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Negative Return - S1-E2

Question: While a spacewalk is going on, Mission Control has four camera feeds showing the action. Some of them seem to be taken from beyond the spacecraft. Where are these cameras? I can understand a TV show showing the action from various vantage points, but Mission Control having four camera feeds looks a little suspicious. (00:36:00)

Answer: I just answered my own question. Looking at the feeds, I see they have captions, such as Solar Array 3; Airlock forward, sleeping quarters, or similar tags. Therefore, they are legitimate feeds.

Answer: It's not really explained, but I think we are just supposed to assume that Venom didn't completely burn up. Enough of him survived that he was able stay bonded with Eddie and live.


Question: In the bowling alley who are the two nuns played by?

Answer: I don't think it is ever mentioned as to who played the two nuns. I think they're just extras.

Answer: The flashback to Jesse and Jane helps remind the audience of what happened to her. That informed Jesse's decision to try and stop Andrea getting high.

Plus it could also be seen as Jesse remembering what happened to Jane.

Ssiscool Premium member

Answer: It was done as a way of showing Michael reflect on the past. To show the kind of person Michael was before the events of the two movies and how much he has changed since then. We also get to see the Corleone family at a much happier place before things started getting complicated. By this point in the story, Fredo has been killed and his wife has left him, and this flashback scene serves as a reminder of how much he has lost despite having everything.

Casual Person

Answer: I don't think Vicky necessarily hates Timmy. She is just a malicious and sadistic person.


Answer: That's one of his superpowers, "Comic Awareness" (sometimes called 4th Wall or Medium Awareness). This is something that Deadpool has in the comics and was incorporated into the films. Other than being a framing tool and to be funny, I don't know if the creator, Fabian Nicieza, or any writers have said why they gave Deadpool that power.


Deadpool's trait of breaking the 4th wall appears to have been the idea of writer Joe Kelly, as Deadpool didn't break the 4th wall for the first time until Deadpool #28 in May 1999, more than 8 years after his debut.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: Is this movie in the same universe as Reservoir Dogs? If it is, it would mean Mr Orange has a twin brother, who talks with a British accent for some reason. If it isn't, it would mean Vic and Vincent Vega aren't related.


Answer: Short answer, yes, they're in the same universe. Tarantino has stated his films exist in two different universes. Basically a "real universe" and a "movie universe." Most (if not all) of his films are all set in this same "real universe" (like RD and PF) while some films, like "Kill Bill" and "Dusk to Dawn", appear in a special movie universe within the "real" universe (meaning they're actual movies that exist in the "real" universe). Some speculate that Mr. Orange was Pumpkin after he turned his life around and that PF is a prequel to RD. Although Pumpkin was called Ringo and not Freddy.


Only Jules calls him Ringo. It was not his real name. His name could still be Freddy.


Answer: He wanted Jake to have his freedom. He couldn't keep him at the halfway house, and perhaps Brooks suspected he wouldn't be around much longer.

Brian Katcher

Question: What made Apollo change his mind about wanting a rematch?


Answer: Creed won the fight, but watched as the media and the public viewed it as a questionable victory. At the end of the fight, Rocky had defeated him, and the only reason he was still standing was that Rocky was holding him up to keep punching him. Creed had a huge ego, and couldn't stand people thinking he only technically won.

Question: Is there anything preventing the small people from being stomped on by normal sized terrorists?


Answer: The Joker repeatedly lies throughout the film to keep his enemies confused. In this instance, it would be risky for him to tell Harvey that it was his goal all along to corrupt him, so he instead tells him he has had no plan.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: He is a highly functional and highly intelligent psychopath. In the comic book universe, there is a saying about the Joker, "Always expect the unexpected."

Question: When Annie went to get something to open the fire doors she picked a red chainsaw, but put it down in favor of a yellow one instead. Why did she do that?

Answer: Because the yellow one had a longer guide bar (what one might call the blade).


Question: When Lindsey finds out she earned the promotion, she's at a restaurant with Robin Molly, etc. on a social outing. But, they're having a work event down the hall in the same restaurant. (If fact, it looks more like her office than an eatery.) How/why do these two separate gatherings collide? Thanks. (01:25:09 - 01:25:40)

Save Lucifer - S4-E9

Question: This is a question about when Maze walks into the room when Linda is giving birth. Is this what it would look like in real life in a hospital? It looks like Linda is giving birth in her hospital room (even though the sign says birthing room, the room looks set up for guests), there's only 1 hospital staff, and Amenadiel is in his regular clothes, no sterile or protective coverings. And, ignoring the fact that Maze would go wherever she wants, wouldn't a staff member at least try to stop her from going in or try to prep her for entry? Maybe the 1 staff member was prepping her, but it seemed like they added baby crying sounds to indicate she was in the process of giving birth.


Answer: At least as far as clothing goes, I was in regular clothes when my wife gave birth, only changing into scrubs when they thought we'd have to move to an operating room (but ended up not needing to), otherwise I'd just have stayed in them. The room was also pretty much a regular hospital room, but no doubt there were some birth-specific differences I wasn't aware of!

Question: Why can't Ace just ask every football player to show their rings to him instead of just going through all that trouble tricking them while investigating?


Answer: If people catch on to what he's doing, it could possibly tip off the culprit and give him time to hide evidence. Also, it's a silly movie and this is about comedy, not logic.

raywest Premium member

Question: This movie takes place around 10 years after the show and was filmed around 12 years after the show ended. Why then do so many of the characters look like they have aged 20 years in that time? I understand a hard lifestyle can age a person, but could it be that drastic?

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: The actors are over a decade older, and older people age at an increasingly faster rate than when they were young. The film may also have been been filmed differently opposed to how the TV series was made. Different technology and types of film produce variations in color, shadowing, sharpness of detail, etc. that may show the actors' physical features in higher definition. Different make-up and lighting can also change the actors' appearances. This may or may not have been a deliberate choice, but it's the result. If the movie was intended for theatrical release (possibly for overseas markets) and not only to be aired on TV, it would have higher-quality production.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Darkseid's minions killed a Green Lantern. The humans, Amazons, and Atlanteans were the ones who were actually strong enough to fight off his forces.


Question: Does anybody know who threw the darts at Ace? It couldn't have been Gahjii or Katie because they're both wearing shoes and the thrower was barefooted.


Answer: Since we don't see the attackers except for their feet, it could easily have been Katie or Gahjii. In fact, given the speed at which the final four darts were shot into Ace, it was likely both of them. They could easily have not been wearing shoes at that point.

Answer: They needed to make it look like Buckbeak had escaped by himself. If they had freed him earlier, the Ministry of Magic would have believed that Hagrid deliberately released him, and held him accountable. They freed Buckbeak while Dumbledore and Fudge were inside Hagrid's hut so that the Ministry would know Hagrid was with them when Buckbeak "escaped" and Hagrid could not be blamed.

Casual Person

I'm not sure if I explained myelf properly. What I mean is, when Hermione was crying on Ron's shoulder, why not she just tell them about the time turner then instead of crying? Or just go back in time herself.

She's not allowed to tell anyone about the time turner. It's only after the events in the shack, when things are a lot more dire, does Dumbledore basically give permission for her to use it. She also had to sign to say she wouldn't use it for anything other than it's intended use. Saving 1 Hippogriff is not worth the risk of being caught.

Ssiscool Premium member

I know she can't tell anyone but like I said, she could have done it on her own. Then they wouldn't know.

She can't mess with it and use it to do things on her own without approval. She was given it to be able to attend more classes and was specifically told not to use it otherwise.


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