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Question: Question for the ex F14 Tomcat pilots out there... Does the "target locked" tone say when you are launching a Sidewinder sound exactly the same as the "warning tone," when someone has your aircraft locked? Or is that yet another Top Gun-ism?


Answer: I can't speak for the older ALR-45 or ALR-50 radar warning receivers, but in the case of ALR-67 it most certainly does not sound anything like the Sidewinder tone. A sidewinder tone is a low-pitched growling sound that gets stronger with the strength of the heat signature. Https:// ALR-67 RWR has four different tones (scroll down to the bottom of the page):

Thank you sir.

Question: I have a question and this has bothered me for years. How did Doc know the exact date and time to wear a bulletproof vest by reading Marty's letter? We see what Marty wrote and it says "The night I go back in time" before he puts it in Doc's pocket but it never said the exact date or time of when the terrorists would attack Doc after Marty came back in 1985?

Answer: The answer is right in your question. The letter states "The night I go back in time." Doc helped Marty get back to 1985 at the exact date and time that he left. He set this date and time in the Delorean. We know that Doc has a penchant for remembering dates as one of the ways Marty proves he's from the future is that Doc told him the exact date and events of when he got the idea for the flux capacitor.

ctown28 Premium member

Answer: Doc sees the video tape recording of the first part or the test so would know it was after that time, so he took precautions to protect himself from that point forward. Knowing it could be at any time from the test till later, he wore the vest to the test, and presumably would have continued wearing it after the test if that wasn't when it happened.


Answer: Any answer would be speculation, but this was Doc's first time travel test and he did invite Marty to be there, so he may have assumed that was the date in question. He also had stolen plutonium from terrorists and knowing they'd shoot him, he could have worn it at all times.


Question: How did Howard Payne get Jack Traven's cell number that he contacted him on when they were trying to unload the bus driver? Doubly so given that Jack got it from the guy in the convertible, so it's not even his phone.

Answer: First, Jack uses the guy's cell phone to call Harry and tell him the bomber is still alive. So now Harry has the cell number. Later, right after Jack tells McMahon that Payne is "crazy not stupid" then McMahon tells Jack that Harry thinks Payne is a cop, Payne is on the police line wanting to talk to Jack, so Jack tells McMahon to give Payne his number.

Super Grover Premium member

Question: At the beginning of the movie, when Constantine removes the demon from the girl, why does the guy's hair turn white for looking?

Answer: It's the effect of the demon on him. Somehow the ritual Constantine is performing causes anyone who is a witness to be cursed.


Question: What was Roy's father doing for so many years? What did he plan to do next? Where did he get all the supplies of air, food, water, etc. to live in the space ship for so many years?


Answer: Clifford was continuing to gather data for the Lima project. He was convinced the project could succeed and that there was extraterrestrial life somewhere in the stars. He was apparently planning on gathering data for the rest of his life. Clifford would have plenty of supplies to last more than a lifetime, considering he murdered everyone else on the team.


Show generally

Question: I know Henry found Emma via credit card and a website. How did he know to look for her? Regina is strict and it was a closed adoption.

Answer: He knows who she is because he knows that the fairy tales are true. He was also shown to sneak out to go see Emma or someone else. Sometimes he succeeded, sometimes he didn't. This is how he knew to look for her despite his strict mother.

Question: Marvin, who Vincent accidentally shoots in their car - why was he in the car in the first place? Why didn't they kill him when they killed the other people in the apartment?

Answer: He was their informant. Vincent, before they go in, says "is that counting our guy?" They brought him with them to see Wallace.


Question: There is a deleted scene where Peter tells Ned he has to go after Vulture. Ned tries to convince him not to because he almost killed Peter last time. Is this set before or after Peter has his suit taken from him by Tony?


Question: This is actually a question to all of the books and movies, Why did Voldemort wait for the end of the school year to attack Harry Potter? Except, of course, in this movie, where Harry drops out of Hogwarts.


Answer: I agree with the other answer, but it is also a matter of plotting. Rowling has carefully structured each book to cover one school year at Hogwarts, usually starting with the summer break ending and the students preparing to return to school. The ensuing events cover the next nine months, with the story building up to the end-of-the-year climax, just before students part ways to return home for another summer. This formula allows for a continual timeline with only short breaks in-between major events. Otherwise, the story's momentum would slow down and much exposition would be needed to fill in gaps.

raywest Premium member

So basically, it's plot armor. Besides the main antagonist of the story is Voldemort so therefore he should be in the climax where it deals around him except in the third film/book. This answer makes me think that Voldemort really cares for Harry's education. ;-)


Answer: He didn't plan all these attacks except for the Goblet of Fire one. It took so long for Quirrel to get the stone, it took Voldemort's soul in the diary that long to influence Ginny and take control of her, it required the triwizard tournament finals to attack Harry. All these things just took till the end of the school year to happen.


What about in Order of the Phoenix and Half Blood Prince?


In Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince he was gathering strength, both personally and his army. In Order of the Phoenix the story is more about trying to convince the wizarding world that Voldemort is back and Voldemort trying for as long as possible to not draw attention to himself so it's easier to recruit, get stronger, etc. He is also busy with the prophecy, trying to get to it without exposing himself (thus using Harry to do it), knowing it is the key to his survival. In Half-Blood Prince Voldemort wants Dumbledore dead before he goes further with any other planning. Initially Draco is ordered to do it but he takes almost the entire schoolyear to do it, until he eventually manages to get deatheaters enter the school. It's not planned by the villain, but makes sense to have an entire year at Hogwarts continue each and every time. Until eventually Voldemort starts his coup.


