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Question: Why does Evelyn kill Jeannine at the end? This isn't how the book goes and she's executed by Tori in Allegiant at the beginning.


Answer: Movies seldom follow books exactly as they were written. Details change, characters are eliminated or added, locales change, etc. This was probably done to compress and streamline the plot to better serve the film medium.

raywest Premium member

True but in the book it's more emotional when Tori does it as she did it to avenge her brother George whom she thought Jeannine killed.


Answer: When Tris is in the sim where she identifies Four as a sim. Jeannine says she has completed four sims and Peter says what about Amity, Jeannine says she already passed that when she spared your life. But then Tris ends up doing Amity again as the last one?

Answer: It should also be noted, just because someone owns a small business (in this case a bar) doesn't mean they're rich, or they had to be rich or make enough money from another job in order to afford it. Banks provide small business loans and having steady employment, good credit history, solid business plan, etc would allow someone to get a loan. Most business owners even say they "own" whatever bar, restaurant, store, or business they run even if it's leased or mortgaged.


A proprietor may lease a building but they do own the business that is housed within it.

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Answer: When Dwayne (Bakula) and his wife divorced, they divided their marital assets. The money for the "fixer-upper" bar that Dwayne bought came from selling their house.

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Answer: The Iron Spider suit has a complex and bulky storage container. The ordinary suit can fit in a suitcase.

Answer: He was probably contemplating what to do with himself and the stones now he had fulfilled his purpose.


Also, he was nursing his wounds from the first snap. He knew that he should be healed before letting a 2nd snap damage his body badly again.

Question: Why couldn't Annie accept the fact that kids in the ghetto spoke differently? People all across the country do, with dialect, accent, cussing.


Answer: Annie is an insane murderer. She does not have a rational world view. Her values and morals are incredibly skewed, to the point she views cursing in general as amoral but will freely torture a man, kill children, and shoot the town sheriff in the back.


Question: Just before Jack enters the gold room, he passes in front of several mirrors (three or four) and his reflection is not present on the last one, but seeing that the angle does not change, one would expect to see him pass. The question is therefore the following: what happens at this precise moment, between the last and the penultimate mirror? Should there be a change in reality? A moment when Jack switches to the past? Or anything else?

Answer: I'm not sure which scene you're referring to: when he first enters the Gold Room and finds Lloyd alone, or when he enters and finds the ball in progress. In the latter, we do indeed see his reflection...due to the angles of the shot and the mirror itself, it happens as Jack is still behind the Gold Room sign. In the former, we do not see his reflection, but it's because the shot is much tighter on Jack Nicholson, and so, the mirror in question is not visible in the shot until after the point where we would see him in it.

Question: How does Gupta the flag pirate have Buck's knife?

Answer: It's probably just a very similar one.

Question: One mistake mentions a car visible in the background of the Scorpion VS Johnny Cage fight. But for the life of me, I can't find it. In what particular shot is it visible? (Or if nothing else, does anyone have the timecode for it?).


Answer: Https:// Time stamp is 0:57 I'd say. You can briefly see a car moving behind the trees in 1 shot, it's less than a second long. Its left of the middle of the screen.


Show generally

Question: Based on Wikipedia, the show had 222 segments altogether including 2 films, and a Christmas special, meaning the show featured 2 different summer vacations (one before the Christmas special and one after). If Phineas and Ferb only have 104 days of summer vacation per-vacation, shouldn't there be no more than 208 segments and films put together (1 day per-segment/film) or not? Also, if there really were 3 different vacations, how come the characters don't look to have grown at least a little in height throughout the years (the facial looks are reasonable though because they still look exactly the same when it shows some of them older in the episode "Last Day of Summer," if I remember correctly).

Answer: And Bart Simpson should be about 40 by now. Cartoon characters don't age in real time. And are you really counting summer vacation days in a show about children who build spaceships and a platypus who's a secret agent?

Brian Katcher

Question: In the beginning, the parents are on the phone and the wife is asking her husband to take their son to the airport. They live in separate houses in the same city yet it seems like they are still married. Are they divorced? Or are they married but live in separate houses?


