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Visible crew/equipment: During the "full attack" at the start of the Battle of Stirling Bridge, Wallace repeatedly shouts, "Hold," and in the wideshot right before Wallace finally shouts, "Now!" as the horses gallop towards the right side of the screen, we can see a white car at the left side of the screen. Viewed widescreen version. (01:27:15)

Super Grover

Continuity mistake: In a major fight scene two soldiers on opposite sides are jumping and spinning and tapping each other on the head with their swords.

Continuity mistake: In another major battle scene William Wallace is running into battle with a bloody claymore in his hand. In the next shot of him it is back in its sheath. Then in another scene he has it in his grasp again, but this time it is clean.

Visible crew/equipment: At the funeral of William Wallace's wife, Murron, a white van can be seen. He bends down to kiss her and as he stands back up, if you look over his left shoulder through the trees you can see the van going past. It's very quick, small, and blurred, but it's there. (00:54:25)

Continuity mistake: In one of the major battles, Wallace is charging down a hill with a large sword in his hand. During the charging it changes to being a small pick axe type tool. Then around the middle of the charge there is a quick shot change and almost from the same angle the pick axe has disappeared. It then changes back to a large sword, a quick change back to the pick axe, then back to the large sword. (01:28:20)

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Continuity mistake: At the end when Wallace is being led to be executed, he is pelted with food. Much of it sticks to his face and hair. A few moments later when they are standing him up he is completely clean. (02:37:50)

Revealing mistake: At the end, Wallace's friend is charging in slow motion, and if you look closely you will see his battle axe flopping around like it's made of rubber. (02:49:50)

Revealing mistake: After Wallace kills the Scottish noble in bed, he jumps out of the castle window into a river on a horse. As he is falling, you can see that the horse is a model and when they fall into the water one can see the fake horse bobbing around. (02:15:45)

Other mistake: When Robert the Bruce returns to the battlefield at Falkirk, there are 2 children supposedly crying over a loved one. If you look at the blonde girl she is actually laughing. (02:12:00)

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Continuity mistake: When Wallace first meets Princess Isabelle and is left alone with her in the tent, the wimple she is wearing appears to have a life of its own - first it's on her chin, then over her chin, and then under her chin. (01:47:10)

Continuity mistake: In the first large battle with England at Falkirk the same scenes are used when the English fire the arrows. The first time the arrows are fired, a blonde young man is hit in the foot, they then moon the English so they fire again and the same man is seen getting hit in the same foot. A man in the same battle is shot in the hip - when he grabs the wound you can see the shape of the cushioned bulb that the arrow is attached to. If you watch during all the battle scenes you can detect men who are supposed to be on opposite sides standing and talking, also you can see the choreographed moves being played out in almost slow motion - their swords aren't even striking.

Continuity mistake: At Stirling an English archer is hit by the nobles on horseback causing his helmet to fall off. He's then hit again and somehow his helmet falls off again. Then when he lands he is still wearing his helmet despite it having fallen off (twice).

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Continuity mistake: When the English spy tries to kill Wallace, and you realize the crazy Irishman is a friend, you see the spy drop his sword, as soon as he is hit by the Irishman's weapon, but as soon as he hits the ground dead, the sword is back in his hand. (01:08:30)

Revealing mistake: When Wallace walks up to the man who killed Murron and faces him. Look at the man behind Wallace and the man. You can actually see a car passing behind his head in the distance. (00:50:20)


Braveheart mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Wallace tries to escape from the English with his wife, not knowing that she has been captured and executed, he is seen running through the woods screaming her name... As he's running he has a sword in his right hand. During the course of three or four camera shots, the sword he is holding magically disappears and reappears as different cameras shoot him. Then it reappears and he digs it into the ground as he takes off the English soldier's uniform that he stole. (00:42:35)

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Wallace takes over the town after his wife is killed, watch as one of the English archers gets thrown off the scaffold and you can see him fall into a large pad.


Factual error: Princess Isabella was a 13-year-old girl living in France when William Wallace was executed in 1305. She didn't marry Prince Edward until 1308, and the marriage took place in Boulogne, not London.


Factual error: The Battle of Stirling (Bridge) is shown inaccurately in the film: the English and Scots line up on a battlefield and proceed to set about each other, with the Scots winning, with no bridge in sight. In the actual battle the English were crossing a bridge over the River Forth. The bridge was narrow, so they had to file down into small ranks. Wallace and the Scots waited at the top of a hill until half the army had crossed, then, before the English had time to regroup and form battle lines, the Scots charged down the hill and massacred the unprepared English.

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Visible crew/equipment: In the execution scene at the end, right as Wallace is being quartered, you can clearly see (on widescreen) a plastic spray bottle on the upper left part of the screen, presumably filled with fake blood.

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Suggested correction: This is absolute rubbish. Even on wide screen. The main reason for this being is we are never shown him being quartered. We see the executioner bringing the axe down to behead Wallace but that's where it all ends. The next scene is on a battlefield. Yes, we are told he was quartered but not shown. Being beheaded is not being quartered. For obvious reasons.

Revealing mistake: When the scarlet chevron is charging towards Wallace and his horse is struck down, watch Wallace's sword, it never comes close to hitting the horse. (01:31:10)


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Trivia: The men standing behind Hamish and Stephen in the last scene are descendants of men from the real Wallace clan.


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Question: What is the name of the song that plays at the beginning of the movie at the funeral when the girl gives William a flower?

Answer: It's called "A Gift of a Thistle" and it's on the soundtrack conducted by James Horner. Incidentally, the tune is a recurring theme throughout the film's music, and appears in several other songs on the soundtrack as well. Also in relation to the song, the flower was a thistle.


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