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Question: I first saw the movie in a cinema when it was first released. I'm quite sure I saw a scene which was later edited out, perhaps to accommodate the ratio of television screens. Before the attack various soldiers stop to listen to a strange sound echoing over the hills - "like a train" someone says. After we hear the sound twice my memory is that the movie cut to a panoramic view of thousands of Zulu warriors running across the veld, banging their shields with their spears, on their way to Rorke's Drift. This is what was causing the "train" sound, a phenomenon that is not explained subsequently anywhere in the edited version of the film. The dramatic effect of the shot, panning across what looks like thousands of armed Zulus, was riveting and served to emphasise the impossible odds faced by the British. Am I the only one who recalls this scene?

Answer: Absolutely correct. This exact scene is in my DVD of Zulu. They may have changes when the TV version aired, but this definitely in the original.


Question: In the original film, the Discovery's onboard computer states: "I am a HAL 9000 Computer, Production Number 3. I became operational at the HAL plant in Urbana, Illinois, on the 12th of January, 1992." So, "HAL" was a manufacturer identification prefix (standing for Heuristically-programmed ALgorithmic Computers), "9000" was its model number, and "No.3" was its production lineage. In this sequel, however, Dr. Chandra is chatting with one of HAL's earth-based twin computers which has a feminine voice and is called "SAL"; but how can they arbitrarily change its manufacturer identification prefix? Being produced by the HAL plant in Urbana, Illinois, and being identical to the computer aboard the Discovery, the twin's name should have a different production number, but it should still be called "HAL," should it not?

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: The most likely reason the name was changed was probably a literary one. It makes it easier for the audience to differentiate SAL from HAL, showing how they are two distinct computers playing different roles in the film. It may also just be a feminine nickname being that SAL has a female voice.


I thought perhaps "SAL" was a nickname, also, until I saw that the computer's maker nameplate reads "SAL 9000" (visible in close-ups of SAL's glowing eye).

Charles Austin Miller

Question: Why did Pinocchio kick Rumpelstiltskin out of the library when Rumpelstiltskin offers to make him a real boy?

Answer: He knew that Rumpelstiltskin wasn't actually going to make him a real boy which made him angry so he threw him out.

Question: In the very end of the movie Will Turner's father is on the black Pearl. How did he end up there when just a few minutes before that he was steering the Flying Dutchman for his son?

Stevie Knudsen

Answer: Bootstrap Bill Turner was not back on the Black Pearl at the end. He is only on the Flying Dutchman. It appears you're confusing him with another actor in the ending scene who bears a slight resemblance to Stellan Skarsgard, the actor who portrays Bootstrap.


Question: On the helicarrier, when everyone is having an argument Steve says to Stark, "I have seen the footage." What footage is he referring to?

Answer: Probably referring to moments caught on camera where Iron Man was in action, like at the F1 race track when he was attacked by Vanko.


Answer: It could be carefully selected bits of Tony at his worst moments, like when he was a hard drinking irresponsible party animal.


Question: Why did Ripper bite Vernon's leg? Did he think he was inflating Marge, or was Harry using his magic to control the dog into doing it?


Answer: Ripper is just a mean dog and badly raised by Marge (who is a dog breeder).


Answer: That, and he was also instinctively protecting his awful mistress.

Plus some dogs are just nasty and bite for the sake of it.


Question: Why was De Niro angry at Waingro after the truck operation at the beginning of the movie?

Silver Bullet

Chosen answer: Because he wasn't supposed to kill anyone. Killing the guards, especially for no reason at all, drew much more heat on McCauley and his crew. It also proved that Waingro was a dangerous loose cannon and not the calm professional the rest of the crew were. Waingro was a huge liability.


Cardassians - S2-E5

Question: Why did the businessman, Zolan, make the false accusations of Rugal being abused by his adopted parents?

Answer: I think he was working for Gul Dukat, since he disappeared after making the accusations. Dukat wanted Rugal's father to be embarrassed one day, when it was discovered that his son was being raised by Bajorans.

Question: Why couldn't the ministry just book the Quidditch world cup to be held in Hogsmeade or something? Due to what Harry and Arthur are saying on pages 66-67 about trying to get there without the muggles noticing? I remember Hermione saying that Hogsmeade is the only non muggle place in Britain so you can't get a much better place.


