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Question: When Achilles meets Briseis, she asks if she should fear him. He responds "you need not fear me girl, I'm the only Trojan who can say that." But Achilles is Greek, right?

Answer: He says, "YOU'RE the only Trojan who can say that."

Question: How can Natalie and Michelle get only probation for causing someone's death?


Answer: They would have been charged with vehicular manslaughter, not even a felony in some jurisdictions. If it was a first offense and/or they lied about what happened, probation wouldn't be off the mark.


Question: When Marty arrives back in the alternate 1985, he's attacked by a black man when he unknowingly breaks into what he thought to be his home. Could this man be former mayor Goldie Wilson?

Answer: No, it's a different character and a different actor. Goldie Wilson is played by Donald Fullilove. The dad with the bat who chases Marty out of the house is played by Al White.

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That doesn't necessarily mean that it's two different characters; George McFly, for example, was portrayed by both Crispin Glover using archived footage from the first film and Jeffrey Weissman in newly filmed footage. While the character played by Al White is credited simply as "Dad", there's no confirmation either way whether this was an alternate version of Goldie Wilson.


The answer is correct, the Dad is not meant to be Goldie Wilson. In the novelization of the film, he's given the name "Lewis." And while some characters were recast, Donald Fullilove (the actor that played Goldie) himself already appears in "Back to the Future Part II", so it's not like they recast him.


Unless there's any indication it's the same charector, or at least a clue to point in that direction, then there's no reason at all to assume it "might" be.


Answer: Also, the 1985 Goldie Wilson's picture was shown on a moving vehicle in part 1, and he looked very different from the father with the bat in part 2.

Question: How does every racer in Sugar Rush have a coin from their past won races? Technically, it's a mathematic impossibility.

Answer: They have the opportunity to win a gold coin in every race it seems, with many races throughout the day, and only one needed to qualify for any given day.


Question: During the USS Indianapolis speech, Quint says a "big fat PBY" came to pick them up. Whats a PBY?


Answer: He's talking about a Consolidated PBY Catalina, which was an amphibious plane (meaning it could land on water) used in WWII. PB stands for Patrol Bomber (the Y designated the manufacturer, Consolidated Aircraft).


Question: In the gas station scene, how was the gas station attendant killed? It wouldn't have been the tow truck. Even if it was, it would have destroyed the whole building to get to him.


Answer: The first actress, Cloris Leachman appeared in the TV movie which ended up being the pilot for the series. At the time, Leachman was already starring in her own TV series "Phyllis" (a spin off her role in "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"). This was actually the 2nd TV movie meant to be a pilot and the first one wasn't picked up. It's unlikely she thought the show would be picked up. After season 1, in which Carolyn Jones played the role, ABC was slow to make a decision to pick up the series for season 2 and CBS picked up the series. When CBS picked up the series, they changed the time setting of the show and replaced all the actors, with the exception of Carter and Waggoner (with Waggoner playing a different role technically), resulting in Beatrice Straight being cast.


Answer: It is typical to recast non-regular cast members in a TV series, usually because they are no longer available or another actor was better suited for the part. Non-regular actors move on to other acting jobs during a series' run. Cloris Leachman, Carolyn Jones, and Beatrice Straight, who played Hippolyta, were well-known character actresses who were billed as "Guest Stars." Cloris Leachman was only in the show's pilot episode and was on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Carolyn Jones played Hippolyta during Season 2, then was cast in the TV mini-series "Roots." Beatrice Straight played Hippolyta in the final season.

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Question: When Luke drops formula 86 into the Cress soup, why did the cook witch not turn into a mouse immediately? The Grand High Witch said that more than five doses causes an instant transformation into a mouse and Luke dumped the whole bottle in the soup which contained five hundred doses so the witch should have turned into a mouse immediately.

Answer: The potion was made for little children, not adults. It would have taken longer to go through their entire system.

Question: One thing that always confused me is why was it necessary to jettison Discovery after it was used as a booster rocket? Why couldn't they just keep it attached to the Leonov as they made their escape?

Answer: If they didn't, any further manoeuvring would require much more fuel. They would be moving the mass of two ships.

Answer: They needed to lighten their load, to make it go faster. In Back to the Future Part III, after hijacking the train, the Doc and Marty unhooked the passenger cars to lighten the load.

Question: Why does Leland refuse to help Leslie from the Sea Swine down the pit?


Answer: Because he cares more about proving the Sea Swine works than he does about his nephew.


Question: It is shown in the flashbacks that Samara saw the tree before her stepmother pushed her down the well. Why then Rachel and Noah found a picture of that tree behind the wallpaper in the barn if Samara didn't see it while being kept there?

Answer: Because maybe that's the place she died in so that's the first place her spirit is going to haunt. Maybe she drew that as a ghost or maybe her dad drew it?

Question: What does the waitress call the sheriff in the cafe scene when she gives him the sandwich?

Answer: She says "diablo and doc" referring to the diablo sandwich and Dr. Pepper he ordered.


Question: When Bluto was meeting in private with Wimpy, what were they talking about?

Answer: One, Bluto is a bully and threatened him, after all his name is Wimpy. Plus he most likely offered to buy him a hamburger, which he would have paid next Tuesday.

Answer: How did Bluto convince Wimpy to do it?

Answer: To grab Swee'pea, while everyone was cheering Popeye for dunking the Tax Collector.

Question: Roughly how much time passes from Connie's wedding to the final scene when Neri closes the door on Kay?

Answer: Ten years.

Question: What did Loki mean when he said he was burdened with glorious purpose?

Answer: He feels it is his birthright to be a ruler, so being a ruler would be the glorious purpose, and the drive to become one is his burden.

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Question: Johnny had not yet mastered his powers, so how did he know his heat shield would protect him and the little girl on the bridge?

Answer: He didn't, it was a instinct to protect the little girl and it was a reflex action that his powers turned on at that moment. When you are in a dangerous situation, you instinctively pray for a miracle to happen.

Question: How is this possible that Jim (the guy whose right arm was bitten off and eaten by shark) didn't bleed out to death?

Answer: Because the tourniquet that was applied slowed the blood loss substantially until the emergency paramedics arrived to help.

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Question: When Carl Lee Hailey visited Jake to tell him that he was thinking about killing those 2 men, wouldn't he have been required to report that to law enforcement? It's not considered attorney/client privilege when you tell your lawyer that you are planning to kill someone. And then he went home and told his wife about it, so wouldn't that also make her an accessory?

Question: Why is Dr Nichols helping Dr Richard Kimble? Why would he give him money? Why would Nichols give Kimble an opportunity at the hospital to investigate the drug, when he himself is in on the conspiracy?

Answer: Two answers. One, Nichols pretends to support Kimble and say he is innocent (knowing he really is) and otherwise avoids interfering to divert suspicion away from himself. He presumes Kimble will be captured before he figures everything out. Secondly, it's a plot device so the audience believes he is Kimble's ally and will be unaware until the end that Nichols was involved in the conspiracy.

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