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Question: Why did Thor let Cap have some of his drink that he said mortal men can't have. I know that Cap's super soldier serum makes him stronger, but he's still human.


Answer: By mortal men, he probably just means ordinary. Since Cap has super powers, Thor doesn't consider him ordinary (plus the we learn in Captain America: The First Avenger that his advanced metabolism prevents him from getting drunk). Since Thor also relents and allows the WWII veterans to partake in the drink as well, it's safe to assume he doesn't consider it to be deadly for humans to have.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: Cap now has a superhuman metabolism, as shown in the first Cap movie when he was unable to get drunk after Bucky died.


Question: The military response was subdued - wouldn't they try to 1) Poison the creatures? 2) Make a noise then slaughter then en masse? 3) Use a tank and noise to lure them in and kill them with machine guns, flamethrowers, etc. Stealthy SEAL teams on a search-and-destroy mission? Drones?

Erik M.

Question: How did blood drop reached Marta's shoes, even though it was too far from Christopher Plummer in the suicide scene? (00:53:50)

Answer: To add slightly to the other answer, evidently some of the blood in the scene had to be digitally removed for the film to secure a PG-13 rating, which explains why we don't see any actual spray/gush. But we are to assume that a drop managed to splash onto her shoe when he slit his throat.


Answer: The rationale is that blood can travel quite far from an artery and her shoe therefore got the droplet on it even from the doorway - however it does seem to me that the filmic portrayal is lacking, since you don't actually see any instance of spray. Rian Johnson' script says "Blood gushes." What we see in the scene is that it is trickling down his cut - a bit.

Sammo Premium member

Question: After Alan Krumweide starts spreading misinformation about Forsythia curing MEV-1, we see a scene in a pharmacy being flooded with desperate customers. But if Forsythia is a homeopathic drug, then why is it being sold in pharmacies in the first place? As the characters say later on, it takes months just to get a drug approved, let alone sold.

Answer: Many pharmacies in the US sell homeopathic supplements.

Question: What kind of vehicles were the guys driving while being chased by ostriches?

Can it be used on sand dunes as shown in the movie?

Yes, that's why it's called a sand rail. It's a similar term to dune buggy.


Question: Why did Charlie spray paint graffiti in the gym near the beginning of the movie?

Answer: He was getting back at his principal because she hates Christmas.

Question: Why did Rosemary want to see her husband's left shoulder?

Answer: To see if he had been given some type of mark indicating he had been initiated into a coven. Something like "666" (Satan's mark) being tattooed on him.

raywest Premium member

Answer: The Warden tells them to stop it, but Paul says "He's still want me to stop it while he's still alive?" They could've stopped it, but that would've left Del horribly burned and disfigured. They chose to continue until he was dead, then they shut off the chair.

Question: Tom Riddle tells Harry that Ginny wrote the messages on the wall. But how did she write them? They appear to be up way too high for her to reach.

Answer: She got some stairs. The corridors are empty for long times, she had plenty of time to write it. Either that or levitation.


Why did Tom Riddle tell Ginny to write the messages on the wall?

Because it was obvious that neither he or the snake could write the message themselves. He's creating fear at Hogwarts.


Question: After Doyle and Russo come up empty handed with nothing but car thieves, the captain takes them off the assignment. How did they keep working it after that?

Answer: He actually takes them off the assignment earlier than that, because the case is not progressing and he thinks they are wasting time/resources. Shortly afterwards, though, Nicoli (not knowing this) attempts to kill Doyle, which gives them a new lead and thus, Doyle and Russo are put back on special assignment. It is at this point the sequence with the car happens.

I sincerely appreciate your reply and your correction of my multiple misapprehensions! I do recall the effort to assassinate Doyle but forgot the timing. I assume you also know that Ed Egan, the real "Popeye" Doyle, played the precinct captain in the movie. It seems that would have been very challenging after what he'd been through, but... And I still say the greatest car chase was in Bullitt three years earlier but the one in TFC is admittedly intense! :-) Thanks.

I sincerely appreciate your reply and your correction of my multiple misapprehensions! I do recall the effort to assassinate Doyle but forgot the timing. I assume you also know that Ed Egan, the real "Popeye" Doyle, played the precinct captain in the movie. It seems that would have been very challenging after what he'd been through, but... And I still say the greatest car chase was in Bullitt three years earlier but the one in TFC is admittedly intense! :-) Thanks.

Question: Doesn't it seem impossible they could have found another identical brown Lincoln and hidden the drugs in the rocker panels that quickly?

