screen so that the action behind him can be seen. This may not have been a mistake however, it does look as though someone is telling him that he is blocking the shot so he tries to be subtle.

Correction: I noticed this as well, but it looks like it's more of his character just walking away in disbelief over what just happened. If he was told to move out of the shot, he stayed in character and it looks genuine.

Corrected entry: During an early scene at the Capulet mansion, Gloria Capulet and the nurse are searching frantically for Juliet. Before she appears to them Juliet is bathing and her hair is soaking wet. In the next shot when she appears before them in a bathrobe her hair is almost completely dry. (00:16:45)

Correction: It could have been a few minutes after she got out of the bath. It would have taken too long to show her walk all to her mother, so that part isn't shown. It could have been any amount of time since she got out of the bath until she arrived next to her mother.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie around when Romeo says "Is the day so young." Romeo inhales cigarette smoke, but does not exhale.

Correction: When I smoke, for some reason no smoke comes out when I exhale. I don't know why but it just happens.

Corrected entry: After Romeo kills Tybalt, the priest hides him and the nurse visits him in hiding with a message and a ring from Juliet. This is no more than a few hours after the killing, and the ring is inscribed with "I love thee" on the inside. When would she have had time to get that done? Especially when she's not allowed to leave the house except to go to church?

Correction: Juliet is rich, and as such she can always pay someone to do a quick engraving. And she has plenty of servants to send with a ring to be engraved. Since everyone assumed she was going to marry Paris, they would have believed the ring was for him.


Corrected entry: Tybalt says "Thou art consortest with Romeo!" - doesn't make sense. Literally, it means "You are you consort with Romeo!". It could be "Thou art consortING with Romeo!", and Shakespeare's script just says "Thou consortest with Romeo!".

Correction: Actually, Tybalt doesn't say "Thou art consortest with Romeo". If you put up subtitles, he merely says: "Thou, uh.. consortest with Romeo". It's just a pause.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the party, when Mercutio is dressed as a woman, his wig gets bigger and smaller in different shots. One minute it's this wild Afro and the next it's this little granny wig.

Correction: This is deliberate. At this point, Romeo has taken the drugs. He is hallucinating.

Corrected entry: When Romeo shot Tybalt he fired three or four times, however, there was only one bullet in the gun. When Tybalt was about to duel with Romeo he had a crony eject all but one bullet from his gun and reholster it. That was the same gun that Tybalt dropped and Romeo shot him with - he wouldn't have had time to reload during the car chase.

Correction: Romeo doesn't use Tybalt's gun, he uses his own gun.

Corrected entry: Mercutio is dressed up as a woman in a silver outfit for the Capulets' party. When we first see him outside the mansion, he is not wearing any garters, but when he's inside the mansion dancing on the steps, he is wearing garters.

Correction: The reason Mercutio looks different is because it was done on purpose. If you also note, Mercutio has more elaborate eye makeup, a cape, the garters, and a bigger wig as well. Romeo is on a drug trip. He's halucinating. Hence the wardrobe change.

Corrected entry: When the Montague boys are driving away from the gas station, the hose breaks away from the nozzle, spraying gas all over Benvolio and the station. However, we never see anyone actually put the nozzle into the gas tank.

Correction: When Jamie Kennedy exits the car singing "A pretty piece of flesh I am" we can see a gas station attendant filling the car with gas and a nozzle in the gas tank.

Correction: Romeo has wounds on both sides. It just looks like they change sides because you don't see both sides of his face at once.

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Visible crew/equipment: On the DVD, when the Capulets are jumping back into their blue car at the end of the gas station scene, look at the rear passenger window. A microphone boom is plainly visible in the shot. (00:07:21)

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Juliet: I'll look to like, if looking liking move, But no more deep will I endart mine eye, Than your consent gives strength to make it fly.

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Trivia: The pool hall where Benvolio and Romeo play is called "The Globe Theatre." The Globe Theatre in London was where most (if not all) of Shakespeare's plays were performed.

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Question: I first saw this film on TV in Britain a few years ago and the song "Exit Music for a Film" by Radiohead played over the end credits. Everytime I have viewed it on television since then, another song from the soundtrack is played at the same point in the movie. Could the change possibly be because its become an expensive song to use as they have become a more high-profile group?

Answer: Whatever songs are in the movie were licensed for distribution by the film production company for a fixed price. It is impossible for there to be later fees somehow incurred on the production company just because the group is more popular. However, it's conceivable that Radiohead only allowed their song for use in cinemas but not television.

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