Trivia: The model tree falling over after Beetlejuice kicks it was never supposed to happen. This caused Michael Keaton to ad-lib the "nice fucking model" line. Tim Burton enjoyed it so much he kept it in the film.

Trivia: Even though Beetlejuice is the title character, he has only 17 and a half minutes of screen time.

Trivia: When Glenn Shadix (who portrayed Otho) passed away in 2010, the song "Day-O" was played at his funeral as a tribute to his work on this film.



Trivia: When Adam decides to go back to the bridge to figure out how he and Barbara got back to the house, when Adam steps off the stairs, he ends up in a desert world. In the original scene, after leaving the steps, Adam is transported to a world with gears flying all over the place. Test audiences were confused by this scene so it was changed.

Trivia: The studio disliked the title "Beetlejuice" and wanted to call it "House Ghosts".As a joke,Tim Burton suggested the name "Scared Sheetless" and was horrified when the studio considered using it.

Trivia: If you look closely during Delia and Charle's last scene (when Delia scares Charles with the Beetlejuice sculpture), you can see a magazine cover featuring Delia and her sculptures at the top of the frame for a few seconds, implying she's found some success in the meantime.


Trivia: The original script was significantly different from the final film. For example, Beetlejuice himself was initially envisioned as a murderous winged demon who would occasionally take on the form of a short, portly middle-eastern man. And the humor and content was meant to be much darker. The originally climax had the Maitlands trying to save Lydia from being raped by Beetlejuice's true demonic form, as opposed to marrying her as seen in the final film. Tim Burton liked the idea behind the film, but pushed for it to be made more light-hearted and less graphic, and it was subsequently re-written into the film we know today.


Trivia: In 1990, a script was written for the sequel; it involved the cast of the first film going to Hawaii. Burton and and the cast were set to return, but the cast would only come if Burton was involved. He became to busy with batman returns and eventually gave up on the idea. The script is still owned by The Geffen Film Company till this day.


Trivia: Alec Baldwin has admitted he didn't really understand or even like the film when it was being made, and actually thought it was going to kill his career. Although he has also said he enjoyed his time on-set, especially working with Michael Keaton. It ended up being a big hit and helped put Baldwin on the map.


Trivia: While the film is called "Beetlejuice," the character's name in the film is actually spelled "Betelgeuse." It was decided to re-spell the name in the trailers and on the film's title card for marketing purposes, to make it easier for audiences to be able to pronounce the name.


Trivia: The legs of the magician's assistant character (the lady who is cut in half) were "played" by Tim Burton's then-girlfriend.


Trivia: In one scene, Delia is wearing strangely baggy red pants held up with suspenders. This is actually a sweater that Charles was seen wearing earlier. It was flipped upside-down and repurposed into a pair of pants. This is one of a few instances in the film where Delia is repurposing clothing. Another example is in the first diner scene where the characters are eating Chinese food - in that scene, she's wearing a peculiar headband made of gloves.


Trivia: Tim Burton hated the "Day-O" dance number, and thought it wasn't funny. He feared the scene wouldn't get any laughs from audiences. He ended up being proven wrong - audiences loved it and the scene become somewhat iconic.


Revealing mistake: Adam and Barbara aren't supposed to have reflections, but when they enter the recreation of their home (just before they meet Juno), their reflections are shown perfectly in the glass display case that holds Delia's sculptures, behind them. (00:32:55)


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Beryl: Paranormal? Is that what they're calling your kind these days?
Otho: Don't mind her. She's still upset because somebody dropped a house on her sister.

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Question: Why does Bettlejuice give Lydia some BS reason why he can't tell her his name, but them puts her through a ridiculous round of charades for her to guess it?

Carl Missouri

Chosen answer: Because he can't say his own name, therefore the charades is the only way he can get her to figure out what his name is to say it.


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