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Answer: Hands aren't necessary for force usage - it's more a gesture to aid concentration (or for effect, or simply because it looks good on film). During Luke's fight with Vader in The Empire Strikes Back for example, Vader is flinging large objects at Luke without removing his hands from his lightsaber at all.

Jon Sandys

Question: Why does Michael waste time leaving "Samhain" on the blackboard and killing all those hospital people? He's able to slip all over the place so all this extra killing seems pointless.


Answer: Michael is insane. It's no different from him killing all the people in the first movie and setting up all the elaborate things he set up like the tombstone and the bodies. In the context of the movie, he's simply driven to kill and do evil things on his way to his goal.


Answer: According to the Hollywood grapevine, yes, like all actors of his generation he had a disdain of doing sequels.

Answer: Yes, and Barney is an ignorant drunk. It's a joke.

Question: In her death scene Evita sings a final solo and she cries out one line. What does she say? It sounds like "So soon" but I can't get the line. I've listened to the recording of both the film and the Broadway versions.

Answer: Within the movie version, when she is lying in bed singing her final song (titled "Lament"), I think you're referring to the words "how they shone, but how soon the lights were gone" near the end of this song. Also, the following may be helpful to you. This movie is available to watch free on Tubi. The full lyrics to the movie version of "Lament" are available here. For the "Lament" lyrics from the 1979 Broadway version, see here.

Super Grover

Answer: YouTube captions are often autogenerated and have no relation to what's actually being said.

I realise they are autogenerated, which is why I said that it "may" help to work out what the line was. While imperfect, they certainly are relevant to what is said. I've used it myself to figure out parts of movie dialogue. Also, streaming sites showing this movie might have closed captioned dialogue that is not auto-generated and is more accurate.


Answer: This scene is on YouTube and has the closed-captions option. This may help you determine what the line was.


Question: Pinhead and the other Cenobites have no memory of their human lives. When Channard is being turned into a Cenobite, how come he still retains his memories?

Answer: In general, the Channard cenobite seems different from the others. Ex. He seems directly linked to Leviathan through the (rather phallic) stalk/tube. It's entirely possible that his transformation was different all around, and keeping his memory was part of his individual process. Also, there's nothing that necessarily indicates the other cenobites immediately forgot their past lives. It's entirely possible they forgot them over time as they became more acquainted with hell and their new "lives" as "explorers" in the realm of pleasure and pain.


Answer: Probably because he's fresher than the others.


When Elliot Spencer is being transformed into Pinhead, all memories of his human life are immediately erased. The same thing happens with the other Cenobites.

It never shows how long it took them to lose their former memories. Just that it did.


Question: I have always wondered this but why do the other appliances hate Blanket so much?

Question: So does magic exist in this universe or not? We know Blackwood isn't using magic and is just a fraud, but other characters such as Standish act like magic exists; and then there's Holmes having those visions when he performs the ritual. Does magic exist in this world?


Answer: No, there's nothing to indicate that magic actually exists. Characters may be superstitious and believe it exists... but as Holmes displays, it was all cheap parlor tricks. As for his "visions," it's shown throughout the movie that Sherlock is amazing at deduction and prediction, so I assume the visions are a result of that. To me, it seemed like he was doing the ritual more to put himself into the right "mindset" than to actually perform magic.


Answer: Those were not visions, he was calculating the best scenario to use to defeat his opponent. All the other times after examining clues he was recreating the events that best fit the situation.

Question: After the crew and passengers were killed both during the party and in the empty swimming pool, what happened to their remains? Their skeletons and clothing would still be there, right?

Answer: No reasonable explanation is given as to what happens to them but considering what the ship and its ghosts can do, it's not unreasonable to assume they discarded everything at some point.


Question: At the beginning of the film we see Andy make the agents who killed his wife go blind with his mind. Why then didn't he do the same to John Rainbird at the end when they were in the barn?

Answer: Everything happened too fast for him to react, his powers were barely working, controlling only Captain Hollister. If he was at full power he could have controlled everyone.