Answer: It's doubtful that Hogsmeade has the room for a full Quidditch pitch and thousands of campsites, especially without disrupting what's already going on there.

Greg Dwyer

Show generally

Question: How come Chloe didn't tell the other group what happened when she was kidnapped and held by Alves after she been rescued? She told the group on her cell phone that she will talk about it later but she never did.

Answer: My assumption would be a simple "it's not important" explanation. It's one of those typical selfless things in film where the characters don't provide specific information as to not make other characters worry about them, in addition to her intelligence background she may have just thought it would distract them from their main goal. Nothing really "happened" to her that would really drive plot development either, as she was quickly rescued from the situation. A similar example would be when Chloe called right after the speech she gave, Jamie doesn't tell her that Jackson was shot, just that he was hurt and that he'll be OK. We can assume that she just doesn't want Chloe to worry about him.

Season 6 generally

Question: The fifth season begins at the end of the first year of the second legislature, and the sixth begins at the end of the third year of the legislature. Has it really been two years in season five? Another thing that doesn't add up to this time jump is Doug's career in Congress. In episode 5x09 (end of the first year of term of the second legislature) Doug wants the support of the White House to run for Congress (following the chronology of the series, the next year would be the Congressional elections, and therefore that's where Doug is going to run because it's the most logical thing to do and it doesn't say anything to make us think otherwise) in the mid-term elections that are held the following year, but in season 6 and 7 we see Doug running for Congress along with the presidential elections. A script failure due to wanting to make a time jump from season five to season six? If someone would explain it to me, I would be very grateful.

Eduardo Sánchez Rodríguez

Answer: Just because Doug wanted to run next year doesn't mean the election was the same year. It's not unheard of for a politician to spend months campaigning before an election.

Captain Defenestrator

The Birnam Wood - S6-E2

Question: Can someone please explain to me the chronology of episode 2 of season six? I don't understand some things, there are scenes that seem to come before others (I'm guided because I see characters wearing the same clothes "supposedly" on different days, or things like that, that I don't understand). If someone explains it to me, I'd appreciate it, please.

Eduardo Sánchez Rodríguez

The Birnam Wood - S6-E2

Question: When C.J. gives the press conference announcing that after lunch the committees would meet to discuss the proposed topics, why do all the members leave in totally different clothes than just before? If it's supposed to be the same day, why would they change their clothes? The president also quickly changed his clothes to meet with the Palestinian president and the Israeli PM. Does anyone know why the costume change in that scene is still the same day? Or could it be a scene error?

Eduardo Sánchez Rodríguez

Answer: There are a couple of press conferences in this episode, so I'm not sure which you're referring to. The final press conference is at Camp David, which is in the woods, so some of the reporters may have changed from wearing suits at the White House to more fitting clothes for outdoors at the summit. It wouldn't also necessarily be the same group of reporters. Some of the faces would stay the same, but reporters get switched out as they go post their stories and others come to replace them, so they rotate.

Captain Defenestrator

Answer: Even when leaders are "cut off from the outside world," there's typically some way to get hold of them. A secure line unknown to the general public, a couriered message, somebody just got in a car and drove there; there would still be ways.

Captain Defenestrator

Question: Anakin's mom says the Republic doesn't exist on Tatooine. Why not?

Answer: It's in the Outer Rim territories. It's far enough away from the central government that they can't really have an effective government. In addition, it's in Hutt-controlled space.

Greg Dwyer

Why not send people to take control of Tatooine, and the outer rim territories away from the hutts?

The Republic has the task of running an entire galaxy, which is billions and billions of planets and solar systems. Sending troops into the Outer Rim, against heavily armed gangsters and with little to no communication, enough resources or backup, would be a terrible plan. At least the Hutts keep things running smoothly and don't let the planets go into anarchy.

Question: Val puts his finger to Armand's cheek or ear and wipes something red on the wallpaper. What is it?

Answer: Make-up - specifically, bronzing foundation.

Michael Albert

Answer: I don't think Wilbur knew that Marissa was a spy. Where in the movie was there evidence of a divorce?

Answer: We are never shown what happened to him but he may have gone to live with relatives or he was simply put into an orphanage.

Answer: John Gustafson and his wife, May, were divorced after 20 years of marriage.

Charles Austin Miller

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