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Question: When Matt Murdock becomes blind his other senses are enhanced. Is this possible in reality?

Answer: Not to the extent in the show, of course, but it can absolutely happen to an extent: In short the brain is quite "plastic" and good at redirecting its resources where needed. Not being able to see can "free up" brain power and improve other areas. Only up to a point, of course.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Answer: Not blindness, but the same principle applies. I know a deaf comedienne that doesn't like people to use flash photography at her shows because she relies on her eyesight to help compensate for her diminished sense of hearing, and the flashing can mess with her senses.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: The boys are playing baseball and young Carol shows up in a wheelchair. Shakes says she is his sister, so why later in the film does she ask him why he never asked her out.

Answer: I believe you are confusing two characters and what person's sister. The girl in the wheelchair (can't remember her name offhand) was Hector Maldonado's sister. Hector was on the opposing stickball team. Carol (who was not in a wheelchair) was Michael's girlfriend, so Shakes saw her as "taken" and "off limits." (Shakes wouldn't steal his friend's girlfriend).


Question: When Charlotte starts singing "I am Woman" too early and then looks embarrassed, was that actually in the script or did she really make the mistake and they just left it in?

Answer: In the script.

Question: Spoiler! The scene at the very end, with Arthur locked up talking to the doctor/social worker - is that meant to be later, after he's been captured again, or is it a flashback to when he was hospitalised before, as was referenced earlier in the movie?

Jon Sandys Premium member

Answer: This is later, as the building appears to be Arkham. He's committed there instead of going to jail based on his insanity. It appears he is laughing about the death of Thomas Wayne, we see a flash of that scene again for a reason.


Chosen answer: I think it's meant to be deliberately ambiguous. I took at as him being locked up for his crimes, but others have commented that they think he was always locked up and the entire movie takes place in his head.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: He probably wanted help, she was seen putting the bumper on the car with Mikey. He probably had other tasks for her to do, but she annoyed him by calling him a crook before he could give her more jobs and then Zinnia arrived shortly afterwards.

Answer: He doesn't bring her in the book, but in order for the plot to work out, they had to plant her there some way.

Answer: Just to bring her, as her guardian.

But she's always at home alone?

Question: Would the army really take a guy with a low I.Q., much less one with a cleft lip?


Answer: The Army doesn't issue IQ tests upon enlistment. Given that Forrest had a college degree, and passed basic training with flying colors because of his amazing ability to follow orders, he would be allowed in just fine. And Bubba didn't have a cleft lip, just big gums.


Answer: I can't even guess why you think a cleft lip would disallow someone from being admitted into the Army, or anything/anywhere else for that matter.

Because an unrepaired cleft lip is a disqualifying disability. You can't join the US military if you have one.


Question: Why do they spare one Mexican cop while killing the other one who is dirty?


Question: Why couldn't ET fly earlier in the movie while people pursued him?


Answer: He can't fly he can only make objects levitate.

Question: Why couldn't ET use his magic finger on himself when he was ill?


Answer: The ability is meant to be empathic - he can use his energy to heal other life-forms but must himself heal normally, given sufficient time and hope. Elliot's caring for E.T. helps facilitate his recovery.

Erik M.

Answer: He may have been too weak to do it himself.

Answer: Because he's a rich, spoiled, self-centered bully who sees the Goonies as low class weirdos who are getting in the way of his father's development plans (and he sees Brand as as rival for Andy's affections).

Brian Katcher

Answer: Jor-El calls him a "mindless aberration" and "without thought or voice." So it's either some sort of mental or physical defect.


Show generally

Question: I missed something somewhere. The whole way through, Humperdoo is viewed as the "real" son of God, whereas Jesus seems like an afterthought. What's the difference? Why is everyone obsessed with Humperdoo being more important than the original Jesus?

Jon Sandys Premium member

Chosen answer: God made Humperdoo part of his apocalypse plan, whilst Jesus is left out. Jesus died on the cross and went to heaven, Humperdoo is the descendant of Jesus and is actually alive. Thats why he is more important, a living heir of God.


Answer: God was disappointed in Jesus, and chose to favour Humperdoo. Jesus initially wanted to be part of God's plan, but came to the realisation that it was wrong. He turned on Hitler and by the time God came back to Jesus, no longer wanted any part in it.

Question: In the scenes when McMasters' body is dropped, the Cowboy says to meet Ringo at 7 o'clock. It was light out. Then they show Ringo and it is dark. Then when Wyatt talks to Doc at Hooker's ranch it appears the sun is rising. Then just before the showdown between Doc and Ringo it appears that the sun is up. It seems more than 12 hours passed. Did 7 o'clock mean 7am?

Answer: Yes, the showdown was meant to have taken place at 7am the next day.


Answer: They simply didn't like the real Seymour Skinner. He was headstrong and didn't vibe with the townsfolk. Armin was a pushover who didn't really rock the boat, so to speak, so they wanted to keep him around to maintain the previous status quo.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: He was suffering from the early stages of McGregor's Syndrome, a condition causing the lungs to fill with fluid. He was cured using Mr. Freeze's research.

raywest Premium member

Question: How long was Bumblebee in his vehicle mode before being found by Charlie at the mechanic's?

Answer: They are refugees, fleeing war in their homeland.


Question: During the war council, when Schrute shows up and starts harassing Bernardo, why does Riff look upset? If he hates the Sharks he should be enjoying that. Am I correct to see some hidden meaning, or am I overthinking it?

Answer: As Riff succinctly put it the rumble challenge is for, "All out, once and for all." After Riff and Bernardo have already agreed to the terms and shook hands, that's when Schrank shows up. So when Schrank makes the comment about a "stinkin' pigsty" and Bernardo angrily jumps up, Riff and Ice help restrain Bernardo and his temper in order to benefit their own interests. Riff would not outwardly show that he is enjoying anything that Schrank is saying. Riff's motivation is to eliminate the Sharks from their turf permanently, and he believes the next day's rumble will accomplish this, so they cannot have Bernardo get into it with Schrank (who is shown to make nasty disparaging comments to members of both gangs). Note that before Bernardo leaves he straightens his jacket, and turns around to face Riff, who subtly nods to him.

Super Grover Premium member

Answer: You might be overthinking it a bit. It appears to me most of the actors are overacting at being intense.

raywest Premium member

Question: Given what a brute Jenny's boyfriend is at the hippie party, why would everyone just stare silently at Forrest when all he did was deck the jerk, merely defending her?


Answer: He disrupted the Black Panthers' meeting and assaulted one of their members (or at least someone allied to their cause).

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: She's a small, insecure little girl that's afraid of the world. She takes this out on Little Foot by channeling her emotions into aggression in about the only way she knows how.

Quantom X Premium member

Answer: Remember her father tells her that the three horns never play with longnecks, so she probably just wants to be with her own kind.

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