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Continuity mistake: The cars change shape frequently during the movie. That depends on the fact that many scenes were filmed at real races, with real F-1 cars. The cars that the actors drove were, for the most part, disguised F-3 racers. There are at least three fake Ferraris, and they all look different. One of them seems to have been built to resemble a 1965 F-1, but altered to look like a 1966 model. The non-existent Yamura (built to resemble a Maclaren), that James Garner drives is actually two cars with different chassis, one of them seems to be used very little, except when it catches fire in a scene.

Continuity mistake: After Jean Pierre crashes he is helped out of his car. He pulls his goggles part way down as they are now just under his lip and covering his chin. The view then cuts to a closeup of Jean Pierre's face and the goggles are not over his face anymore.

Continuity mistake: During the Belgium race it begins to rain. This is making it difficult for the drivers to see. The track announcer then states about Jean Pierre," He's only 2 laps away from his third consecutive win". At this point the view changes to a frontal shot of Jean Pierre coming over a rise and look, the track is completely dry, there is even sunshine. The shot switches back to an overhead shot and everything is wet again.

Factual error: The onlookers are eating pears in spring. Wrong time of the year for ripe pears.

Continuity mistake: When a car loses control on the high bank right hand turn and goes flying over the outside edge of the track, another angle is shown from the long back straight, but it shows the crashing car going from left to right, which is literally impossible because the car was going from right to left.

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Suggested correction: I don't know what this entry is referring to. The sequence is, Sarti's Ferrari hits the exhaust pipe and starts spinning counter-clockwise (Sarti is looking to the right and first turns full right). The shot is from the front and the car is going left to right. The Ferrari gains traction and goes through the guard rail. The shot changes from in front (left to right) to above and behind with the car moving right to left. The next shot is from the straight that goes under the North banking. Sarti's car falls through the tree, on fire.

David George

Lisa: Are you never afraid?
Nino Barlini: Not ever.
Lisa: Why?
Nino Barlini: Because, I am immortal.

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Trivia: Scott Stoddard's teammate at BRM, Bob Turner, is played by British Two time F1 Champion Graham Hill. Pete Aaron's teammate at Yamura, Tim Randolph, is played by American 1961 F1 Champion Phil Hill.

David George

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