Answer: They are estranged (possibly divorced) and living apart. As they have a son together, they would still maintain a relationship as co-parents. It should be noted that a cliched trope often seen in disaster movies (i.e. Twister, Independence Day, Outbreak, Jurassic Park 3, etc.) is to have a high-powered married couple who have either separated or divorced. They still love each other but have split due to professional conflicts. Usually some extreme crisis eventually brings them together, causing them to reaffirm their feelings for each other and they reunite.

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Question: Three questions: 1. At the end of the movie, the creeper is missing several limbs, and then falls asleep for his 23-year slumber. When he is mounted for the exhibition he has all his limbs. How did they grow back if he was asleep? 2. Why didn't the farmer give the creeper to the Air Force or something? He has enough visual witnesses to make the military believe him. 3. Why didn't the farmer just burn him instead of mounting him as an exhibition? He plans to fight it with his dusty harpoon when it wakes up, but the farmer could barely fight it when he was younger, now that he is much older he has no chance. Why not just turn it into ashes if the military wouldn't want it? Please don't tell me the ashes could recombine when the ashes wake up.


Answer: The farmer sewed them back on. They do a close up where you can see a thick black "thread" or "wire" connecting the limbs that were cut off in the accident.

Answer: The Creeper's limbs most likely slowly grew back as he slept. The farmer didn't want to turn it over to the military, he wants to finish the job himself. He didn't kill the Creeper, the battle was ended when because he hibernated.

Question: I believe I read somewhere that the worlds are connected by crystals and travel is possible. Is this true and where might I look for the answer?

Question: Just asking out of curiosity, but what disorder does Noah suffer from?

Josh West

Answer: Likely autism with perhaps a comorbid intellectual disability and/or traumatic brain injury.

Answer: It was never specified what disability he was afflicted with.

raywest Premium member

Question: When is The Coral Sea Battle shown?

Answer: It's shown in the original 4 hour movie. Most of the scenes from the Coral Sea Battle are cut from this version and the battle is referenced, but never really shown.

Question: Why did the elders leave to start their own town?

Answer: The elders, who had met at a grief support group, had all lost a loved one from a violent tragedy. Edward Walker, who was immensely rich, suggested starting the isolated village as a means to escape modern societal violence.

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Question: The title - what does it mean/refer to?

Answer: In the film, it's a phrase used to describe the job of an air traffic controller. They're responsible for maneuvering the airplanes around in the skies. "Tin" refers to the airplanes and they're moving, or "pushing", them around. I tried to find if this was a real reference or phrase used in air traffic controllers prior to 1999, or just made up for the movie. It seems it's a phrase made up for the movie (but I can't say for certain as I have no experience in that field).


Question: The villain is driving off with Morgan Freeman running right behind him with a gun in his hand. Why didn't Freeman try and shoot the tyres? (01:10:00)


Answer: Shooting out of the tires on a fleeing vehicle is not a viable, realistic strategy. It is a movie cliche akin to shooting out a padlock or saving a hanging man by shooting the rope. It is not something people do in real life and it is therefore realistic that Morgan Freeman wouldn't attempt to do so in this film.


Question: I don't get it. When Peter and Aunt May are at the bank discussing savings with the teller, Aunt May suddenly kicks the teller. What was the point of that?

Answer: May says she's giving piano lessons again to try and convince the bank teller she's making enough money to refinance her home. Peter absent-mindedly says "You are?", which reveals that May may have been telling a fib. She was trying to kick Pete to signal him to not say anything, but accidentally kicked the teller instead.


Question: What happened to the one Native American that Governor Ratcliffe shot? I know he went back to the village for treatment but what happened to him afterwards? Did he die?

Answer: This is a question the movie chose not to answer. It could be assumed he died as the Powhatans did not have the knowledge to treat gunshot wounds. However, there were cases even as far back as this time of individuals being able to survive gunshot wounds as long as the bleeding could be stopped and infection didn't spread. As the Powhatans did know herbs in the land to treat infections and did know how to mend bleeding; it is also possible he lived though he would have walked with a limp for the rest of his life.

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