Question: During the bus stop scene with Jess and Jules, what is the song that is playing in the car when Pinky's in-laws are driving past?

Question: When the Kraken is attacking the Pearl, what was the point of hoisting all the gunpowder as high as possible? The Kraken is below the water and it's just the tentacles that are above the water. Did Will really expect it to kill the Kraken?

Answer: If they set it off too close to the deck, it could kill members of the crew or severely damage the ship. Hoisting it high and hoping that it would cripple the Kraken by maiming its tentacles was their best bet.


Question: What was Bart referring to when he told one of his men to keep an eye out for the old bill?

Answer: "Old Bill" is an old British slang term for police. He's telling them to watch out for the cops.


Question: Why did Owen and Beru ever tell Luke that they are his aunt and uncle? They apparently want him to live a simple farmer's life, stay away from Ben Kenobi, and not learn about Jedi or get involved in the Rebellion. Would it not be easier to pretend that they are his parents?

Answer: Any answer would be speculation and it's hard to know exactly how much George Lucas had planned ahead for these characters. Not to mention things like Obi-Wan never knew Anakin was alive when they were separating Luke and Leia, Darth Vader hadn't been created yet, and he doesn't find out Anakin is Darth Vader until years later. An in-universe answer would basically be there's no way for the Lars to explain they now have a baby when Beru was never pregnant, so everyone would know Luke isn't their son (which could eventually be told to Luke as he got older). So really the only options would be to raise him as an adopted child or as their nephew. The Organas on the other hand always wanted a daughter and so Bail agreed to secretly adopt Leia.


Answer: Considering Kenobi lived on Tatooine and it was known that Anakin became Vader, there was always a chance that Luke would learn the truth and finding out he was lied to about his past could have been devastating to him and the family dynamic.

Question: How can Jack carry around a case of drawings without them rubbing together, and smudging the graphite or charcoal? Many modern artists will spray those mediums with hairspray or art fixative, but I don't think those were available in 1912.

Answer: Artists at that time could use fixatives to protect graphite or charcoal drawings. I had a small foldable metal sprayer for my drawings. The small metal tube is inserted into a bottle of fixative. The hinged top of the sprayer is bent at a 45-degree angle. As the liquid is wicked up through the tube, you blow through the bent part and it sprays the fixative onto the paper. It's a little hard to explain, but it works. There were also hand-pumped misting sprayers and atomizers (like the old-fashioned perfume bottles). Artists made their own fixative with shellac and isopropyl alcohol and also used clear casein (made from diluted egg whites) to paint over drawings.


Question: If anyone who's been booted talks about Kingsman, they and their family will end up in a body bag. How come Charlie escaped that fate? (00:30:52)

Question: The miscast spell made everyone who knew that Peter Parker was Spider-Man to appear in Tom's universe. Why didn't Mary-Jane, Harry Osborne and Eddie Brock from Toby's universe and Captain George Stacy and Gwen Stacy from Andrew's universe also appear as they knew Peter Parker was really Spider-Man?

Answer: Perhaps they did cross over, but they were not part of the plot, so we just didn't see them. They were all returned at the end anyway.


Answer: It could be there were too many characters and too many subplots already, they only needed the characters that would cause the most damage to Peter's universe. There are confirmed sequels in the SCU and The MCU, who knows who could show up there.

Question: Is there any significance to "Orion" by Metallica playing over the end credits?


Question: So, Maverick is in Miramar (California) and must depart immediately for the Indian Ocean, some 12 time zones away. How do he (and all the others) get there in 24 hours, especially on the carrier, well rested and acclimated to the new time zone, ready to go to battle?

Answer: Who said it was 24 hours? When they move from one scene to another one, it's indicated that time has passed. Several hours to several days.

When they cut to the aircraft carrier, it says 24 hours later.

Question: Did they have signs for smoking cars on the train windows in that era?

Answer: Yes they did. In 1868 the Railway Regulation Bill was passed in the UK which forced railway companies to designate certain cars as smoking cars. This bill was passed in response to companies banning smoking altogether on their trains.


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