Easy A

Question: Why was Mr. Griffiths watching Olive's live webcam if it was meant to be a sex tape?

Answer: It wasn't meant to be a sex tape. The live podcast was a way of Olive setting the story straight. So to speak.


Question: Why didn't the teacher get fired after being caught sleeping with a student? In most cases a teacher wouldn't be able to be at that school whether he is of age or not, I don't think parents would like the thought of a teacher sleeping with students is still teaching at that same school and her husband is a teacher as well.

Answer: I don't believe she was ever officially caught seducing a student, her husband found but never told. He wants a divorce, and he knew she would agree to any settlement to keep it quiet.

Question: Why was Rhiannon angry with Olive? Why would she care who she has sex with?


Answer: It wasn't just that Rhiannon believed that Olive had slept with someone. She was angry and upset over the new trampy behavior that Olive was taking on to become more "popular."


Continuity mistake: After Olive has been to the principal's office, when she and Rhiannon are walking to their car, in the front-on shot they are leaning on each other. But in the immediately following shot from behind, they are standing about a foot apart.


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