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Corrected entry: During the Looney Tunes' meeting Bugs Bunny is dressed in military clothes, but later he is suddenly out of them.

Correction: He was also suddenly into them. Remember, this is Looney Tune Land. This doesn't even qualify as a deliberate mistake.

Corrected entry: After Charles Barkley's talent was taken away from him, his coach called a timeout. So far so good. However, he called a timeout when it was the Knicks' ball. In NBA rules, you can only call a timeout when your team has the ball.

Correction: The coach did not call a timeout. His exact words were "Call a timeout!", thus instructing his players to call a timeout when they regained possession of the ball.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Tune Squad players are being introduced to the crowd, the announcer says that Daffy Duck is number four. But when Daffy comes out, you can clearly see that he is number two.

Correction: He actually says Daffy is "Power Forward", not #4.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the game, the starting lineup for the Tune Squad is announced- Tazmanian Devil, Daffy Duck, Lola Bunny, Bugs Bunny, and Michael Jordan. But then a few minutes into the game, no one has called a time out nor have any of the players been replaced yet, and suddenly Porky Pig is on the court.

Correction: Since we see both teams breaking the rules throughout the game (such as rigging a basket with dynamite) it's not surprising to see that this happened.

Corrected entry: When Michael Jordan first come to Looney Tune land, Daffy Duck stamps "A-OK" on his head. In the next shot, this has disappeared.

Correction: Mike is in the cartoon world now. In cartoon, things appear and disappear randomly all the time.

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie, Lola constantly disappears and reappears. Noticeable examples include the locker room scene and when Michael is playing for the first time.

Brad Premium member

Correction: Lola didn't know about Michael being in the toon world until she headed by the gym after his first game. And she's female, so wouldn't be in the locker room with all the guys.

Corrected entry: When the UFO lands on Elmer Fudd, he says "Ouch.", but his lips don't move.

Correction: It is possible to say the word, "Ouch" without moving your lips.

Corrected entry: The time between Michael Jordan retiring at the beginning and him coming back only takes a few weeks or so in the movie (i.e. the scene goes to Moron Mountain and back) but Jordan actually was retired for a few years before coming back.

Correction: Michael Jordan announced his return to the NBA on March 18, 1995 and played his first game back the following day. This movie came out in November 1996 (we even see footage of the Bulls championship win over the Seattle Sonics from the 1996 NBA Finals during the film's opening credits montage of his career). But since this is not a documentary, the filmmakers are free to make up their own version of events and timeline leading up to Jordan's return to the NBA.

Phaneron Premium member

Correction: He was actually still retired when the movie came out, so they had no timeline to screw up. His only comeback in the movie is him helping out the Looney Tunes. Other than that he was still retired in real life and in the story (he even mentions, repeatedly, that he is now a baseball player).

This is incorrect. He returned to basketball in 1995, before the move came out in 1996. The movie takes place while he was retired and playing baseball, but he was back to playing basketball before the movie came out.


Corrected entry: When Stan runs up the hole he allegedly dug with his own shovel when Daffy Duck says "Let's name our team the Ducks", you can see some lines in the dirt that came from the bulldozer that really dug the hole.

Correction: We are shown a brief cut of Stan, in a bulldozer, shouting "I'll find you Michael.". Remember, his job is to impress Michael no matter what - him saying he dug his way here (even though he lied) is pretty impressive.

Corrected entry: When the Loony Toons are playing against the aliens, during the last ten seconds, the clock timing is off. It will show 8 seconds, then show Jordan, then go back to the clock at 7 seconds, which is not possible because they show Jordan more than 1 second.

Correction: The shot is in slow motion.

Corrected entry: When the aliens have the meeting with the Loony Tunes, everybody starts laughing at the aliens. In the picture where you see the audience you can see two Sylvesters.

Correction: The cat sitting in the third row aisle seat is actually Sylvester's son. Sylvester is in the front row.

Chimera Premium member

Corrected entry: When the Looney Tunes challenge the aliens to basketball because of their size, the aliens do not know what basketball is. Why would Bugs Bunny show them a clip of what basketball is? If he hadn't, then they could have just beaten the aliens in 5 seconds instead of having to go through all the pain and abuse they suffered.

Correction: Bugs Bunny says for them to have a FAIR game of basketball, and if he didn't show them the clip, then it wouldn't have been a fair game.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bugs Bunny is trying to get Michael Jordan down the golf hole, he loses a shoe. But when he is on the court with the Toon Squad, he has shoes again. In Loony Tune Land, you cannot get shoes.

Correction: He still only has one shoe.

Corrected entry: Can someone explain how the hell the bulldog gets into the cupboard in the scene where Bugs and Daffy are searching for Michael's shorts? It was in the kennel when Daffy burrowed into it, the front door was closed so it couldn't have got in that way, and if it followed them up the tunnel, how exactly did it get into the cupboard (which was also closed) without them seeing it?

Correction: The same way Michael Jordon's arm streched across the court. Things like that happen in cartoons, even if the people are not cartoons themselves.


The scene in question takes place in Michael Jordan's house in the real world, not the cartoon world.

Phaneron Premium member

But it does involve Daffy and Bugs. And Daffy already had an encounter with the dog and somehow escaped from it. Basically, the dog got the role of a cartoon character by being involved with cartoon characters. It's also their movie, so their rules.


Continuity mistake: As paramedics inflate Jordan's assistant Stan Podolak following his lone bucket, the scoreboard shows the Monstars ahead 77-67 with 10 seconds remaining. Yet following his treatment and the surprise entrance of Bill Murray, the score has changed to 77-76 with no time having elapsed.


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Bill Murray: Larry, I'm gonna give us both twos back there. We weren't in any emotional state to putt.

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Trivia: When sending Bugs and Daffy to pick up his basketball gear, Michael tells them that he wore his UNC shorts under his Chicago Bulls uniform in every game. He really did do this, as a good luck charm.

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Question: Are all the characters in the crowd at the Basketball game from the TV shows or were some made just for the movie?

Answer: These were all actual characters from Looney Tunes.

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