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Question: At school, Starla makes fun of a supposedly lesbian girl by asking if the girl's perfume is "C.K. Spam." What does that mean?

Answer: CK, which stands for Calvin Klein, is a brand of perfume. Spam is the cheap ham meat in a can. So she's indicating she smells like the meat or could be a subtle way of calling her a pig.


Question: During the yacht rescue, Superman is stepping on the door and getting a grip to fly. How is he flying/lifting if he has technically landed?

Answer: Superman doesn't fly through blasters on his feet. He simply levitates. In this instance, however, he also happens to be holding onto the object that he has his feet on (the boat), which means that as he moves up, the boat he has his feet on is moving up at the same rate.


Question: It's never explained how Harry Powell gets that Model-T into the middle of the lake. Any possible answers?

Question: What kind of hairstyle is Fatso wearing when he pretends to be Amelia?


Answer: The style looks similar to an updo with the Rockabilly Curl or Victory Roll at the top.

Super Grover

Answer: It looks like a mid-20th century (1940s era), female-style pompadour.


It doesn't look like any pompadour I've seen.


Female-style pompadours from around the 1940s included styles with a curl or roll on top.


Question: When Daniel is on the phone with the alarm company, what causes the connection to go static for a moment? Could it be that the aliens were eavesdropping on their conversation?

Question: When Sammy is in the park, what causes him to start screaming in that prolonged scream?

Show generally

Question: There's a quote from Richard Fish I've never been able to find exactly online, but I'm sure I'm remembering the gist, I think talking to someone about getting divorced or cheated on: "10 years from now, are you still going to be as mad as you are now? Of course not. So jump to that point, now, and you're over it. Fishism." Can anyone identify the episode/quote?

Jon Sandys

Question: When Bella discovers Edward has snuck into her room and reveals he's been watching her, Bella has no pants on - just a shirt and underwear. Wouldn't Bella be upset about being seen in her underwear? She doesn't try to cover herself.

Answer: Apparently she wasn't bothered by it. One thing I find so amusing about our culture: If a woman is wearing a bikini at the beach, no-one thinks anything of it. But a bit of underwear showing raises eyebrows.


As a woman, one slight difference is that I would intend for people to see me in a bikini. Underwear can be more "ugly." I wouldn't want most people to see me in an old bra with polka-dot panties that don't match. But I understand your point - it's still sort of funny.

Question: In this version, when Ariel becomes human, she loses her bra. What happened to it? Did it just come off?

Answer: Her long hair covered her up.

There are a couple of shots after her transformation where you can tell she's no longer wearing her bra. However, I rewatched her transformation scene, and her bra is never seen coming off. It's just gone.

Answer: It wasn't explained, so any answer is just a guess.


Question: When Ariel rescues Eric from drowning, he still has boots on, but when she brings him to shore, he is barefoot. What happened to his boots? They couldn't have slipped off, as they appear tight on his feet, and Ariel couldn't have removed them and kept Eric above water at the same time. Later during the climax, Eric spends a good amount of time in the ocean with boots on, but after he defeats Ursula, he's barefoot again. Why and how do his boots keep coming off?

Answer: Co-director John Musker was asked this on Facebook. He said that they had Eric wash up barefoot because they thought he looked more like he'd "been through Hell", and didn't really think about how or why his boots came off.

Answer: This appears to be a continuity mistake and not anything that happened in the film.


La Biblioteca Es Libros? - S2-E19

Question: Who is in the footage at the end of the episode? It shows Adam's real Spanish class, but there are two boys who both look like the real Adam when he was younger in his class. One sat down answering, and one stood up asking Spanish questions. It threw me off as now I'm unsure which is Adam and who the other boy is.

Question: Did Lana actually like Joel or not? She said that the night on the train was not simply a diversion while Guido and Vicki raided his house. However, she was still involved with them, after claiming that she was done working for Guido. She and Vicki "quit" when he first appeared at Joel's house.

Answer: Lana liked him, but was not in love with him. The whole Guido house raid was his way of getting what's owed to him, when Joel stole all his business. At the end of the movie, Lana and Joel walked and talked about him going away to college, with no expectations about one another continuing their relationship.

Show generally

Question: Why does River walk around barefoot so much? There are even a couple times, such as in the episode "Bushwacked", where she goes off the ship barefoot.