In Order of the Phoenix, Voldemort didn't want to reveal himself as most of the Wizarding world didn't believe he was back. As such he used his Death Eaters to try and take the prophecy from the Department of Mysteries. He only arrived at the Ministry late on as it was an optimal chance to kill Harry, Fudge seeing him wasn't intended. In the Half Blood Prince, Voldemort was afraid of fighting Dumbledore and the only way he could duel him personally would be to attack Hogwarts which would be unwise. Again, he used his Death Eaters or in this case Draco Malfoy to try and assassinate Dumbledore.

Voldemort wasn't afraid to fight Dumbldore in Half-Blood Prince, he was trying to kill Dumbledore whilst Dumbledore was protected by Hogwarts, he couldn't get to him. So he had Draco do it.


He assigned Draco to do it as a consequence of what his father failed to retrieve, which is the prophecy.


Question: If the polluted water supposedly killed Penguin, then how come it didn't kill Max Shreck considering that he ended up in the water because of Catwoman?

Answer: It appears more that Penguin died from internal bleeding.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: He's asking if she wants to know if he's going 'number 1' (urinating) or 'number 2' (having a bowel movement).

Brian Katcher

Question: In the end after all the tower is extinguished, I wonder how the remaining people on the promenade room got back to the ground floor since the stairs have blown out, the external elevator got broken and there is no electricity for use the other elevators? Maybe they used helicopters?

Answer: Where the stairs were blown out they could have crossed over to the adjacent stairwell and back.

Answer: Exactly, the same helicopter that took Steve McQueen to the roof was most likely the one that picked everyone up.

Show generally

Question: I remember a scene in one episode when Maggie is outside the house at night looking for Marge. She thinks she sees Marge's hair sticking up from behind a fence, but when she looks behind the fence, it turns out it's just a tree. Which episode was that?


Question: How did the witnesses think that it was Bill and Stan who committed the murder? Didn't they even see the faces of the other killers after them?


Answer: This is actually fairly common in real life. It goes something like this: the witness sees two men in a green car fleeing the scene of the crime. Later they learn two men driving a green car have been arrested for the crime. In their minds, they saw these two men, and as time goes on they subconsciously "see" them in their memory of the event. This is addressed in the film. Vinny even questions one witness about that, asking if it's possible that they just saw "two guys in a green convertible, and not necessarily these two guys."

Answer: The witnesses saw two young men in a very similar car to Bill and Stan's drive off. The prosecutor made a compelling case that they were the murderers, while Vinnie initially bumbled. In cases like this, it's somewhat easy to convince someone to believe they saw what they want to believe, especially if they feel they're doing a civic duty or if it makes them feel important. See the play 'Twelve Angry Men' for an example of this.

Brian Katcher

Answer: They saw hardly anything at all, but they are convinced somehow that they saw these 2 boys and not someone else.


Question: At the Christmas pageant, why is Frank laughing when they all see the pianist falling backwards off the stage? Did he think it was funny?


Answer: Yes, Frank is portrayed as an insensitive jerk in both movies. Note that he was also laughing at the prank Buzz was pulling on Kevin during the pageant, much to his wife's dismay.

Phaneron Premium member

Hammered - S11-E4

Question: Why would a mistrial be declared if the DVD of the murder being committed showed Dalton's face? Wouldn't this show that he is guilty of murder?

Answer: Because the DVD wasn't actual footage of the crime. It was a CGI re-enactment. However, 2 versions were made. The one meant for trial and one where Dalton's face was photoshopped onto the CGI killer. A.D.A. Paxton put the wrong DVD in and the jury saw a Dalton as the killer, which was declared prosecutorial misconduct and the video tainted the jury.


Question: Can a cabin on a truck really do a wheelie like the one in this movie does? And if so how is it possible? For years I've wondered if this is a real world thing that can be done or it's just made possible in the movie. Is it just a 'Bond' thing?

Answer: According to Wikipedia, the stunt driver (Rémy Julienne), was able to perform the trick with no modifications or rigging. (

So it's a specialised thing that anyone can do if they know HOW to do it?

I have seen online that the rig received extra suspension on its back so it could lift its front wheels.

Question: Were Aiden's 7 days not up at the end or something and is that why he didn't die? I know that's why they were making a copy for him to give to someone else but I thought his 7 days would be up by now.

Answer: He still had several days left. Rachel was nearing the end of her seven days when he watched the tape, and she realises she needed to make a copy the morning after her seventh day, and in all likelihood, she had Aiden make a copy on the same day.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: Apparently former VFL/AFL star Warwick Capper has a cameo appearance in this movie. Wondering where he is? Is he the zombie looking dude around 20:30-20:40 minute mark?


Answer: Yes, that's him.

Question: When Tiana and Naveen get married in the Bayou they become human and appear in a church. What I want to know is did they physically leave the Bayou (e.g exit by boat ride), then arrange wedding plans, or did they literally magically appear in the church and everyone magically appeared at the wedding?

Answer: They physically left. Just because we didn't see it happen doesn't mean it didn't happen. It's a montage of their activities after they returned to human form.


I thought as much, but it would have been even better to see a montage of them physically leaving the bayou and planning their church wedding.

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