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Corrected entry: In the the movie, they show the Cardinals playing against 2 AFC teams who are in differnt divisions...NFC teams only play teams in one AFC division per year.

Correction: What the writer said is true today. However, the movie was made in 1995 and back then that rule was not in effect. The NFL re-aligned the divisions in 2002, and then started using that way of schedule, making it when the teams are playing inter-conference they don't play teams in two different divisions.

Corrected entry: When Jerry comes out of his office with all his stuff he has a leather bag over his shoulder and he is carrying a box. He puts the box down and makes his speech and takes the fish and then leaves with Dorothy but he never gets the box back from where he set it down.

Correction: This is a character mistake, not a movie mistake. It is possible that he either forgot it, or it is files that he was dropping off for someone else.


Corrected entry: When Jerry and Dorothy see the deaf couple in the elevator, Dorothy mentions that her favourite aunt is hearing impaired - yet at their wedding later in the movie, Dorothy doesn't have any relatives from her family attending, aside from her sister. Funny how her favourite aunt just didn't get invited to such an important event. It makes it obvious that the writer had to make up a reason for Dorothy to know sign language.

Correction: There's many possible explanations. Her aunt may not still be living, she may not be able to travel, she may have not been have been able to make arrangements on such short notice, etc.


Deaf people also don't like to be called hearing impaired. One would think if she bothered to learn ASL for her that she would know that.

Corrected entry: The scene when Jerry ties the dress on the front porch - the strap on the dress really did break. It was not part of the script.

Correction: The dress breaking really WAS in the script. When viewing the cast commentary on the dvd, they actually comment on how that dress was special so the straps would break.

Corrected entry: When Jerry asks Dorothy to marry him, she initially has sunglasses on, and Jerry pulls them down to the end of her nose. In the next shot, the glasses have miraculously moved up her nose a bit, and as she finally cuddles him, they are fully back up where they started. (01:33:15)

Correction: The sunglasses get pushed back up on her face when they're hugging and her face is pressed against him.

Corrected entry: Most people are familiar with the iconic line, "You had me at hello". However, it is factually inaccurate. Jerry never actually says "hello" to her.

Correction: Actually, he says it twice, to the group of ladies that are in his home, the second he walks in the house. He didn't say it to his wife DIRECTLY, but she had been kneeling by the sofa (where he couldn't see her at first) and she heard him.


Corrected entry: The morning after Dorothy and Jerry slept together, she tells her sister that she loves him. After that Ray and Jerry sit down to have apple jack's. Jerry pours until Ray's bowl is filled, then in the the next shot there's more in the bowl.

Correction: After pouring the cereal, Jerry says, "Milk." The reason the cereal looks so much higher in the bowl is because after adding the milk, it rose.

Corrected entry: During the event's leading up to the firing, Marcee Tidwell is in the office with Jerry. By the time lunch is over and he calls Rod at home in Arizona, Marcee is already in the kitchen serving breakfast to the little boy implying that this would still be morning, not post-lunch.(she is present for the "Show me the Money". By the way, Arizona would not be "behind" California's time. However, how could she have been to the airport, taken her flight, been picked up and made it back home, and be serving food, much less breakfast, when they called after lunch, within that span of time?

Marie Lebron

Correction: Easy: We don't know what time Jerry got to his office, but it's reasonable to assume it was for the start of the work day (he's a hardworking agent, so he likely starts his days early and ends them late). So let's say he saw Marcie at 9:00, and she had intended to leave at 9:30 for a 10:30 flight. (This was before 9/11 made security lines so long; she'd still have been cutting it close, but that's a character mistake, not a movie mistake). 75 minute flight time from LA to Phoenix means she'd get there at 11:45 or 12 noon. Since we don't know where Rod lives, it's not a mistake to have him living within a half hour of the airport - which means Marcie would've gotten back home between 12:30 and 1:00. And all we know of the time Jerry called Rod is that it was "after lunch" - so it's not a mistake for it to be after 1:00 p.m, at which time Marcie would easily have been home. As to why they were eating breakfast food at lunchtime, that's a character decision as well - maybe they just wanted to.

Corrected entry: When Jerry goes to pick up Dorothy for their date, she comes out fully dressed, shoes on. She goes outside, Laurel comes out to bring her a forgotten key. Next shot is Dorothy, shoes in hand, in the street with Jerry waiting for a car.

Correction: Dorothy takes her shoes off when she is talking with her sister, after she brings her keys to her outside.

Corrected entry: When Jerry and Dorothy are getting married, neither Jerry nor Dorothy say "I do"...when the priest says "Do you take this woman blah blah blah" the little boy lifts up the rings, and they say "Not yet" or something like that...this happens again when the priest says "Do you take this man" both of them leave their wedding not saying "I do" at all.

Correction: We never see the entire wedding ceremony. They splice together snippets of it instead - very common film editing technique. It sort of acts like a summary of what went on during a longer period of time.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Cuba Gooding, Jr. is told that he is receiving a "guaranteed" contract for 11.1 million. I do not think that there is such a thing as a "guaranteed" contract in the NFL. Those only exist in the NBA, MLB, and the NHL. An NFL player can be cut at any time and the team does not have to pay the rest of the contract. The only way that they have a "guaranteed" amount of money is via a signing bonus which is paid up front but figured over the life of the contract for salary-cap purposes.

Correction: Guaranteed contracts do exist in the NFL they are reserved for very few players and generally not given in such large amounts. But this is a movie.

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Jerry arrives at the top star's house to make sure he's still staying with him, he arrives in an Eagle Vision car, but later leaves in a Pontiac Grand Prix.

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Marcee Tidwell: I'm sorry, I'm just a little pregnant here.

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Trivia: When Jerry is at the copy place at the beginning getting his paper put together, the guy behind the counter is lead guitarist for the band Alice in Chains, Jerry Cantrell.


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Question: What is the name of the melody sung by the Mexican (mariachi) singers at the restaurant when Jerry is having dinner with Dorothy? I looked for it in the soundtrack but it's not included.

Chosen answer: It's "Words Get In The Way" by Miami Sound Machine.


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