Answer: Story-wise, I believe it's sort of a tactile thing for her. She has a very childlike mind and is often seen wandering around touching and examining things. Being barefoot would be an addition to that, as she could be feeling the ground beneath her constantly. Behind-the-scenes wise, the actress apparently just prefers being barefoot, so she had no problems doing this. (Also, and this is more rumor than anything, but a lot of people believe series creator Joss Whedon has a foot fetish and often finds ways to have cast members be barefoot, similar to Quentin Tarantino. And this doesn't seem surprising since in only 14 episodes, "Firefly" has a LOT of scenes displaying barefoot women.)


Question: What was the reason why that one soldier's wife made a tape of her cheating on him with someone else and sending it to him? Did she suspect him of cheating on her, so she wanted to get revenge?

Answer: Nope. Some people are just evil like that. Most of the time, the service member marries young; immaturity on the part of the spouse, coupled with the resentment of the deployed person being away and "not taking care of their needs," results in the Jody scenario. Funny thing is, this is so common. Everybody in the military has heard of or knows someone this has happened to, almost exactly like the movie.


That makes sense. Another question was, do we ever learn of what happened? Did he divorce her upon returning back to the States after she left him for her neighbor?

Question: Janis says, "Of course, all the Plastics are in the same gym class." All of them are in junior year (correct me if I'm wrong), so is there some reason why they shouldn't be the same class?

Answer: There's a difference between class and grade level. Typically in high school, a gym class (i.e. P.E.) is offered almost every class period for each P.E. teacher. Say a school has 4 P.E. teachers and there are 6 class periods in a day, that's probably about 14-16 classes for the students in the school to be a part of. So for all the "plastics" to be in the same class means they would have had to plan it that way.


Another possibility, along with Bishop73's answer: At my high school, we were supposed to take one gym/P.E. class before graduating. If this school is the same way, then the Plastics might have purposely taken their gym class in the same year. Another sign of how "exclusive" their trio is, and how much Gretchen and Karen follow Regina's lead.

Question: Why would Einhorn kill Roger after finding out that Einhorn used to be a man? Roger didn't know that Einhorn used to be Ray Finkle, only that, as Ace put it, Roger found Captain Winky.

Answer: We don't know that's all Roger discovered, and even so, that could have been the start of Roger figuring out the truth. Einhorn didn't want to take the chance.

Question: Why didn't Billy and Stu kill Billy's father? They killed Sidney's mother for having an affair with him, which caused Billy's mother to leave town. Why not blame Mr. Loomis also?

Answer: One problem is that they killed Mrs. Prescott the year before, so they were probably 16 or 17 years old. If they had killed Billy's father, after his mother walked out on the family, he might have been required to live with an adult guardian somewhere. It would ruin the plans that he and Stu made.

Answer: In addition, we find out in the third movie, Roman planted the idea in Billy and Stu's mind. Roman didn't care about Hank; he was really after Maureen since she abandoned him and wanted revenge.

Torie White

Question: Randy says that the police would save time if they watched "Prom Night". I saw that movie a while ago, but I don't understand what he means. Can someone explain?

Answer: Did you watch the remake or the 1981 original? In that version, these mean kids terrorise a girl and cause her to fall out of a third-story window and die. They take a vow of secrecy and leave, then the shadow of a person appears before the dead girl. At the prom, a mysterious stalker taunts and kills the group of kids, one by one. The police, at first, believe a local child molester did it but died in a car crash. They reopen the case and arrive at the prom to see it was the younger brother of the murdered girl who discovered her body and sought revenge.

I watched the 1981 original, but as my question says, I had not seen it in a while. So, is Randy saying that the police should be investigating people who are directly connected to Sidney and her mother (Mr. Prescott, Billy, Sidney's friends)? Just as the killer in "Prom Night" was directly connected to a murder victim?

Sort of. Randy's mostly saying that the cops are wasting their time trying to track down the whereabouts of a missing suspect and that the killer is more likely to be hiding in plain sight among the victims' inner social circle.


Question: During the counseling session, the girl in the wheelchair tells another girl, "You're fat because I hate you." What does she mean?

Answer: Jessica (the girl in the wheelchair) was saying she didn't hate Laura for being fat, but that being hated by Jessica is what caused led Laura to overeat or, in some way, get fat. Sometimes, people with low self-esteem or stress binge eat to feel better and engage in other poor lifestyle choices that lead to obesity.


Answer: That's why he kissed Fred, after being called an ugly old broad. Scooby wanted to let everyone see this ugly old broad kiss a handsome young man.

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