Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Question: Why did Koba pat Ash on the back before killing him by throwing him off a high balcony?

Question: How did Koba shoot Caesar without anyone seeing him?

Question: Why is there a derelict battleship beneath the bridge? It is easily identifiable as one because of its 2 front main cannons. No battleships are in service any more with any navy in the world.

Answer: There are many mothballed and museum warships in harbors all over the US and a few still have operable engines. People would try to flee major cities infected with the plague by any means. Or even if the engines were out maybe a tugboat was pulling a derelict full of refugees and the Navy destroyed it to maintain quarantine or it was cut loose and sank.

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Answer: What happened to the answer that was given. Koba hated humans, he wanted the others apes to believe it was the people who wanted to massacre them. Also, Koba thought Caesar was weak and foolish for wanting to make peace with the humans.

Question: Although it's shown in the beginning that due to the leakage and worldwide spread of the experimental drug at the "Gen-Sys" lab the human race was about to end. Yet a few did survive. How exactly then the creator of the drug, James Franco die? Caesar was somehow taken to the very same home James lived and operated there itself, was there any reason to bring Caesar back to his childhood home again?


Chosen answer: The circumstances of Will's death are not revealed in the movie, but presumably he either died from the virus or was killed in the violence that erupted after the breakdown of society. Caesar was taken back to his childhood home because he guided them there, presumably wishing to return to a location that he associated with good times while he recovered from his injuries.

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Question: When Gary Oldman detonated the C4, did he die? If so, assuming it wasn't intentional, how did he make that mistake?


Chosen answer: Yes, he did die when he detonated the C4. Also, he made no mistake, detonating the C4 was intentional. He saw the apes as a threat and detonated the C4 as an attempt to kill them all, even if it meant giving up his own life in the process.

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Question: I can't really tell who's who, but I remember one of the apes said not to tell Caesar about the gun they found. I'm certain it was Caesar who found the gun. Am I missing something?


Question: There seem to be a very, very large number of apes descended from the original lab escapees. What kind of population growth must the ape colony have had to have so many apes in 10 years?


Chosen answer: The apes that were in the colony would not have to have been descended only from the lab apes. The end of the first movie shows the liberation of other apes from zoos in the area. As the virus had spread world-wide, it's logical to assume that all apes would have been infected as well, including these liberated apes. That's only staying within the fictional universe of the movie, because in reality there are only about 25 non-Human apes in zoos, 0 ape sanctuaries, and 0 apes living in research facilities, in the San Francisco area. It's also illegal to keep apes as pets in California (I'm assuming this includes Humans.) At least according to Nina Shen Rastogi. http://www.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/2011/08/23/the_rise_of_the_planet_of_the_apes_a_fact_check_how_many_apes_li.html.

Answer: Because of the ALZ-113 drug. After they were infected by the drug, the apes practically mutated from it, which must have included their size.

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Question: Towards the end, when Dreyfus is about to blow up the building from the underground, why didn't Malcolm try and convince the guys to hold up the blow up, rather than picking up the gun and eventually letting it been blown? Also once the C4 is blown how did they survive it when they were right beneath the tower?


Chosen answer: He knows that, given what's happened, there's almost no chance of persuading Dreyfus that the apes can be reasoned with, so he tries to threaten them into backing down. Unfortunately, this fails. Malcolm survived the blast because he was able to dive out of the doorway before the C4 detonated. Those who were still in the room died instantly.

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Question: Does Caesar actually love humans, or does Koba just think he does?

Answer: Yes, he does. He considered James Master and John Lithgow his family. A father and brother. Like all children, he grew up and find his own identity. Like Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker, they were raised in humble environments, until they discovered they true selves. Caesar didn't want a war, he wanted his people to stop being pets, zoo attractions and circus freaks. He felt remorse when ever there was conflict.

Answer: Ape intelligence in this series of movies was based on chemistry, not evolution, and the chemistry affected every subject differently. In fact, the chemical effects were only temporary in some subjects (the human character Charles Rodman, for example, improved from Alzheimer's Disease while using the chemistry, but then regressed). Very likely, Caesar experienced the optimum effect of the chemistry (with full mental development) while Koba only experienced partial mental development, and Koba may have even regressed. So, Koba may have never understood human-level love enough to question it.

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Factual error: In the scene where Gary Oldman looks at his iPad after the power has been restored, the power shows as being 74% full, meaning it's charged far too fast. Plus the charger is plugged into the iPad, so the battery should have a charging symbol, which it does not. (01:14:55)

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Malcolm: Who was that in the video?
Caesar: A good man... Like you.

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