Trivia: In one scene, Delia is wearing strangely baggy red pants held up with suspenders. This is actually a sweater that Charles was seen wearing earlier. It was flipped upside-down and repurposed into a pair of pants. This is one of a few instances in the film where Delia is repurposing clothing. Another example is in the first diner scene where the characters are eating Chinese food - in that scene, she's wearing a peculiar headband made of gloves.


Trivia: Tim Burton hated the "Day-O" dance number, and thought it wasn't funny. He feared the scene wouldn't get any laughs from audiences. He ended up being proven wrong - audiences loved it and the scene become somewhat iconic.


Revealing mistake: When Barbara and Adam are digging up Beetlejuice's grave, you can see that a piece of cardboard states "FRAGILE" or something in small print which is proportional to Barbara and Adam at that time. However, the lettering should be ten times larger if the cardboard was proportional to the actual model. (00:44:35)

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Beryl: Paranormal? Is that what they're calling your kind these days?
Otho: Don't mind her. She's still upset because somebody dropped a house on her sister.

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Question: Why does Bettlejuice give Lydia some BS reason why he can't tell her his name, but them puts her through a ridiculous round of charades for her to guess it?

Carl Missouri

Chosen answer: Because he can't say his own name, therefore the charades is the only way he can get her to figure out what his name is to say it.


Why can't Beetlejuice say his own name?

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