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Question: As Claire asks Bender "Are all these your girlfriends?" she thumbs through a small collection of ID-Cards. While it'd suit Bender to have nicked or even extorted someone's ID-Card to use it for himself, it wouldn't suggest a personal or even intimate relationship. So what are those cards and why would Bender have them? (01:00:00)

Answer: They're not ID cards. They're just wallet photos, apparently of the girls Bender has been with.


Question: When Max is having dinner with Lucy and her family, why does his reflection show in the mirror if he's really a vampire?

Answer: Max says later that because he was "invited" to come into Lucy's house, then certain identifying vampire traits are nullified and their enemies are rendered powerless. That was why he had a reflection, could eat garlic, which is supposed to repel vampires, and wasn't "burned" by the holy water being thrown on him.

raywest Premium member

Ya, but Max wasn't invited by the man of the house. That would be the grandfather. Plot error, then?


When was it established that the "man of the house" had to invite them in?

It didn't need to be the "man of the house." When Max arrived for dinner, Michael opened the door. Max just referred to him as the man of the house in a leading way so he will be invited in, knowing it would protect him from being exposed as a vampire.

raywest Premium member

Question: Is this true that there was a feud between Bruce Willis and John Amos on set? And, if it's true, then what was the reason behind their feud?

Answer: Amos said in an interview that there was tension on the set between him and Bruce Willis that was reflected on screen. He claimed Willis had humiliated him in public, though it wasn't specified what that was. Willis has a reputation of being difficult to work with and has had documented disputes with other actors, directors, and producers.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why didn't the guards reveal that Diane was the Crimson Paw or that she aided in the bad guys escaping prison? A good majority were not knocked out when they were thrown in to the prison cells. Surely even if they didn't see her face, the bad guys exclaiming her name in shock as well as removing her mask would have seriously put her identity in jeopardy. (01:00:01 - 01:03:00)


Question: When we first see Alan Grant, he and his team are excavating old dinosaur bones. Given that this is a time when Dinosaurs roam freely on earth, why is he even bothering? He could learn far more from simply studying a live dinosaur than its bones. And secondly, given that dinosaurs are alive and free, who is gonna have the slightest interest in bones that are millions of years old. I considered this a goof, but I'm opened to any explanations.

Gavin Jackson

Answer: The live dinosaurs are genetically tweaked recreations, they're not the "pure" dinosaurs of the past, which would still be of great interest. Plus just like any other archaeology or historical study, there's always more to be learned about the past, and a great many people are interested in what the past has to teach us.

Answer: Agree with the other answer but would add that while to date about 1000 species of dinosaurs have been identified, it is believed there are at least 1,000 more types that existed and are still to be discovered and studied. Only a tiny fraction of the known species were cloned by In-Gen and Biosyn, and, as noted in the other answer, they are not genetically pure. Also, there is much to learn about dinosaurs' habitat, range, species evolution and decline, mating habits, health and diet, the existing climate at the time, and so on. That would be why paleontologists like Alan Grant continue digging.

raywest Premium member

Answer: The existing answers are good. In the movie, Alan Grant actually asked, "Why do we dig?" and answered his question, "Because paleontology is science [fossil animals and plants], and science is about the truth. And there is truth in these rocks." [00:20:52].


Question: Why were the bank intruders digging a hole, finally reaching a large pipe?

Answer: The hole was a makeshift toilet in the hiding space where Dalton Russell stayed until he exited the bank some days later. One of the robbers, while it's being dug, comments about it being used for that purpose.

raywest Premium member

Question: Did John's wife drown or did someone kill her?

Answer: John's wife was murdered when she was drowned by the construction worker. The construction worker was under the control of shadow demons who made him kill countless people. John's wife Anna included.

Last Hope - S5-E15

Question: Why is it the guys at the diner wanted Cahill and the teens out of there? What is up with them?


Question: Why does Bond in the aquarium warehouse scene near the start, during the firefight portion, move what looks like a lobster from one tank and drop it into another? Is it one of those iconic random things heroes do in some movies?

Answer: When the warehouse guard fires on Bond at least one of those bullets hits a tank, so the crustaceans, starfish, and the rest pour out of the shattered tank. Then Bond picks up one of those crustaceans and drops it into an undamaged tank.

Super Grover Premium member

Question: Someone suggested that Donny sitting down after missing the strike was due to it having been the last of three throws. Wouldn't that mean that he missed a perfect game by just one pin?