Answer: We don't know exactly how much time passes between the discovery of the drugs and giving the replacement car to could be several hours, which is enough time to find another car of the same make, model, and color. It's a nice car, to be sure, but not a particularly rare one.

Yes, and I obviously did not consider the strong likelihood that they placed their "order" for a replacement car as soon as they nabbed the original - not after they got it torn to pieces. Thanks.

Question: Bond is the same character from this movie to Die Another Day, he doesn't age, but time still moves forward, Die Another Day is not set in the 60s. How do they explain that?


Answer: The short version is they don't, you just go with it. Suspension of disbelief, sure it's a "mistake", but also so in your face that nobody cares, because it's a deliberate choice. Q gets older, Bond doesn't, that's how the world works. One fan theory is that "James Bond" is just a codename allocated to the current 007, so as to mislead/confuse our enemies, with each one learning the history that has come before. Fun theory, but no way to prove/disprove it either way. Although No Time to Die features a new 007 because Bond has quit, so that will likely kill that theory once and for all. When Daniel Craig's term as Bond ends will be interesting, because the films to date have been the only Bond films with a clear continuous through line, including him getting older, more beaten up, more accumulated history, etc. That's harder to hand-wave away with a recasting - previous Bond films were all pretty much entirely standalone.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Question: When Gus is eating at a diner, he overhears a man telling another man that somebody is making money off the oil shortage. How?

Answer: For one, when a commodity like oil is in short supply and the demand is high, the price rises significantly.

raywest Premium member

Question: Wasn't Rocky supposed to have a brain injury from Rocky V, that prevents him from fighting?


Answer: This is true, however it was something invented for Rocky V that was supposed to be from Rocky IV that was only introduced into V after. V is considered to be the worst film of the series with very poor reception. Stallone himself has even gone on record saying that he hates V. So this sixth film almost pretends that film never happened. V is still technically canon with this film, however six basically ignores a lot of problem with that film and tries to recton it. Does this create inconsistencies and continuity issues with the series? yes. Is the film better for it? Definitely. So where as that was supposed to be the case after V, they pretty much said with this film that no... we are not doing that any more pretend V didn't happen... but it did happen. It's a soft reboot in a way.

Quantom X Premium member

Question: What reason did the British general give for having opened fire on the unarmed crowd?

Answer: Brigadier-General Reginald Dyer has said his intent "was not to disperse the meeting but to punish the Indians for disobedience." Earlier that day, Dyer has banned all meetings to avoid any insurrection, but many still gathered to celebrate and protest. Dyer saw it as defiance of his order and thought it could be another mob insurgent he had seen earlier. Some reports also state while the crowd was "unarmed", that only referred to being unarmed with firearms and many in the crowd did have other types of weapons. It also seems at the time it was standard practice for the British Army to use necessary lethal force for civilian crowd control, although many saw Dyer's action to be in excess.


Question: If the monsters are smart enough to move "Fred" from the store and set up a trap, then how have they been unable to find Neville's SUV which is parked outside his house? They saw that SUV when he first captured a monster and also he got in it after escaping the trap. They can communicate to one another and in their numbers it wouldn't have taken long for them to find the SUV and thus where he lives. Plus, it seems to be the only vehicle (short of the Mustang which we never see again) that has clean windows and no plants growing around it, it should stick out like a sore thumb.

Answer: It's possible only 1 of them was able to set up the trap, doing this after its mate was taken by Neville. Before that they weren't tracking him in the shadows during the day. It became very personal for that one and thus was focused on getting revenge. This focus gave it back some of its intelligence so it followed him in the shadows during the day and discover ways to lay a trap. He also appears to be some kind of leader figure.


Question: Why did the Scottish scientists run out of petrol? They even say "We've got our own gene and enough tea and biscuits to sink a ship." Surely they'd have stocked up on petrol for that generator too?

Answer: For an average period of time, not for the second ice age. They didn't figure on it hitting so fast and quickly stranding them there.

Answer: The driver behind her couldn't see her brake lights and didn't realise she was stopping.

Brian Katcher

Plus the driver was also driving really close to her.


Answer: He said, it'll end up being buried somewhere, locked away and never to be seen again. They wouldn't want it to get out that a U.S. Senator sanctioned a village massacre.

Answer: As I recall, and it's been some time since I've watched the movie, Karen was part of the plot to have Margo miss a performance so that Eve, Margo's understudy, would have an opportunity to perform the part, for which she received rave reviews. Karen and the others arranged to take a day trip out of town before the performance, and then get "stranded" so they couldn't get back to New York in time for Margo to perform in the play.

raywest Premium member

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