Answer: Not necessarily; even if one doesn't have a perfect game going, one could still bowl two strikes in the tenth frame and thus get a third throw. Given his reaction, we could assume he came within one pin of a perfect game, his final score now being 299, but we can only speculate.

Not necessarily; even a player that doesn't have a 300 game going could bowl three in the final frame.

Question: In the movie the ritual to bring Mammon into the world requires the spear of destiny and a powerful psychic. The psychic chosen is Angela who can only be used after a ritual that she and Constantine preform. This can only happen if the two meet so Gabriel chooses Angela's sister for Mammon to posses and kill, to get Angela involved in the occult world. My question is why didn't Gabriel and Mammon just use Angela's sister?


Answer: According to the plot on Wikipedia, Isabel killed herself to prevent Mammon from using her, so she was chosen first. Angela and Constantine meet because Isabel brought them together to stop Mammon, should he find another psychic. But with Angela reawakening her powers, she is chosen. It's not a quite clear plot as it is mentioned Mammon needed not just a psychic, but twin psychics.


Question: Does the number of wrist-blades matter on a predator?

Answer: A couple weeks ago, I ran into a YouTube video about wrist blades and, although this may not fully answer your question, I remember that the twin blades could be expanded outward to enable the predator to capture prey between the blades without actually harming the prey (for whatever reason). Twin blades were considered "typical." I suspected that the higher number of blades, the more experienced the predator was, but the video pointed out that "Super Predators" prefer a single longer blade.


Question: In the pre climax Anne tells Cal that Sonia was sleeping with Stephen for $26,000 but later he comes to conclusion that Stephen knew this how? How did Anne know?

Question: After Harry discovers that Peter is really Spider-Man, he tells Peter that he murdered Norman Osborne. Why didn't Peter just say, "I didn't kill your dad. He was already dead when I brought him to you"?

Answer: Anything Peter tells Harry about his dad at this point could lead to Harry asking more questions, and Peter wants to get to Doc Ock's lab before it's too late.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: As the other answer suggests, it'd be a dangerous waste of time. Additionally, Harry is literally driving himself insane believing that Spider-Man killed his father... so it's not like Harry would actually believe Peter anyway even if he tried to explain it in that moment.


Question: Why did Mitch tell his firm about being contacted by the FBI in D.C.? What purpose does it serve him? It probably only attracted more attention to him.

Answer: He's not sure if he believes the FBI, and if they're telling the truth he doesn't want the Mafia discovering he'd been talking to law enforcement behind their back. This way he can avoid taking sides just yet.

Brian Katcher

Answer: He knew the Firm was watching him and would probably learn about the meeting. To head off suspicion that he may be cooperating with the FBI, he voluntarily tells his superiors about it, all while acting naive and showing he has nothing to hide. He may also be displaying a (false) willingness to be drawn into any nefarious Firm activities, allowing him to learn more about it.

raywest Premium member

Jack the Giant Killer - S1-E5

Question: I never understand why the bully backs off from Jack suddenly once he thinks Jack has a steel plate in his head from Vietnam. What does a steel plate in the head mean and how did it fend off the bully?

Answer: Jack never said he had a steel plate in his head... Janet told that to the bartender who in turn questioned Jack about it.

Answer: Jack is saying that part of his skull has been replaced with a metal prosthetic, due to having been wounded in Vietnam. The bully now sees Jack as a wounded veteran who could suffer severe health problems if punched.

Brian Katcher

Question: What does the log mean that they carried Homer Stokes on out of the building?

Answer: Per Wikipedia: Riding the rail (also called being "run out of town on a rail") was a punishment most prevalent in the United States in the 18th and 19th centuries in which an offender was made to straddle a fence rail held on the shoulders of two or more bearers. The subject was then paraded around town or taken to the city limits and dumped by the roadside.

Brian Katcher

Question: We saw how the first surgeon gave Archer Castor's voice (using the microphone and the "peach" comment recording). But my question here is after Castor died, a new surgeon comes in from Washington who assumingly never met Archer before. Even though Archer getting his own face back with similar surgery is understandable, how did he get his own natural voice back (considering he sounded like Castor when the surgeon met him and never heard his real voice before and couldn't with Castor dead)?

Answer: His voice was changed using an implanted chip - he's even warned it will be easy to dislodge. The chip changes the modulation of his voice, so removing it would mean his natural voice would return automatically.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Question: I read about a scene in which Yoda meets with Padme, and asks her not to become involved with Anakin. Was it filmed?

Question: I would like to know if Jon Wamsley aka Jason Walton was playing the guitar at Mia's 21st birthday party? (01:46:01)

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